MAC Cosmetics Red She Said Review

OVERALL, Red She Said is a large collection with plenty of things to choose from. I think the highlight from the collection were the beauty powder blushes; talk about a powder that feels softer than silk. I know that beauty powder blushes had a great texture from before, but I don’t remember them feeling this soft. The dazzleglasses are back with four favorites and one new one (Miss Dynamite), and I know many of you were eager to get your hands on these! The mineralize eyeshadows are like mineralize eyeshadows… I didn’t notice a difference in texture or feel compared to the last set that came out. I skipped these for now, but we’ll see if I cave (like for Danger Zone–the one with the red in it). I purchased the two beauty powder blushes and that’s it!

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MAC Cosmetics Red She Said Holiday 2008 Collection Information

“Red” She Said, and no one could resist her! MAC Holiday 2008 is a passionate pursuit of the Ultimate Red! Lips connive, then confess in shades from gilded plum to verge-of-vermillion. Hot colour, heated conversation, glorious gifts… Holiday Glamour was never this incendiary! Dazzleglass and Beauty Powder Blush make a comeback for a limited time. Mineralize Eye Shadow goes from duo to trio: now a daring new ménage à trois, with two shades divided by a metallic “zipper” down the middle, for decadent dazzle. A tribute to all things passionate, “Red” She Said adds a dash of danger, a dose of erotic innuendo to the traditional holiday story. Experience it!

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