Friday, July 4th, 2003

MAC Pro Preferred Skincare for Summer 2003

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Value packed! Stuffed with basics! Each see-through pouch contians a full-size moisturizer, plus try-on sizes of eye cream, Fix+, and demi wipes. There’s one for everybody – and everys kin! Try one on!

Try-On Pac #1 (Limited Edition)

  • Moisture Feed/Skin Jar, Fix+, Moisture Feed/Eye, Demi-wipes

Try-On Pac #2 (Limited Edition)

  • Studio Moisture Fix Jar, Fix+, Fast Response Eye Cream, Demi-wipes

Try-On Pac #3 (Limited Edition)

  • Oil Control Lotion Bottle, Fix+, Fast Response Cream, Demi-wipes

Try-On Pac #4 (Limited Edition)

  • SPF 30 Moisture Lotion Bottle, Pro-Preferred White Softening Lotion, Fast Response Eye Cream, Demi-wipes

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