Monday, July 23rd, 2007

September 27th, 2007 [US/Canada]
October 8th, 2007 [international]

New lip formula!

40′s Pink – Neutral midtone pink (LE)
All Grown Up – Deep chocolate brown (LE)
Tango – Coral (LE)
You Say Tomato – Tomato Red (LE)
Classic Dame – Blood Red (LE)
Rapturous – Deep red berry (LE)
Powersuit – Vibrant yellow pink (LE)
Rougette – Wine Berry (LE)
Poise – Yellow Pink (LE)
Composure – Neutral bronze plum (LE)
Flattering – Beige Pink (LE)
Cafe Matte – Rich Caramel (LE)
Orange Dare – Bright yellow orange (LE)
Seriously Rich – Bright pink red (LE)
Immodest – Bright Magenta (LE)
Night Violet – Deep purple grape (LE)

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