MAC Chen Man Love & Water Collection: Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos

MAC Love Cycle Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo
MAC Love Cycle Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Chen Man Love & Water Collection: Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos

There are three limited edition MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos ($20.00 for 0.10 fl. oz.) in the new Love & Water Collection: Love Cycle (light blue, white, dark blue melange/dark royal blue), Pink Union (taupe, lavender, brown melange/dark violet), and Supersweet (bronze, pink, gold melange/golden pink).

Don’t get too excited–two of these duos are repromotes with new names, which is one of the worst things a brand can do (unless they’re extremely transparent about it, e.g. Urban Decay and their Alice in Wonderland palette). Two of these duos come from Electroflash, which was out four long years ago, so it’s not a bad thing that they’re repromoted–just bad that it’s not clear! (Boy, we’ve come a long way since 2008.)

Love Cycle has a muted medium-dark blue with a silver-ish sheen and frosted finish paired with a rich, deep blue with a frosted metallic sheen. This duo is the same as MAC Sea & Sky. The marbled side is lighter than theBalm Sensational, much bluer than Urban Decay Strip, slightly darker than MAC Moon’s Reflection, and bluer than Urban Decay Mary Jane. The solid side is a more shimmered NARS Outremer and MAC Atlantic Blue, slightly less blue than Inglot #428. Both shades had fairly good color payoff both dry and wet, though when applied wet, as per usual, the color applied smoother, more opaque, and the metallic sheen became more pronounced.

Pink Union has a muted plum-mauve with a frosted, metallic finish paired with a medium-dark violet purple with very, very subtle red undertones. The marble side is, generally, pinker than a lot of mauves on the market. It is a touch pinker than MAC Circa Plum and a fair amount pinker than shades like MAC Tendersmoke. Inglot #445 is purpler and darker. theBalm Curvy Cami is slightly purpler. Inglot #399 is pinker. The solid side is darker than MAC Violet, not as red-toned as Urban Decay Delinquent, and a touch more red-toned compared to MAC Parfait Amour.  When used dry, the marbled shade goes on fairly well, though the solid side is much more muted and softened.  They both apply more intensely and with a smoother appearance when applied damp.

Supersweet has a muted brown with a hint of gray-taupe in it with a frosted finish paired with a pop of cotton candy pink with a golden sheen. This duo is the same as MAC Pink Split. The marbled side is a bit browner than it is most taupe eyeshadows. If you have more of the gray marbling, you may find it turns more taupe. Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo is similar but a touch lighter. Inglot #363 is darker and matte. MAC Aloha is less gray. MAC Aurora is a little lighter. The solid side is similar to pinks like Dior Garden Roses, MAC Taupeless, MAC Goody Goody Gum Drop, and Inglot #431, but those pinks lack the strong golden sheen. Both shades, though the pink shade more so, were really chunky–they had a rougher, almost gritty texture, so I would expect a healthy amount of fall out, especially if used dry.  The color payoff is so-so when they are both used dry and gets better when applied damp.

Long-time readers will remember that I am not a fan of MAC’s Mineralize formulas.  My major issues tend to be fall out and wear, which are both biggies as far as eyeshadows go!  As much as I’d like these to work, because they do offer some really gorgeous shades and always look gorgeous in the pan, I continue to experience fall out during application, which continues while its worn (if the shade has sparkles of any sort) and have noticeable fading even when used damp and over a primer.  MAC has definitely refined the formula over the years in regards to texture (though Supersweet didn’t seem to get that treatment), because they have felt softer and smoother (overall) each year.  I tested Love Cycle (which applied the best) and still had noticeable fading after five hours used damp and over a primer.  It faded after three to four hours when used dry and over a primer.

MAC Chen Man Love & Water Collection: Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos