MAC Jeanius: Overall & Recommendations

OVERALL, Jeanius is a very cool-toned collection, and surprisingly, it’s not a total miss for warmer skin tones, though. The inclusion of berries like Indigo Pink lipglass and Riveting Rose lipstick are as wearable on cooler skin tones as they are on warmer ones. The eyeshadows are the major let down here, because of the so-so pigmentation and powdery textures. I think the blushes are the best picks from the launch, though Pink Cult is a great pick for light to medium skin tones (darker skin tones won’t see it show up much on them) while Overdyed works on across all.

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MAC Pink Cult Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

MAC Pink Cult Blush ($19.50 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “mid-tone neutral pink” with a matte finish. It’s a soft, neutral rose pink with a matte finish–it’s not cool-toned or warm-toned, but beautifully neutral. It has excellent color pay off, despite the lightness of the shade itself. If you like blushes like Blushbaby, I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s not a dupe, as this is most definitely pink (and Blushbaby is more nude), but they have similar effects–a soft, subtle color that never looks overdone. To me, it is a softer, pinker version of Breath of Plum.

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MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Overdyed Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

MAC Overdyed Blush ($19.50 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “bright magenta” and has a satin finish. It actually seems more like a muted magenta to me–it’s by no means dull, but it’s not in-your-face magenta, either. There are cool undertones running through it, but it is not as strong of a blue base as some other magenta shades. When I wore it, it looked almost like a plummed magenta on my cheeks. Overdyed as nicely pigmented, easy to blend, and wore all day for me.

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MAC Overdyed Blush