MAC Surf Baby Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Lipstick
MAC Lipstick

MAC Surf Baby: Lipsticks

MAC Surf Baby Lipstick ($15.50 for 0.10 oz.) includes four shades: Bust Out! (dirty mid-tone violet), Hibiscus (bright orange coral), Mocha (peachy yellow-brown), and Naturally Eccentric (creamy white nude). Mocha is permanent and Naturally Eccentric (Naturally Eccentric, ’05) is a repromote.

  • Bust Out! is a semi-sheer to semi-opaque pinked purple with a lustre finish. It’s darker and less glossy compared to Playtime (Quite Cute, ’11). It’s darker, purpler, less fuchsia in comparison to Style Curve (Stylishly Yours, ’10). It seems a little pinker than Up the Amp (permanent).
  • Hibiscus is a brightened, medium-dark red-coral with soft gold shimmer. It has a cremesheen finish.  It’s like a richer, deep version of Viva Glam Cyndi.  It’s a little redder than Coral Polyp (Dame Edna, ’08). It’s a touch less bright than Toxic Tale, and the finish makes it appear a little different, too.
  • Mocha is a warm, medium-dark brown with yellow undertones. It has a satin finish, so the coverage is really opaque and the finisy very creamy.
  • Naturally Eccentric is a semi-opaque, really light nude which leans a little pink on me. It has a lustre finish. It’s a little less pink than Hue. I think the lustre finish gives it a slightly uneven look that’s less than lovely.

MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented but taste-free. Lustre finishes, like Bust Out! and Naturally Eccentric, are designed to be sheer with a slightly glossy finish, so the pigmentation on both is as expected. Mocha, as a satin finish, is creamy and opaque, as it should be. I typically get two to three hours of wear out of lustre finishes, with four to five hours of wear out of satin finishes.

MAC Surf Baby Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews