Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow: Photos/Swatches, Part 1

Make sure you read my original, in-depth review for these eyeshadows here. This post only contains photos and swatches of the first half of the shades that will launch on May 5th. Each retails for $16.50. I just did heavier swatches here (I used whatever stuck to the spatula I used to fish each shade out), but these can go from sheer to medium coverage.

  • Black Diamond is a dark charcoal black with teal and silver shimmer.
  • The Cool Elite is a brightened white with a shimmery finish.
  • Count Your Assets is a cool-toned purple with silver and gray.
  • Extra Charged is a medium-dark green with teal leanings.
  • Free as Air is a metallic, light sky blue with iridescent silver shimmer.
  • Good Fortune is a light, airy pink with red and gold shimmer.
  • Impeccably Rich is a metallic, muted yellow gold with gold and coppered gold micro-glitter/shimmer. It has a coarser texture than the others, which is why I think it might have more glittery particles than regular shimmer.
  • Luxury Touch is a raspberry plum with red undertones.

The Glossover


MAC Big Bounce Shadow Swatches, Photos (Part 1)

It's really too bad that there is so little wear time when worn alone (Reward Yourself had maybe a half hour of nice wear, but the others I tried were done in fifteen minutes), because I feel like these don't deserve such a low score. If you intend to set with powder shadow, these perform much, much better and would see a B- rating instead.











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