MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipsticks

MAC Fervent Lipstick ($22.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “glossy blackened berry” with a satin finish. Fervent is a slightly red-toned purpled berry with semi-opaque color coverage. It’s lighter and more berry compared to MAC Faultlessly F/W. MAC Smoked Purple is darker, more opaque, and more matte in finish. It’s interesting that they describe the finish as satin but also glossy, because it looks and feels a bit more like a glaze finish. With a color as dark as this, it’s really obvious when it doesn’t apply evenly, and Fervent is a real trickster. It does not apply evenly, disappears into lip lines, and even when you manage to get it just right, the minute your lips touch and pull away, you’re back to square one!

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MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick