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MAC Annelie Lipstick
MAC Annelie Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders 2: Lipsticks

There are four limited edition MAC Lipsticks ($22.50 for 0.15 oz.) in the new Marcel Wanders 2 Collection: Annelie (soft peachy beige with pearl), Annemiek (soft neutral pink with pearl), Felicienne (dirty mauve with pearl), and Inez (plum with gold pearl). These are specially packaged in “chrome” so they come at a higher price point than regular MAC lipsticks.

  • Annelie is a metallic gilded beige with a frost-metallic finish. The color coverage is semi-opaque’ it’s sheer in places but opaque when the light hits it because the reflective quality is so high. MAC Quietly Please is darker, less opaque. MAC Gel is much more golden. MAC Tanarama is darker, yellower. MAC Bechbound is more golden. Benefit Fame Game comes the closest but is less metallic.
  • Annemiek is a light-medium pink with a frost-metallic sheen. The color coverage is semi-opaque, but this shade doesn’t apply as evenly as I’d like it to. Chanel Candeur is similar in color but less metallic. Guerlain Rouge Innocent is darker and less metallic.
  • Felicienne is a muted pink with a hint of mauve and a bright silver metallic finish. The color coverage is semi-opaque. MAC Lazy Day reminded me of this shade, but due to the metallic finish, they are pretty different. MAC Win-Win is similar but sheerer. MAC Whirls & Twirls is similar but a touch pinker.
  • Inez is a berry-plum with gold shimmer and a frosted finish. The color coverage is semi-opaque. MAC Aristo-cat is similar but less purple. MAC Plum Bright doesn’t have the shimmer and is much more intense. MAC Courting Lilac has a much lighter base.

All four shades have a frost finish, but these tended to run more metallic-frost than regular frost.  The frost was a little finer, and the sheen was more reflective akin to metal.  These are a very specific look to be sure, so it may not work for everyone.  Because of the high frost finish, these do not apply as evenly as other lipsticks, and while they seem soft to the touch, they do not glide over lips effortlessly.  I tested Annelie and Inez for wear, I was able to get to three hours or so, but both shades felt drying.  Not terribly so but left my lips noticeably dehydrated after wearing each for four hours.

These are vanilla-scented like other MAC lipsticks, but the fancy packaging did include an increase in product size: normal MAC lipsticks only contain 0.10 oz. while these contain 0.15 oz., which is 50% more.  (Funny how percentages work–50% sounds like so much more than 0.05 oz. more!)  The packaging is a magnet for fingerprints, and it felt a bit cheap in my hands.  It’s very lightweight, so it lacks the heft of true metal packaging, but even though it is lightweight, the lipstick itself is fairly bulky.

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MAC Marcel Wanders 2: Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

Not overly impressed with this set of four, which is a shame, because the price increase at least comes with a quantity increase, so it's not quite as painful as it could be. These shades don't apply evenly, tend to cling to lips, feel a bit drying, and wear only three hours (four hours is my average).











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