Monday, July 11th, 2011

MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos

MAC Colourizations: Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes (Part 2)

MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos ($25.00 for 0.09/0.10 oz.) are pre-filled with nameless eyeshadows. Some of the duos contain 0.09 oz. while others contain 0.10 oz. From the ones I have, Double Feature #5 and #8 contain 0.10 oz., while the others contain 0.09 oz. The four featured in this post are:  Double Feature 5 (pale frosty peach / dark brown with green pearl), Double Feature 6 (light grey taupe / mid-tone bronze), Double Feature 7 (bright fuchsia / cool black), and Double Feature 8 (mid-tone orange / deep navy).  Once I can purchase #7, I will update this post with a review and photos/swatches for it.

Edited @ 7/11:  Added photos, swatches, and review for Double Feature 7.

  • Double Feature 5 is a pale pink-peach with a frost finish / red-toned brown with a green-teal duochrome and a frost finish. Both shades were had good color payoff, and they felt really smooth when applied. The pink-peach shade is a bit like Urban Decay Scratch but lighter, and it is also comparable to Inglot #354 is similar but matte. The brown shade is like a much improved MAC Club or in line with Urban Decay Lounge and MAC Blue Brown pigment.
  • Double Feature 6 is a light-medium gray-taupe with a matte finish / medium coppered-bronze with a veluxe pearl finish. The light taupe was a touch sheer but wasn’t powdery, while the bronzy shade was better in terms of pigmentation and very smooth. The light taupe is like a darker, grayer MAC Brule. I suspect is a much lighter version of Omega. The bronzy shade is similar to Inglot #405 but less intense. It is a lot like MAC Amber Lights, just softened.
  • Double Feature 7 is a brightened fuchsia-purple with fuchsia sheen and a frost finish / muted black with a satin finish. The pink shade is a more intense with a stronger and pinker base than MAC Stars ‘n Rockets (and also Urban Decay Fishnet). It ends up more similar to Romping. The black shade is a soft black, so it’s less intense than MAC Carbon, but it is very dry and almost chalky–it was a pain to work with./li>
  • Double Feature 8 is a medium-dark, rusty orange with a frost finish / cool-toned purple with a satin finish. There was good color payoff for the orange shade, but the purple shade was sheer and very stiff/dry to use. MAC describes it as a “deep navy” but it ends up rather purple on me. The orange is much lighter and more orange than MAC Coppering. It’s most like MAC Red Brick with a shimmery finish. The purple shade seems like it would be similar to MAC Contrast as well as MAC Indian Ink but shimmery (not quite as dark, either).

The only duo that gave me cause for concern was Double Feature 8, because the purple/blue shade was rather hard to work with from both a texture and pigmentation standpoint. It was dry, stiff, and color payoff was low. In Double Feature 6, the light taupe was slightly sheer but that is me being nitpicky–it still had good color payoff.

The Glossover


Double Feature #5

Of this set, Double Feature 5 had the best overall quality--texture was soft, smooth, while color payoff was great. I would skip Double Feature 8 because the purple shade just lacks quality.











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