MAC Colourizations: Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes (Part 1)

MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos ($25.00 for 0.09/0.10 oz.) are pre-filled with nameless eyeshadows. Some of the duos contain 0.09 oz. while others contain 0.10 oz. From the ones I have, Double Feature #5 and #8 contain 0.10 oz., while the others contain 0.09 oz. The four featured in this post are:
Double Feature 1 (bright yellow gold / pinked-up chrome purple), Double Feature 2 (bright lime / frosty deep grey), Double Feature 3 (mid-tone teal / deep chocolate), and Double Feature 4 (deep forest green / mid-tone ochre brown). Once I can purchase #3, I will update this post with a review and photos/swatches for it.

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