Thursday, March 24th, 2011

MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Quite Cute:  Cutie Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 for 0.21 oz.) is new and limited edition from MAC’s Quite Cute collection, which launches in-stores on April 7th. It includes four eyeshadows: Moshi Moshi! (pale white green gold), Goody Goody Gum Drop (light white pink), Boycrazy (pale lavender with silver pearl), and Azuki Bean (mid-tone dirty violet).

  • Moshi Moshi! is a sheer, pale green–it’s so light and pale that it’s more white than green. There is an abundance of chunky silvery-white shimmer. I actually thought this was a lustre finish because of the gritty texture and excess fall out. It has a frost finish. It reminded me of Lustreleaf, which is a forever ago shade.
  • Goody Goody Gum Drop is a muted cotton candy pink with subtle gold sheen. It has decent pigmentation though it is a softer color overall. It has a satin finish. It’s a lighter version of Da Bling.
  • Boycrazy is a sheer pale lavender with silver sparkle. It has a lustre finish. It has a smoother finish than I’d expect from a lustre finish, and it doesn’t suffer from fall out (like Moshi Moshi!), but it is ridiculously sheer. I had to scrape off eyeshadow just to pat enough on so it would show in a swatch, otherwise you would have thought I hadn’t swatched it at all. It’s marginally more pigmented/easier to work with when applied to eyes but I still found myself packing it on. It’s a lighter version of Creme de Violet.
  • Azuki Bean is a dark burgundy purple. This was the most pigmented shade in the quad and easiest to work with. It has a frost finish. It reminded me of Mystical Mist.

I’m not particularly impressed with the eyeshadow quad. I don’t mind lighter colors, and I wouldn’t expect a pale green to become a deep green, but I do take issue with excessive fall out (I’m looking at you, Moshi Moshi!) and having to scrape off eyeshadow to get it to show (ahem! Boycrazy). Two of the four were nice, while one was awful and another was nearly awful. In an instance like this, I try to average everything out.

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MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad Swatches, Photos, Review

I would only recommend this to those with lighter skin tones–I just don’t think there is enough color pay off for this to work well on medium to dark skin tones.











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