Saturday, May 7th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

Here are some possible dupes/comparisons for a few of the eye products from Surf Baby.

  • SAFFRON is closest to MAC Coppering (permanent), but it’s not quite as red and the finish makes them look different. Red Brick (PRO) is redder.
  • SHORT SHORTS is closest to Nylon (permanent), which is golder. Soft Force (limited edition) is a lot yellower, while Fresh Daisy (limited edition) is whiter. Femme-fi (limited edition) is beige in comparison.
  • SUN BLONDE is closest to NARS Mangrove (permanent), which is a little greener. MAC Jasmine (limited edition) is similar but lighter. Gorgeous Gold (permanent) is shown more for the family of color as it is far too light to be a dupe. Goldmine (permanent) is shown to contrast against what a yellower, truer gold looks like in comparison. Crest the Wave (limited edition) and Going Bananas (limited edition) are shown so you can see how much yellower they are compared to Sun Blonde.
  • SURF USA is closest to Gulf Stream (limited edition), which is just a hair lighter. Newly Minted (discontinued) and Melody (discontinued) are similar in color but not as dark.
  • SWELL BABY is probably closest to Print, which I don’t own (or couldn’t find if I do own it), and it’s not really similar to other grays that I own. Electra (permanent) is too light, while Silver Ring (permanent) is darker and cooler toned (almost looks blue in comparison). Copperplate (permanent) looks almost edged with plum. Smoke & Diamonds (limited edition) is too brown in comparison.
  • BLUE MOON is a lighter version of Urban Decay Covet (permanent). Float on By (limited edition) is a little darker and bluer.

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Friday, May 6th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Gilded White, Blue Noon

MAC Surf Baby: Blue Moon, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencils

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils ($15.50 for 0.04 oz.) come in two shades: Blue Noon (teal with gold pearl) and Gilded White (yellow white frost).

  • Blue Noon is a medium-dark, bluish teal. It’s a touch sheer–it’s hard to see in the swatch, but I saw it immediately and felt it translated in application, too.  It is tealer than Float on By, which looks rather blue in comparison.
  • Gilded White is a warm white gold with a metallic sheen.

I like MAC’s Powerpoint Pencil formula quite a bit; the pencil is soft without being crumbly or near-melting, so it retains its shape but glides across the lash line with effortless ease. It deposits enough color in one pass, which means you don’t have to build up the color in layers. Powerpoints last all day on my lash line, and make it to four to six hours on my water line. They’re also waterproof, and I find that they don’t smudge or budge, even during hot days.

The Glossover


MAC Surf Baby: Blue Noon, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

The Powerpoint Pencil formula glides on really easily, so they're gentle on the eyes and apply with a good amount of color without having to layer on the product--but it could be a touch more pigmented.











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