MAC Antique Diamond Pro Longwear Paint Pot

MAC Antique Diamond Pro Longwear Paint Pot
MAC Antique Diamond Pro Longwear Paint Pot

MAC Antique Diamond Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($18.50 for 0.17 oz.) is described as a “frosted olive silver.” It’s an olive green-tinged brown with a general mutedness and a sprinkling of silver sparkle. MAC Enviable is darker and a powder product. Dior Khaki Design #3 is greener, less metallic, and a powder product. MAC Cakeshop is greener. Benefit Skinny Jeans is similar–it has a more satiny finish than a metallic one (and for the record, Birthday Suit is less green-tinged).

I decided to review each of the shades separately, because the quality varies from shade to shade, and since these are permanent, then it is definitely worth doing to make them easily searched for and read about in the future. I think one of the more frustrating characteristics about any product formula is when it is inconsistent, because then you can’t count on one shade being as good as the first one you tried (or that they’re all as bad as the first you tried).

The Pro Longwear Paint Pot formula is supposed to be “long-wearing,” “highly-pigmented,” and also “[blend] smoothly over the lids.” Where Antique Diamond excels is in overall wear; once it sets, however it does, it stays put and doesn’t fade or have any fall out problems for the next twelve hours. Where it falls short is in its opacity and buildability in color, because when I tried to apply it to the inner half of my lid, it was uneven and a bit patchy. I tried using MAC’s own 242 and 249 for application, as well as using a fluffy brush (217) and my fingertip to try to blend out the color so it would at least be even, if it wasn’t opaque. It has a thin, lightweight consistency that feels creamy and smooth, but it didn’t quite apply that way.

Antique Diamond is the kind of color that works well as a one-and-done color that’s more than just beige.  It can also be used to smoke out the lash line or as a base for a smoky eye.  However, the way this applies, dries down, and generally sits on the lid, it’s not fantastic.  I’d heartily recommend Benefit Skinny Jeans, which has a superior formula and is very comparable in color to this one.

FYI: the ingredient list for the Pro Longwear Paint Pots is the same as for the regular Paint Pots when I compared against the list for Bare Study/Constructivist! It’s off by one ingredient when compared to the Paint Pots from Posh Paradise.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Antique Diamond