Friday, July 4th, 2003

MAC Accessories Collection for Holiday 2003

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Slim Mirror MAC (Limited Edition)

  • Pocket sized mirror made from black vinyl material with white stitch detail

J. Maskrey for MAC Skin Jewelry (Limited Edition)

  • Starburst/Green (Limited Edition)
  • Demi Starburst/Red (Limited Edition)
  • Demi Starburst/Green (Limited Edition)
  • Jet Crystal Band/Narrow (Limited Edition)
  • Starburst/Pink (Limited Edition)
  • Jet Crystal Band/Wide (Limited Edition)
  • Jet Demi Starburst/Red (Limited Edition)
  • Jet Demi Starburst/Green (Limited Edition)

Jacquard Bags (Limited Edition)

  • Rectangle MAC Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Long (Limited Edition)
  • Flat Pac MAC (Limited Edition)
  • Tote MAC Available in Medium, Large (Limited Edition)
  • Messenger MAC Available in Medium, Large (Limited Edition)


  • 194 Concealer Brush A small, synthetic fibre brush that’s perfect for applying and blending concealer (Permanent)

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