MAC Tartan Tale: Dazzleglass Cremes

MAC Tartan Tale Dazzleglass Cremes ($18.00 for 0.09 oz.) feature five new and limited edition shades ranging from sheer neutrals to more opaque red. Dazzleglasses Cremes have a thicker consistency but aren’t as sticky as lipglass. I do find that they have a slightly gritty texture, which becomes more noticeable as the gloss disappears and the glittery bits are left behind. They smell like vanilla.

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MAC Tartan Tale Dazzleglass Cremes

MAC Tartan Tale: Lipsticks

MAC Tartan Tale Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) feature four new and limited edition shades and one PRO shade being promoted. There’s an interesting mix of shades here — you have the ultra bright, two more neutral/everyday, one vampy, and one that doesn’t quite fit.

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MAC Tartan Tale Lipsticks

MAC Tartan Tale: Pearlglide Eyeliners

MAC Pearlglide Eyeliners ($14.50 each) are super soft, smooth, vibrantly colored eyeliners. These are some of my favorite eyeliners, and I have NO idea why MAC doesn’t make them permanent. They glide on so smoothly, and they don’t fade away. They stay on my lower lash line just fine throughout the day. They are not waterline safe, as they all have micro-glitter in them, though.  I can’t get over how smooth they feel when used on the lash line or lid; and the intensity of the color is so rich.  I love that the majority of the colors seem to have a lot of depth, too.

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MAC Tartan Tale Pearlglide Eyeliners

MAC Style Clan Nail Lacquer (Tartan Tale)

MAC Style Clan Nail Lacquer ($13.00) is a mushroom-y brown with flecks of burnt copper glitter-shimmer.  They’re flakies almost.  This is such a cool polish to see from MAC, and I don’t have any dupes in my stash for this one.  It did apply a little streaky, though, so I recommend using a thin initial coat, followed by a thicker secondary coat–or else two medium coats instead of the thicker second coat for a total of three coats. (I’m wearing two coats in the photos.)

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MAC Style Clan Nail Lacquer

MAC Sly as a Fox Nail Lacquer (Tartan Tale)

MAC Sly as a Fox Nail Lacquer ($13.00) is a rich, darkened red-brown with soft ruby micro-shimmer.  It’s actually quite similar to Chanel’s Rouge Fatale–though it has shimmer and is a touch browner–I’d say 85-90% similarity.  There is something about red-brown shades that say sexy to me; I wonder if it’s because they have more depth and seem less commonplace than more traditional reds.  Two coats for this, and the formula itself applied smoothly and evenly.  The brush seemed a little wonky, more out of manufacturing than design, but it seemed a little splayed and thick.

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MAC Sly as a Fox Nail Lacquer