LUSH Vibrance Liquid Lipstick

LUSH Vibrance Liquid Lipstick
LUSH Vibrance Liquid Lipstick

Too Gritty to Call It True Love

LUSH Vibrance Liquid Lipstick ($22.95 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “shimmering, golden orange.” It’s a brightened tangerine orange with lighter, golden orange shimmer/glitter. OCC Banjee is similar in color to the lighter shimmer, but it’s an opaque lip color with no shimmer. I couldn’t think of anything that came that close. You would better be able to achieve a look like this by wearing an orange lipstick and pairing it with a gold-shimmered gloss.

It was somewhat challenging trying to figure out what exactly the formula was supposed to do, so I referred to the original press release. I gathered these should be hydrating, fairly pigmented, and leave lips soft post-application.  The color coverage is semi-sheer to semi-opaque, but it’s rather uneven. The shimmer/glitter felt noticeably gritty, and the particles seemed to gravitate towards each other in bunches, which contributed to the uneven application. It had a watery consistency–thin, loose–but it felt more like a lipstick once it dried down on the lips.

I didn’t detect any scent or taste while testing it for wear. It managed four hours, but there was some stray glitter/shimmer that had traveled outside of my lip area. Not drying, not hydrating, but the grittiness of the sparkle made it uncomfortable to wear.  It’s housed in a glass bottle with a doe-foot applicator attached to the black screw-top lid. The applicator doesn’t reach the bottom of the jar, so if you end up using the majority, you may not be able to reach the bottom (try using a separate lip brush or turn it upside down in a sample container).

LUSH Vibrance Liquid Lipstick