L’Oreal Pretty Precious Infallible Lipgloss

L'Oreal Pretty Precious Infallible Lipgloss
L’Oreal Pretty Precious Infallible Lipgloss

A Sparkling Beige Best for Layering

L’Oreal Pretty Precious Infallible Lipgloss ($9.99 for 0.21 fl. oz.) is a soft pink-beige with white and silver shimmer and sparkle. Bobbi Brown Firefly has pink iridescence. NARS Albatross/ has gold shimmer instead of silver. MAC Jana has gold sparkle.

It’s a rather subtle gloss on, and while it can be worn alone, it is a nice way to add a layer of sparkle to your favorite lip color. It will work well with berries and pinks. On my lips, it’s semi-sheer; it lightens my natural lip color by adding a ton of white/silver shimmer. Pretty Precious lasted four and a half hours on my lips when I wore it, which was above average for a gloss in this kind of color/sheerness–just keep in mind that L’Oreal says you’ll get eight-hour wear.

The Infallible Lipgloss formula is thin, tacky, and a little drying. The way the sparkles catch the light is what makes these glosses really lovely to look at, though I’m not a fan of the overall way they feel and wear. The thinner texture means the sparkle feels gritty on the lips. I wish the scent was more pleasing; it’s a medicinal but sweet, fruity aroma that does linger a bit.

L'Oreal Infallible 8-HR Le Gloss Pretty Precious