Thursday, July 5th, 2012

5 Shimmering Silver Eyeshadows

I love a really shimmery silver on the lid with a matte gray or black eyeshadow in the crease for a very traditional, monochromatic smoky eye!

What’s your favorite silver eyeshadow?

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

L'Oreal Liquid Diamond Infallible Eyeshadow
L’Oreal Liquid Diamond Infallible Eyeshadow

L’Oreal Liquid Diamond Infallible Eyeshadow

L’Oreal Liquid Diamond Infallible Eyeshadow ($7.95 for 0.12 oz.) silvery-gray with a purple tint and a frosted finish. When it’s dry, it’s rather sheer, and when you apply it wet, the finish becomes more metallic and the color payoff is much improved. MAC Hold That Pose! is browner. Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit is less metallic, browner. MAC Idol Eyes is somewhat similar, but the payoff is so terrible, it’s hard to be sure! What I liked about this shade was that it doesn’t seem to be readily dupeable (at least nothing I could think of). It’s a much more nuanced shade than much of the rest of the color range.

L’Oreal says that these wear for up to 24 hours and are long-wearing and intensely pigmented. They’re a hybrid pressed and loose powder; it’s like a very, very finely-milled loose powder that’s been sat on (and in essence, that’s true, because each pot contains a plastic stopper that you can use to press the powder to further compact it). You get the blendability of a loose powder with the ease and convenient of a pressed powder. With Liquid Diamond, I had minor creasing after ten hours, which didn’t seem to worsen really, even after sixteen hours (see photo below). The color didn’t fade, either, over that sixteen hour time period–all without primer.  When I used primer, the results were better, and I didn’t have any creasing problems.

The way I feel about this product is that the color is unique enough to make sure to use over primer.  Generally, the more unique/appealing a color is to me, the more leeway I’ll give it everywhere else in how much I’m willing to pay, how hard I’m willing to work for it, etc. This opinion/philosophy is not included in the rating, but I thought I’d share.  My recommendation is to use this over a primer and with a damp brush to bring out the color and require less color packing.  I really appreciated that I didn’t have any fall out when I used this wet, even though it’s rather shimmery and didn’t go on as smoothly as some of the other shades in the range.

For a comparison against Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense, please see this post. As a quick summary, L’Oreal’s colors can be less nuanced/have less depth, and then the wear is can be inconsistent with L’Oreal (some wearing fantastic, others creasing/fading more rapidly). The way I look at it (assuming you wear primer, because then the wear is usually fine), the more the merrier!

The Glossover


Liquid Diamond

The creasing was very minor and probably not noticeable to anyone but the wearer, and you can solve that problem by wearing a primer underneath (but these are marketed as having up to 24-hour wear, without a primer). It's one of the more nuanced and original shades in the range!











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