Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in Inglot #446, 445, 440, 420, 439, 441 (Purples)

Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadow ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.) range is certainly expansive! They don’t quite fit into two 20-pan palettes neatly (there are two that overflowed into a third, plus one I know I’m missing). There are also a fair amount that seem to only be available in individual pots, rather than refills (which I do not have).

Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadows have a very fine shimmer with a brighter, pearly sheen.   I had a good experience with these six eyeshadows–they were easy to work with, nicely pigmented, and had the soft, smooth textures I’ve come to expect from Inglot’s Pearl eyeshadows.  #440 is the only one that I felt wasn’t true-to-pan in color; it was a few notches lighter, because of the heavy white pearl.

  • 446 is a rich, jewel-toned plum purple with red undertones in a pearl finish.
  • 445 is a softened, medium-dark plum with a pearl finish.
  • 440 is a frosted, cool-toned lilac with a pearl finish. Like some of the other lighter pearl shades, the white pearl really reflects and comes through, almost washing the shade out.
  • 420 is a grayish mauve with a pearl finish–it almost looks metallic.
  • 439 is a rich, jewel-toned violet purple with a pearl finish.
  • 441 is a medium-dark violet with a pearl finish.

The Glossover


Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in Inglot #446, 445, 440, 420, 439, 441 (Purples)

If you're a fanatic for purple eyeshadows, Inglot certainly has more than a few to satisfy you! It's a good mix of red- and blue-based purples, too.











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