Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder
Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder

Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder ($45.00 for 0.35 oz.) is described as a “soft, sheer lavender pink powder.” It’s a nearly-matte, pale pink with neutral undertones. The aim of this powder is to imitate the “softest, most forgiving light and [to brighten] the complexion.” Like the other Ambient Lighting Powders, the effect is subtle, natural, and it is the, “Did you change your skincare regimen?” kind of product. Mood Light has a softening, lightly luminous effect that’s hard to really pin down. I can see this particular shade working well on all skin types, because it’s subtle and won’t make oilier skin appear oilier.

The texture of the powder is very, very soft and silky, but it can be a little powdery–which does work well for minimizing or absorbing oil for those who have normal to oilier skin. Even though my skin can be dry, I didn’t notice this powder emphasizing dryness either. The powder is very soft, so a soft brush and light hand will be key to minimizing excess product getting dislodged from the pan. It’s designed to work as a finishing powder, but I’ve found it helps just as well to set and prolong my base makeup (by about two hours) as it does to finish it, so I usually use this as my setting and finishing powder.

The Glossover


Mood Light

Mood Light softens the appearance of the skin's natural texture, giving it a smoother, refined appearance with a lightly luminous quality. It worked well to both set and finish my base makeup, as it prolonged the wear of my foundation by almost two hours, and it helped to minimize oiliness that can sometimes occur (on my skin) after a full day of wearing makeup.











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