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Holiday Make Up Guide – Part I: Neutral eyes, bold red lips, slightly flushed cheeks

Sultry and bold, dazzle in this black velveteen coat ($138.00) by complimenting it with a pair of luscious deep raspberry red lipstick in Rouge Dior by Dior ($26.00). Add a touch of flush by dusting on a minute amount of pink blush and a more generous dusting of shimmery brown, like in Bobbi Brown’s blush palette ($35.00). Try a glowy bronze like Peachytwist by MAC if you’re feeling less pink that day. Keep eyes simple or go ultra-dramatic with MAC’s Smokey Eye Palette ($36.00). Go bold with a gray smokey eye, or go subtle with a soft wash of Maid of Honor (creamy beige) all over lid and Palatial (taupe) in the crease for definition. Spend time to perfect the skin to give it a good all-over-glow and utilize contouring to streamline the face and give it a natural appearance.

1. Gallery Flocked Velveteen Coat @ Nordstrom for $138.00icon
2. Bobbi Brown Blush Palette in @ Nordstrom for $35.00icon
3. MAC Smokey Eye Palette @ Nordstrom for $36.00icon
4. Dior Lipstick in Rouge Dior @ Nordstrom for $26.00icon

It’s all about playing up the lips with this coat, which is why we chose such a vibrant red by Dior–and the skin, oh the skin, it needs to be soft, velvety, and absolutely flawless. The combination of the lips and the skin will give you an enviable appearance everywhere you go.

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Holiday Traveling – Make It Mini, Make It Light, Make It Fit!

With all of the holidays comin’ around the bend, it is also the time to gather with friends, family, and loved ones, which means travel. Whether you’re traveling for a few days or a few weeks, by plane or car or foot, you’re going to want to bring a few items of beauty necessity along with you, right? Now, when you go by plane, it is important to observe the 3 oz or less rule for all liquids, and all liquids must fit within a quart-size clear, plastic bag. Otherwise, it’s about how much you want to carry.I remember the first time I traveled for a week after becoming a beauty junkie, and I also remebering lugging far too much through the airport (a whole carryon’s worth – this was pre-liquid restrictions). It is important consider what kind of makeup and how much of it you really need when traveling, but I also love travel-size sets for when you want to bring everything, but those big bottles just don’t do it for you.Here are some of my favorites (though all those holiday gift sets are also perfect for travel, most often, but hey, if you haven’t gotten your holiday loot yet, try these!):


Philosophy “All-Stars” Travel Set is a perfect way to keep all your skincare organized and in mini-size. You’ll find Hope in a Jar, Hope in a Tube, Shear Splendor Shampoo, Shear Splendor Conditioner, and Kiss Me Red. Not a bad way to go for $35.00. Available at Nordstrom.comicon.

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