Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Guerlain Terracotta Mosaic Compact
Guerlain Terracotta Mosaic Compact

Guerlain Terracotta Mosaic Compact

Guerlain Terracotta Mosaic Compact ($69.00 for 0.98 oz.) is a mega-sized face and body bronzer with Guerlain’s signature Gs intertwined in a mosaic pattern. This is certainly more of a collector’s item, particularly in light of the price tag, though you get nearly an ounce of bronzer.

It is a mix of champagne gold, warm, terracotta brown, and dirty bronze. The champagne gold is an overspray, which does go away after a few uses. I scratched at the surface, and it does seem like the lighter brown and darker brown shades go all the way through and both have a very slight shimmer-sheen laced through the product. When applied, it gives a warm, golden bronze glow with a satiny sheen (the swatches are shown after the champagne gold overspray was removed). It should work well with light to medium-dark skin tones, and best with warmer complexions.

The color is different from the Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder, which is a rosier bronze, less orange, and it has a much more metallic and high-shine finish. The Sublime Radiant powder felt more like a highlighter, while the Terracotta Mosaic powder feels more like a traditional bronzer.

I found the scent of this bronzer to be overwhelming–it is a very strong, heavy scent, and to me it’s like a floral baby powder. I just can’t do it. From the minute I opened the compact, it took over. It’s nowhere near as strong when worn, but I did catch a few whiffs of it through the day. It’s unfortunate, because the bronzer wears well (eight hours) and gives me a nice golden glow and sheen.

For me, I thought this looked prettier in the online photos I saw than in person; I had to hold it a few feet away to see the design pop as much as it seemed to online–so I am curious to hear what others think on the design. I think the Sublime Radiant powder is a better use of your money (it’s $70, though half the size), because it’s a more unique color and product, plus it’s packaged in such a lovely way–this compact is lightweight plastic.

The Glossover



The scent was a deal breaker for me--I wouldn't repurchase it for myself. It's a good bronzer with a really soft texture that lays beautifully on the skin, but the price tag will keep many away.











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