Guerlain Rose Innocent Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Rose Innocent Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Rose Innocent Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Spring 2012: Rose Innocent Rouge G Lipstick

Debuting in January, Guerlain Rose Innocent Rouge G Lipstick ($48.00 for 0.12 oz.) is pale pink with subtle yellow undertones. This shade is limited edition from Guerlain’s spring collection, and it is one of four Rouge Gs–I’ll have reviews on the other three as soon as I can buy them. It’s almost a neutral pink, but the color itself is very light–it’s just a pink-tinted version of my natural lip color. Very my-lips-but-better kind of shade, so it may be rather superfluous on someone with more pigmented lips or else serve as a way to lighten them a shade or two. OCC Femme is an opaque version of this shade. MAC Dress It Up is a cooler-toned pink. MAC Royal Azalea is similar in lightness but is a touch cooler toned. MAC Behave Yourself is a bit darker and bluer.

This is the kind of shade that someone will love and wear everyday or one where someone just doesn’t see the point. The color coverage is semi-opaque (you can just barley see my lip freckle), but there’s a general translucency throughout the product that lets my natural lip color peek through. Rose Innocent feels more like a Rouge G Brilliant than your typical Rouge G, because it has more slip and natural glossiness, but it’s not quite as glossy (and definitely not as sheer) as a Brilliant. The color doesn’t apply as evenly, and I expect it’s due to the slip in the texture. It only wore for three hours on me, which is decent for this type of light color, though I tend to get better wear out of the Rouge G formula than that. It is very hydrating and comfortable to wear, though.

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