Sunday, February 12th, 2012

5 Radiant Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day

There are so many fantastic reds available on the market these days, but I managed to narrow it down to this list of five that I think would make an incredible ruby red pout for Valentine’s Day.

  1. NYX Too Chic — subtly blue-based red with a semi-matte finish
  2. Guerlain Liu — glossy semi-opaque red with pink
  3. MAC Ruby Woo — blue-based, matte, not budging
  4. NARS Mascate — matte, deep red with very subtle cool undertones
  5. MAC Prolong — subtly blue-based red with a natural sheen

What’s your favorite red lipstick for Valentine’s Day?

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The real deal!

6 Red Lipsticks to Get Angelina Jolie’s 2012 Golden Globes Red Lip

Angelina Jolie’s red lips was one of the most talked about beauty looks from this year’s Golden Globes.  I don’t know what she wore, and while I’ve attempted to find out, I haven’t had any luck yet!  Her lip looked anywhere from pinky-red to red-coral to red, but it never looked too orange.  I saw it both with more of a matte/satin finish as well as a glossier look (perhaps recent reapplication?).

I know that Jolie has used Chantecaille in the past, and though I don’t own much from the range, possible shades within the brand would be Amaryllis Lip Chic, Azalea Lipstick, or Cassia Lipstick.

  • Giorgio Armani #406 — deep blue-based red; slightly darker than what was worn
  • Guerlain Liu — rich blue-based red with a glossy shine; bluer than what was worn
  • Chanel Cambon — slightly orange-toned red; needs a teeniest bit more blue to be similar
  • Guerlain Rouge Sensuel — almost red-coral with a subtle gold shimmer; lighter, has gold shimmer compared to what was worn
  • MAC Perpetual Flame — pinky-red with a creamy finish; slightly pinker than what was worn
  • NARS Flamenco — soft watermelon red; less opaque, less red

And as a bonus, contributor Damaris has a Brazilian option–O Boticario #330 Lipstick (R$ 12,90).

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Guerlain Liu (122) Rouge Automatique
Guerlain Liu (122) Rouge Automatique

Guerlain Liu (122) Rouge Automatique

Guerlain Liu (122) Rouge Automatique ($35.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a deep red with a subtle translucency that gives it a really great shine and smoothness in color. It yields almost opaque color coverage. Guerlain Garconne is redder with less pink and more opaque. Chanel Byzantin is similar in color but different in finish. MAC Prolong is more opaque and less glossy. Guerlain Gwen is similar but deeper with less pink.

When pressed, I will pick Rouge G over Rouge Automatique, the Rouge Automatique line-up is very comparable and the color range is brilliant and often as nuanced as the luxurious Rouge G range. Both formulas are incredibly comfortable to wear with glide-on color that slides on like butter, and the creamier finishes in the Rouge Automatique line have a pseudo-glossiness with really clear color that’s semi-opaque to opaque. The deeper shades, like this one, wear six to eight hours, but even the lighter shades last four to five hours on me. Like most Guerlain products, it is violet-scented, though it is not overwhelming. I love the consistency of the formula and how well it wears while delivering hydration for hours.

For more packaging photos, please see this post.

The Glossover



Rouge Automatique is a top-notch formula, because the creaminess of the texture enables it to glide on, making for an easy application, but it's lightweight and never slippery, so it stays on and wears for hours.











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