Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder
Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder

Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder ($56.00 for 0.23 oz.) is designed to provide a fine, lightweight all-over powder that helps to minimize imperfections and enhance the natural glow of the complexion. It also sets and mattifies the skin, which makes it one multi-tasking powder.

Upon trying it, I was a bit bothered by the lightness of the compact–it feels like plastic, and from Guerlain, it’s not what I’d expect. It sounds like plastic when I knock on it, which could account for the lack of weight. On the flip side, because it is not metal or metal-esque, it still has that gunmetal look without the accompanying fingerprints. I’m torn: I love the heft of a good luxe compact, but I love that this stays fingerprint-free. The Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powders actually come in rather different packaging, which also felt plastic, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. The ones prior are shimmering and less flesh-toned as they are enhancing (think highlighters). Those go for $65 a pop but come with 0.35 oz. of product.

I tend to get a touch oily around the t-zone after six to eight hours of wearing full makeup, but I was pleased to see that a sheer layer of Rose Teint did wonders and kept me shine-free for twelve hours. It also illuminates in a very soft, refined way; it’s there but so slight that it really does seem like your skin is naturally radiant and aglow. It has a beautifully silky texture that’s so finely milled that it looks more like a pearly finish than anything else.

The sample I received was in Teint Rose, which is actually the lightest shade and ever-so-slightly pink-tinged (but really, it’s so slight, I could hardly tell), while Teint Beige and Teint Dore are darker, though from what I’ve seen, not by much. On me, it seemed virtually colorless and worked well even though it looks rather pale and light. (I think I may pick up Teint Beige, though, to see what that does for me, as I like this one quite a bit.)

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: It imparts a natural glow that’s impossible to overdo. It’s soft, demure, and perfect for use all over the face or as a subtle highlighter. This acts much like a setting powder and provides very little coverage, as it applies sheer.

WHERE TO BUY: Nordstrom

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