Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss

Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss
Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss

More Appetizing than a Frizzy Mango

Guerlain Frizzy Mango (849) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is a warm coral with gold sparkle. It seemed to have a good balance of pink and orange to create the coral coloring, but if pressed, I would say it leaned orange (more so in the tube than on, given the natural pink tone in most natural lip colors). Bobbi Brown Citrus is a bit darker and has more sparkle. Dior Pink Veil is pinker with silver shimmer. Chanel Coral Reef is comparable, perhaps a bit lighter.

It’s being repromoted with Guerlain’s spring collection, though it has been out prviously, but I’ve only just purchased it myself. Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Gloss is supposed to have a non-sticky, water-resistant texture along while being moisturizing while worn. It comes with a brush-type applicator. From what I’ve been able to gather, these glosses are meant to accent Guerlain’s lipstick range and add lots and lots of shine and radiance (which is just a fancy way to say these aren’t full coverage–if you are looking for more opaque gloss, Guerlain’s KissKiss Essence de Gloss would be a better fit).

Frizzy Mango has semi-sheer to semi-opaque color coverage; it delivers a healthy dose of gold sparkle and shimmer, and the base color is visible but still somewhat translucent such that it enables your natural lip color to come through. I would expect this to look a bit redder and more vibrant against those with a naturally redder lip color. Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Gloss formula is very cushion-y; not quite gel-like, but it has a thicker consistency, though it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It has a sweet, fruity scent (Guerlain describes it as “subtle vanilla, violet, and red fruit.” It lasted four hours on my lips, and it was very, very hydrating both during and post wear. I could feel a very slight bit of the sparkle after it wore for four hours, but I didn’t notice any sparkle had traveled.

It’s pretty little sparkling coral number, sure to be flattering on a range of skin tones and certainly spring-appropriate. Coral is a very popular shade, so while I don’t have any specific dupes (Revlon Rosegold is more subdued, more brown-based, which was the only one that came to mind), I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some very budget-friendly options available. Guerlain doesn’t often add shades to the Kiss Kiss Gloss range, so I don’t wear them as regularly as some other formulas, but I’m always impressed by just how comfortable and hydrating the formula is when I test a new shade. ┬áIf you like formulas such as Dior’s Ultra Gloss and Hourglass’ Extreme Sheen, you’ll like this one.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss Frizzy Mango