Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Giorgio Armani #502 Gloss d’Armani

Giorgio Armani #502 Gloss d’Armani

Giorgio Armani #502 Gloss d’Armani ($28.00 for 0.22 fl. oz.) is a pink-tinged beige with soft white shimmer–it looks more like slightly milky beige gloss with a healthy dose of shimmer when worn but light on actual color. I imagine it will soften those with naturally more pigmented lips.

Gloss d’Armani is supposed to last for eight hours (without fading), be moisturizing, and have a smooth, non-sticky texture. Color payoff is indeterminant, because on one hand, Giorgio Armani says “concentrated, high definition color” but then later describes some shades as “sheer chiffon.” For a more in-depth review of Gloss d’Armani, please read my original review here.

#502 certainly falls under “sheer chiffon,” I’d say! There is plenty of shimmer, though, so it gives the illusion of more color than it actually is. It always seems counter-intuitive to rank a sheer product with full marks on pigmentation, but if it’s supposed to be “sheer chiffon,” this lives up to the claim. This was the second shade I tried, and I alternated between this shade and #505 (the one I first reviewed) during testing, because it was such a light shade. I often test the light and darks of a new formula, because you do tend to get better wear out of more pigmented shades compared to sheerer ones.

To my complete surprise, #502 wears nearly as well as the more pigmented #505. Neither wears for as long as the brand claims, but #502 wore for five hours, and there was still residual shimmer an hour or so later. I would say reapplication was needed by five hours, though, and if you wanted to maintain the glossiness of the look, more along the lines of two and a half. Just as I did with #505, though, it’s non-sticky for only part of the time. It starts off as almost gel-like and non-sticky, but over time, it gets tackier and tackier. It’s not thick and sticky, but I wouldn’t describe it as non-sticky at all. I didn’t detect any fragrance or scent.

It’s one of my new favorites in gloss, just because six hours of wear for a gloss is excellent–as a reviewer, it’s almost painful to have to knock it down so severely because of their very specific claim of eight-hours of wear.

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The shortcomings in wear (five hours compared to the eight hours claimed) and sticky texture (compared to the non-sticky texture promised) bring down the overall score for this product, but it's one of the longest-wearing glosses I've come across that is actually moisturizing and comfortable to wear.











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