Fyrinnae Jade Ghost Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Jade Ghost Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Jade Ghost Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Jade Ghost Eyeshadow ($8.25 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “slightly shimmery pale white-green … “an iridescent glow of light green shimmer and a touch of subdued sparkle.” It’s a pale, aqua green with a subtle golden shimmer-sheen. I don’t really have anything quite like this in my stash. Lancome Fashion Forward is the closest, but it is bluer and less golden. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful #4 is greener, less aqua/pastel.

Jade Ghost has a very soft texture that really starts breaking away the moment your brush hits the surface, so be careful not to swirl your brush too much in it, as you won’t need to in order to get the powder onto your brush. It is slightly powdery as a result. When applied over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, it loses all trace of powderiness, and the powder smooths out. Applied dry, it is ever-so-slightly powdery but still has good color payoff. It is prone to sheering out when used dry, though. I tried it without any base, and then I also wore it over Pixie Epoxy, and with no base, it lasted seven hours well but had some fading after eight hours, while over Pixie Epoxy, it lasted eight hours without creasing or fading. Pixie Epoxy is not a primer, but it is so commonly used with Fyrinnae’s eyeshadows that I felt it imperative to test it underneath the eyeshadow.

If you prefer your eyeshadows loose, this shade began its life as one, and you can purchase it in loose form as well. The pressed eyeshadows should be restocked soon, per Fyrinnae’s website.

Fyrinnae Jade Ghost Eyeshadow