Monday, November 2nd, 2009

E.L.F. Royal Red Lipstick

The Scarlet Season: E.L.F. Royal Red Lipstick

E.L.F. Royal Red Lipstick ($5.00) is a deep red with a plum twist. It’s just red enough to be part of the series, yet it’s definitely not the true red we often think of when we think red lips. Not everyone loves or wants to wear true red lips all the time, so reds that deviate in various ways are always fun options to consider. The lipstick itself is scent- and taste-less, so if your nose is sensitive to scents, you may prefer these scent-less shades. E.L.F.’s Lipstick lasts about average on me (three to four hours), and it does leave a bit of a waxy feel behind once the color has faded away. This is a budget-friendly lipstick option that goes on sheer and builds into an opaque shade after a few layers. It’s hard to go wrong for $5!

The Scarlet Season is a series of posts showcasing and featuring my favorite shades of red lips–from glosses to lipsticks that runs through December 2009. You can sure expect to see a lot of red this holiday season!

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