Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo

Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo
Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo

Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo ($29.00 2 x 0.23 fl. oz.) contains two miniature-sized polishes from Dior’s summer collection, Bird of Paradise. They look just like Dior’s full-size polishes in exterior packaging, but they have a regular brush (compared to their wider, more tapered brush) that is wider than a normal brush, but it is not tapered.

Samba (794) is described as a “metallic peacock green.” It’s a bold, shimmering green-teal with an almost warm tone (from the green) and has a metallic finish. It was fully opaque in two coats, and while there were visible brush strokes, they were subtler and less distracting from the color/finish–they were also more easily controlled (so they look straight, rather than wonky). The consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin. Chanel Azure is darker, more of a duochrome, and ultimately, looks bluer and not nearly as bright as this. I think that you might prefer one over the other, but they’re not dupes. China Glaze Deviantly Daring is much bluer. Wet ‘n’ Wild Teal or No Teal is bluer. ORLY Haley’s Comet is more glittery, darker.

Samba (402) is described as a “cool turquoise.” It’s a darkened mint green cream. It was opaque for the most part after two coats, but the polish was somewhat streaky in places, so there were some patches that did not look quite opaque. Essie Turuquoise & Caicos is darker, less warm-toned. It reminded me a lot of Illamasqua Nomad. China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint is lighter. Essie First Timer is also similar–slightly greener.

For two Dior polishes, it’s almost a deal.  Normally, Dior’s polishes retail $23 for 0.33 fl. oz., which is $69.70/oz., while this kit is $63.04/oz., as you get 0.46 fl. oz. for $29.  If you have larger hands or longer fingers, you might find the smaller bottles harder to hold and use.

Dior Vernis Samba (402)
Samba (402)
Dior Vernis Samba (794)
Samba (794)