Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis
Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis

A Gold By Many, Many Names

Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis ($26.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) is a sheer, shimmering champagne gold with flecks of copper-red. I’m pretty sure this is a renamed version of Golden Light (also known as Golden Era and or Lumiere or #207), and while it may be called Diorling, the number is #207. China Glaze Jingle Bells has a similar coloring, but it’s opaque and does not have any red shimmer/sparkle. Chanel Diwali is more of an antique gold (less yellow). OCC Cruising is a stronger yellow gold and has a lot more shimmer/glitter. Readers mentioned some great dupe potentials here as well! :)

After two coats, it’s still rather sheer. Without a color description from Dior, it’s hard to say what they were aiming for. I prefer to err on the side of a lower grade rather than give a brand the benefit of the doubt, but you may prefer this kind of sheer look. The consistency was on the thicker side–thicker than the version I had previously–which did cause a little unevenness in the texture of the polish as it applied. I did get some pooling along the sides, too. There are noticeable brush strokes from the metallic finish of the polish that become more visible under harsher light.  I don’t have any wear problems with Dior’s formula and typically see a week with minor tip wear and no chipping.

Since it was released previously, you can pick up the color regular Dior packaging as well. If you go that route, it’s less expensive at $23, but it does contain less product (0.33 fl. oz. compared to 0.40 fl. oz.). I think the regular packaging makes for easier application, but the packaging on this one may strongly sway some. It’s not comfortable to use to apply the actual polish, though the brush wasn’t the normal wider brush of Dior’s polish. The bottle I have from before seemed to apply better.  There are three other shades coming in this limited edition, holiday packaging, though–so maybe one of those will perform better!

The Glossover



Sheerness aside, the consistency and application of the polish were problematic, so it's not a shade I'd feel good about recommending.











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