Cult Nails Happy Ending Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Happy Ending Nail Lacquer
Cult Nails Happy Ending Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Happy Ending Nail Lacquer ($10.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) contains shredded multi-colored flakes suspended in a clear base. There’s aqua-blue, copper, gold, and lavender from what I can see–I swear I see a hint of green, but I think it might be the gold. I don’t have anything like this, and I’m not even sure if I have more than one or two shredded polishes on hand. Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday is the closest I could think of, but it’s multi-sized glitter particles (squares and hexagons) with a lot of green in it. Even though the sizes/shapes are different, I think the two yield at least a comparable feel: a big ol’ glitter-party on your nails.

The consistency of Happy Ending is on the thicker side–if you have a lot of glitters in clear bases, it definitely has a sort of gel-like consistency that gives it a thicker feel and look.  It does help suspend and keep the glitter shards in it, though, which means you don’t have to try and grab the pieces out of the bottle. They do need to be pushed around to get an even (sort of) layer of shredded glitter.  I dabbled a blob of it on the center of the nail and then pushed and maneuvered the pieces around.  It’s unique enough to be worth the trouble, but it’s not something I’d reach for often, just because it takes patience and some skill to use.

Cult Nails Nail Lacquer Happy Ending

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