A Conversation with Zoya Reyzis @ Cosmoprof 2011

Zoya Spoons Necklace!

A Conversation with Zoya Reyzis @ Cosmoprof 2011

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Zoya Reyzis, who is the founder (along with her husband, Michael Reyzis) of Art of Beauty, which includes the brands Zoya, Qtica, Smart Spa, and Zoom. I can’t say it was an interview, because it was so much more than that.  She left an indelible impression on me, and it is a rare gift to come away from someone feeling like that, so I am so thankful to have had the chance to sit down with her.

Zoya is, at the very least, an inspiring woman, but she has such a wisdom about life that goes deeper than mere inspiration–it does not feel like a powerful enough word to describe how I felt talking with her.  One feels touched and humbled to be in her presence, and it has very little to do with her founding Zoya, but it is the person she has become as a result of the culmination of all of her experiences. It is the passion she has for the things she does in her life, and her passion is infectious and exciting and exhilarating. It is the best kind of disease to catch.  There is no artifice with her.  She is genuine, warm, and sharp.

I did not expect to have as much time as I did with Zoya, and I had one question I planned to ask, which was what was her level of involvement in the brand today. She gave it some thought, and she confessed that her role is very fluid and certainly nothing like the roles she played in the beginning. Zoya–the brand–is a family-run business.  My goal whenever I interview someone is to come with less planned questions and instead react to their answers to develop a story that is personal and intimate.

Michael is still very active in the business, but Zoya herself remains the founder, the muse, and the well that each person must draw strength from. She is a calming presence. Her voice is soft but strong, her speech melodic and intelligent, and it feels like she can see right through you, but she sees the best in you. Both of her sons work in the business, as do their wives. She spoke of how family get-togethers are not riddled with fights, though she admits that it is difficult for business talk to cease!

Both Michael and Zoya’s hard work has enabled Zoya to pursue her original dream and passion and love: classical piano. Her favorite composer is Bach, though she’s currently working on a Beethoven piece. When Zoya talks about music, it is not just music to her, and it’s so apparent that she is one of the lucky few who understand music on an immensely intimate, emotional level–a level that transcends the sound of the music and pushes into the beauty behind it.  She truly immerses herself in the composer she plays; to understand where the brilliance of the piece developed from.

I took piano lessons for many years when I was younger, and I rarely play now (admittedly, I was spoiled by mother’s personal dream of owning a baby grand piano, which is what I grew up playing on, and electronic keyboards always feel wrong underneath my fingertips). I could not relate to the relationship Zoya clearly had with her music and the people who had composed it. She could hear the life of the composer in the crescendos and decrescendos of the pieces she played, but I left wanting to play, to feel the keys depress and lift, the music flowing and resounding through the room.

It is the same when she approaches Zoya. It is not about nail polish–it is about the feelings evoked by wearing the polish. How does one feel when they wear a color they are confident in? What if they choose one they would normally choose? Does choosing a particular color make someone happy? Cheer them on on a bad day? How does it enable them to express themselves?

This is the Art of Beauty, Zoya says. The creativity and joy of the way color plays with our senses and emotions is what motivates the brand. There is much love that goes into each bottle of polish they fill, and there is something intrinsically satisfying about knowing the people who create the products we love do so with as much love and care and passion as their biggest fans.

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Essie @ Cosmoprof 2011

Luxeffects Collection

Essie @ Cosmoprof 2011

I met briefly with the very knowledgeable Dominick who walked me through several of Essie’s upcoming collections.  I love that we’ll be seeing less traditional Essie shades for the holidays–it’s nice and refreshing to see something different from the brand.  I love that they will be permanent.

  • Essie’s fall collection is called Carry On, which is inspired by handbags. It includes Carry On, Glamour Purse, Lady Like, Case Study, Very Structured, and Power Clutch.
  • In time for winter, we have Cocktail Bling, which includes six shades, which I don’t have the names for yet!
  • Holiday is a mix of jewel-tones in a collection called Dive Bar. This collection takes three shades from the retail line (Dive Bar, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Troph Wife) and is adding it to the salon line. It also includes three repromotes.
  • Releasing to coordinate with New Year’s and the holidays, Luxeffects is all about layering and bling–and these will all be permanent going forward. Glitter, micro-glitters, and even flakies!


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SpaRitual @ Cosmoprof 2011

Wilde Collection

SpaRitual @ Cosmoprof 2011

  • For fall, SpaRitual has the Wilde Collection, which includes Spirit Child, Running with Wolves, Rhythm of Life, Instinct, Howl, and Sacred Ground, which is due to launch in September. In honor of BCA, there is also the In Pink Collection, which includes Strength, Knowledge, and Clarity–20% of proceeds will be donated to Cancer Schmancer.
  • For holiday, we’ll see the Twinkle Collection, which includes six shades: Solstice, Shooting Star, Blue Moon, Break of Dawn, Twilight, and Illumination.

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Orly @ Cosmoprof 2011

Holiday Soiree Collection

Orly @ Cosmoprof

  • For fall/winter, we’ll see Birds of a Feather, which consists of six shades: Seagurl (gunmetal grey shimmer), Nite Owl (neutral beige shimmer), Peachy Parrot (coral orange shimmer), Sweet Peacock (peacock blue shimmer), Lucky Duck (rich green creme), and Fowl Play (multi-dimensional purple sparkle). There is also a nail art kit called Flights of Fancy, which includes: Tweet Heart, Light as a Feather, Lovey Dovey, Rockin’ Robin, and Blue J.
  • Halloween includes three repromoted shades: Liquid Vinyl, Orange Punch, and Goth.
  • This holiday, we’ll see Holiday Soiree, which includes six shades: Androgynie, Ma Cherie, Oui, Au Champagne, Le Chateau, and Ingenue.
  • In November, we’ll see Mineral FX, which includes six shades as well: Rock Solid, Emberstone, Rock the World, Stone Cold, Rock-It, and Rococo A-Go-Go.
  • For the new year, there is Bling in the New Year, which is just repromotes of previous shades.


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China Glaze @ Cosmoprof 2011

Let It Snow displayers

China Glaze @ Cosmoprof

I spent some time with the lovely people who work on China Glaze, and they had a TON of goodies on display that we’ll be seeing over the next few months.

  • Just in time for Halloween, China Glaze has the Haunting Collection, which features Crimson, Haunting, It’s Alive, Near Dark, Ghoulish Glow (which glows-in-the-dark), and Black Mesh.
  • For the holidays, we’ll see a collection called Let It Snow. China Glaze has several polish sets that also include another goody (like a pair of finger-less gloves), but you can also purchase the shades individually. We’ll be seeing: Twinkle Lights (multi-colored glitter), Champagne Bubbles (gold), Holly-Day (dark green), Glittering Garland (green), Velvet Bow (ruby red), Winter Berry (red), Ring in the Red (glittery red), Poinsettia (red), Blue Year’s Eve (blue), Tinsel Town (silver glitter), Icicle (silver), and Snow Globe (multi-colored glitter). Also, in November, we’ll see six shades of glitter shades come out in Eye Candy, including such shades as Material Girl, Marry a Millionaire, Some Like It Haute.
  • Next spring, we’ll see Electropop Brights and Lights–together, they form a rainbow of creamy colors, though there is one glittery shade. The Brights Collection includes Techno, Aquadelic, Sunshine Pop, Gaga for Green, Make Some Noise, and Wicked Style. The Lights Collection includes Fuchsia Fanatic, Dance Baby, Electric Beat, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, and Gothic Lolita.

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