Sunday, October 7th, 2012

My Wedding Makeup

I actually didn’t know what I was going to do quite yet for my makeup until I tested out Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette (which I reviewed last month).  I loved the way it looked on me, and the colors were perfect for autumn.  I knew at once that it was a happy medium that used color and not just neutrals, but it wasn’t too bold or smoky, as our ceremony was being held in the late morning.  I went with a gold eyeliner on the bottom lash line, because it brightened up my eyes, so naturally, Honey was my go-to, as it was one of my all-time favorites.   With the warm-toned eyes, I knew I’d be going with corals, which I tend to like on myself.   I wore the same eyes and cheeks all day long, but for our evening reception, I changed the lips to Chanel Dragon and Bobbi Brown Naked Plum.

I won’t have my photos back for approximately a month, but when I have some to share, I will be sure to share a few. :)  These are the only photos I managed to take in the last few minutes before we had to leave to go to the ceremony location.  I spent a half hour on makeup, even if I used a truck-load of products!


I applied a layer of primer on from lash line to brow bone.  Then, I applied the lighter plum eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid, followed by the darker brown eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid.  I patted the gold eyeshadow directly on the center of the lid and pulled it outwards and inwards to blend with the other two colors.  I used separate MAC 239 eyeshadow brushes for those three colors.  I swept on the darker plum shade into the crease and diffused it upwards using Make Up For Ever’s #17S crease brush.  Next, I took the MAC 239 again with the gold eyeshadow and patted it on the inner tear duct and then pulled it upwards over the inner crease.  I lined the lower lashes with Honey eyeliner.  I filled in brows using Espresso eyeshadow and MAC’s 266 brush, then combed through them with a clean mascara spoolie and set with brow gel.  To finish the look, I heavily applied Eyes to Kill mascara (waterproof, of course) to upper and lower lashes.


I applied the moisturizing primer first, just prior to applying my eye makeup, so it would have a chance to sink in.  After fifteen minutes or so, I applied the Mineral Veil primer, and I let that sink in for five to ten minutes.  I used one pump of #02 and half a pump of #03, then mixed them between my fingers, and dotted it all over the face.  I used Hourglass #2 Foundation Brush to blend and diffuse the foundation on the face and down the neck.  I applied two pats of Cle de Peau’s Concealer on my under eye area and blended just over the bridge of my nose.  I then patted OCC’s Concealer over that.  I finished the under eye area by lightly tapping Terracotta Light Touch to brighten.  To add color to cheeks, I tapped Love Lust blush on apples and blended towards temples with MAC’s 116 brush.  I lightly contoured the hollows of my cheeks with MAC Sculpt and MAC’s 168 brush.  I lightly swept on Parure de Nuit as a highlighter on cheek bones with MAC’s 165 brush.  To set everything into place, I used MAC’s 184 brush and Pressed Meteorites.


I applied Gems lipstick onto lips with a lip brush.  I lightly patted Cle de Peau #2 on the center of the lower lips, then pressed lips together.  I finished by applying a full coat of Citrus and lightly pressing my lips together.

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Thursday, September 13th, 2012

5 Rose Gold-Inspired Beauties

My favorite metal is rose gold.  There’s something about it that’s elegant, warm, and eye-catching to me.  It’s actually a color that doesn’t quite seem to be readily produced into makeup, actually–I think it’s the metallic finish.

Do you have anything rose-gold in your makeup stash?

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Look: Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Eyeshadows

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Monday, May 7th, 2012

Cle de Peau #2 Lipgloss
Cle de Peau #2 Lipgloss

Cle de Peau #2 Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

One question I regularly receive about products (and not just luxury priced products) is, “Is it worth it?” This is also iterated in other ways, like: 1) “Do I need this?” 2) “Should I save up for this?” and 3) “Should I buy the original or the cheaper dupe?” Sometimes someone will want to be convinced to buy something, other times someone will want to be reminded that it’s totally dupeable or below-the-bar in quality. The problem with these questions is it’s really, really hard for me to tell you if a product is worth it to you or not. It’s undeniably subjective and completely based upon your budget and personal preferences!

I thought maybe it would be a good reference post going forward whenever I review a more expensive product, because “worth” and “value” are measured differently by each of us. Some of us prefer to look at how much you’re getting for the price, others look purely at the price tag because they never expect to go through a product, and others look at price per use (because you expect to use it up). I’m more in the camp of the last one–if you are only going to wear a product once or twice before moving onto something else, there’s absolutely no reason to save up for it. If you’re going to use it everyday for months, then maybe it’s worth saving up for.

From time to time, I re-review one of my all-time favorite products (and thankfully, it’s permanent!) that I continue to love each and every time I wear as much as I did the first time (and I’m often motivated to do a more thorough job reviewing the product each time and with better photos!). There are a few reasons why I love it, but they’re all personal reasons and justifications. I just re-purchased it from Saks a week or so ago.

Cle de Peau #2 Lipgloss ($48.00 for 0.21 fl. oz.) is a peach and gold shimmered peach-pink with a nearly metallic finish. It’s semi-opaque in coverage–there is a lot of shimmer in it, while the base color itself is fairly close to my natural lip color (warmer and pinker). Le Metier de Beaute Papaya Creme is the closest dupe to this shade, and it has a slightly darker color base (less pink, a little more coral), but it has a very similar shimmer component that gives off the same metallic-like finish. MAC Nymphette is sheerer, more golden (less peach), and doesn’t have nearly as much shimmer–but it is a gorgeous shade and similarly flattering. Benefit I’m With the Band is pinker, less peach, almost gold-copper in shimmer. Chanel Pin-Up is similar but has less shimmer. NARS Orgasm is also similar but lacks the heavy shimmer finish. NP Set Mauritius is milkier and a little less peach.

First and foremost, I’m absolutely in love with the color. It’s warm, peach, and gold; all shades that flatter my particular skin tone and overall coloring. It’s not sheer, but it’s not totally opaque, so it can be layered with other lipsticks but also wore on its own (I usually wear it on its own). There are, however, as you can see from above, numerous shades that are similar to this one–and for most, I suspect, similar enough to opt for a version that’s half or even a third of the price of this one. The only thing that really makes it slightly different is how much shimmer is in the gloss, and the resulting more metallic-like finish (which Papaya Creme also has but the base color is a wee different, though not by much–and still $12 cheaper).

The texture is lightweight and comfortable to wear without being too thin or too thick; it doesn’t slip around once applied, but it doesn’t cling. It’s non-sticky, and there was no discernible scent or taste. I love that it wears five to six hours on me, and it fades evenly and none of the shimmer (and there’s a lot of it!) travels while it’s worn. The formula is moisturizing and never leaves my lips feeling dehydrated, even after wearing it all day.  It’s not my favorite gloss formula of all time, but it’s a really good one (though I haven’t tried many other shades beyond #2–I can’t even remember trying another shade on).  If it was a poorly made gloss with a stellar color, I would probably end up moving to a dupe with a better formula and only keep my original tube as nostalgia.

I imagine part of the love for this particular gloss is attached to memories; my first luxury cosmetic purchase, which was part souvenir (at my first Barney’s, which was in Vegas) and part reward, and one of those products that has endured over time. It doesn’t matter if others think it’s a waste of money or hate the color or don’t think it’s worth that much–my enjoyment is not dependent on others loving it.  Every time I apply this gloss, I smile. My spirits rise.  I get a little giddy.  I remember the very moment I swatched this and saw the crazy peach-gold duochrome and fell in love and indulged.

One thing that you’ll notice is I’m careful about saying what is and isn’t my favorite. There are lots of products I like and even love, but there are less products I consider true favorites–ones I go back to, ones I would repurchase, ones that I would use over and over again if I was a normal consumer.  So when I say something is my favorite, I say it with feeling.

There are a handful of lip products that I always reach for when I travel, this being one of them (others include Chanel Dragon–my power red–and a Guerlain Rouge G, which usually fluctuates between Garconne, Gems, and Ginny at the moment). This also has a permanent home in my purse (along with Jack Black Lip Balm), and if I don’t have a product I’m testing along with me and the product I was originally testing has worn off, I reach for this.

Is there a beauty product that holds a special place in your heart?

The Glossover


The Million Dollar "Is it worth it?" Question

It's my favorite gloss for a few reasons, and it's a good gloss overall--it's not the best gloss formula of all time. What sold me originally was the color, and what keeps me sold is the total package plus the back story and the "meaning" of the gloss to me. There are several dupes worth considering at a more wallet-friendly price, though!











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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Jealousy Wakes with Blue Look

My eyes have been really dry lately, so under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t create a look and post it (just because the surface of my lids makes working with powder products a big pain!), but how could I not do something to commemorate this day?

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof all over the lid and above the crease with the 249 to lay down your eyeshadow base.   Next, apply Verve eyeshadow on the lower third of the lid with the 239.  Then pat Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow onto the upper half of the lid and into the crease with the 239.  With the 226, apply Atlantic Blue eyeshadow above the crease.  Diffuse the crease edge with Trench eyeshadow using the 217.  Lightly highlight the edge of the brow bone with Verve eyeshadow with the 239.  Next, apply Deviant liner on the lower lash line, and then smudge with Jealousy Wakes. Coat lashes with They’re Real mascara to finish the look.

For cheeks, apply Sugarbomb on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #2 lipgloss mixed with Mambo lipgloss for a complementing lip.

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Duochromes + Jealousy Wakes Look

I was just playing around, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but some reader encouragement helped :) After seeing several readers mention Vex on yesterday’s post about Bare Escentual’s Urban Nature, I figured I’d try it. And then I just couldn’t help reaching for Jealousy Wakes…  The green tones of Urban Nature brought out the green in the shadow (rather than the slight bluish nature of it) — which is what I wanted, something that is so on the edge of green that it’ll integrate well with other shadows.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Urban Nature all over the lid and above the crease with the 242 to lay down your eyeshadow base.   Lightly press Vex eyeshadow onto the inner half of the lid with the 239.  Then apply Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid and into the crease with the 239.  Blend Vex eyeshadow by pulling lightly towards the outer lid with the 239.  Apply Vanilla eyeshadow on the brow bone to highlight and soften the edge of the crease.  Next, apply Gilded White liner on the lower waterline and #20 liner on the lower lash line, and then smudge with Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow.  Coat lashes with Film Noir mascara to finish the look.

For cheeks, apply Aurora on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #2 lipgloss for a complementing lip.

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