Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Chanel Sirocco Glossimer
Chanel Sirocco Glossimer

Chanel Sirocco Glossimer

Chanel Sirocco Glossimer ($29.50 for 0.19 oz.) might look like a soft peachy gold in the tube, but it’s virtually colorless on the lips. The base is mostly clear on my lips with a fine dusting of pale peach shimmer–it’s very subtle, barely-there shimmer. From afar, it looks like I’m wearing clear gloss or some shiny lip balm. The dupes are endless! Any gloss that has a tiny bit of shimmer but is otherwise clear will do.

Chanel’s signature gloss formula is supposed to deliver shimmer and “high-shine glow” with shades that range from “sheer and natural” to “sparkling and rich.” The formula is supposed to be both comfortable and long-wearing. Though it can be hard to make the distinction, there is a line between sheer and clear. If you want a comfortable, hydrating product that doesn’t have any color, I think you ought to opt for lip balm, which will do a better job at moisturizing your lips.  This is just too close to clear to be “sheer and natural” to me.  Maybe if there was more shimmer or even the slightest tint to the base color it would reach a level of sheer that makes sense.

I totally get the appeal of Glossimers; they can be really dazzling and sparkling, nearly breathtaking in the sunlight, but this lacks the shimmer that gives that effect.  I’m a fan of the formula, generally speaking, but some of the more recent releases have been disappointing.  Sirocco lasts about two and a half hours before the shine is gone, and since there really isn’t any color, the rest of it appears to be gone, too.  The texture is thin without being too thin, comfortable, non-sticky, and keeps lips feeling good while its on.

The Glossover



The lightweight, non-sticky, and comfortable texture is the gloss's saving grace [from an F rating]. While it feels lovely on, it's virtually colorless and has so little shimmer that it ends up looking like clear gloss or balm once applied.











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