Chanel Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder

Chanel Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder
Chanel Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder

Chanel Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder ($80.00 for 0.42 oz.) is described as an “elegant gold shade enhanced with pink highlights.” It’s a warm-toned, golden champagne with champagne sparkle; there’s a faint hint of pink that I spotted at a glance at the product in the pan, but against my warm complexion, I couldn’t see any effect from the coloring. Bobbi Brown 24 Karat is very similar in color and has a metallic sheen, too, just less sparkle. NARS Satellite of Love has a darker, tanner base color. bareMinerals Secret Radiance is a bit darker when swatched heavly, but on the skin, it really looks rather similar applied.

It had a much more sparkly finish than I expected based on the description and even from just looking at the texture of the product, which came off as very metallic but not that it would have larger sparkle in it. The texture is soft, almost cream-like, because it’s a very smooth, dense product.  Applied, it does yield a rather metallic sheen wherever it’s applied, even if it’s really worked into the skin.  The sparkles are somewhat there, but some get lost in the brush and blended away.  It somewhat emphasizes the skin’s natural texture along with pores; not the most emphasis I’ve come across but enough that’s noticeable.   I put this on straight away this morning, and it started to get a little patchy after seven hours of wear but there was still some left after eight hours.

I kind of wish Chanel hadn’t ran a free two-day shipping promo (because it’s what made me cave and hold out hope I could receive and turnaround a review before it sold out), because for $80, it was disappointing to see emphasis of pores/skin texture.  Brands like Chanel are famous for beautiful powders that reflect light in spectacular ways without emphasizing pores, so Mouche de Beaute was most definitely a miss.

Chanel Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder