Chanel Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo

Chanel Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo
Chanel Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo

Chanel Summer 2011: Khaki-Discret

Chanel Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo ($42.00 for 0.09 fl. oz.) is a new (and permanent!) combination of a really deep, dark forest green with subtle khaki brown undertones and gold and emerald green micro-shimmer paired with a much softer, lighter pastel green with yellow undertones. I found the darker shade to be beautifully pigmented–very rich and intense with little product required to achieve that result–while the lighter shade was sheerer. Lighter and softer shades will always look light, but they can still suffer from sheerness (which you can identify by how much skin you can see when the eyeshadow is swatched on top). The formula itself is very soft and smooth; easy to apply and effortless to blend out.

I found interesting how this duo compares to the Lilium palette–the green is warmer, rather than bluish, it is distinctly green and pulls yellow, while the lighter, pastel green is even lighter in the duo than in the quad. The darker green shades certainly differ enough that I wouldn’t say they’re really similar to each other, but the lighter shades do compare a lot more closely.

The $42 price tag is seemingly painful, but it is to be expected within the Chanel line–a single eyeshadow retails for $28.50, while the quads are the best bang for your buck at $57 (for four shades, of a total weight of 0.24 oz.). The average eyeshadow is 0.05 oz., so this duo is just under the expected size for two eyeshadows–except that Chanel’s single eyeshadows weigh in at 0.07 oz. Overall, the pricing is: $407/oz. for singles, $467/oz. for duos, and $238/oz. for quads. (MAC single eyeshadows are $290/oz. for a comparison against a mid-end brand.) Keep in mind, though, that while we all want more for our money, we have to think realistically whether we’ll actually use all of it!

Chanel Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo