Friday, February 8th, 2013

Burberry Gold Pearl Eyeshadow
Burberry Gold Pearl Eyeshadow

Burberry Gold Pearl Eyeshadow ($29.00 for 0.088 oz.) is a pale, yellowy beige with subtle gold sparkle. MAC Dazzlelight is frosted and lighter. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone #1 is a bit lighter and frosted. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning #1 is similar in color but metallic in finish. It’s kind of like Trench, Porcelain, and Gold Trench combined.

I didn’t love the texture; the base color was on the powdery side, while the sparkles didn’t quite bind with the base color, so they tended to flake or disappear during application and later on, during wear, I experienced fall out of the residual sparkles that did make it on the lid. Part of the “appeal” of a product like this is the sparkle/shimmer, so if you can’t actually see it on the lid, because it winds up trapped in the brush or underneath your eye, you’re really not getting the “pigment” you’d expect when seeing it in the pan.

The color can be easily used as a sheer wash or applied more heavily; that is one of the best features of Burberry’s eyeshadows is they are so soft, they can be done sheerly, but they’re so dense, that they can be applied with full coverage without having to layer or pack on the product. Because the sparkle isn’t jam-packed into the product, there isn’t a lot of fall out, but I felt like 90% of the sparkles wound up underneath my eye. The underlying base color wore well, though, and it was fully intact after nine hours of wear without any signs of fading or creasing (no primer).

The Glossover


Gold Pearl

Burberry usually is very consistent across their products, and their powder eyeshadows tend to have a phenomanlly silky-smooth, buttery texture, but this one fell short for me.











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