Bobbi Brown Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette

Bobbi Brown Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette
Bobbi Brown Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette

Bobbi Brown Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette ($45.00 for 0.12 oz.) contains four shades of Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Paints. They’re designed to not only wear for hours but are “densely pigmented” and “can be applied wet or dry” with a “lustrous, highly-reflective finish.”

It includes these shades: Tinsel (light silver), Silver (blue silver), Lava (black with silver pearl), and Blue Onyx (deep indigo blue)

  • Tinsel is a bright silver with silvery-white glitter and a metallic finish. It’s sheer both dry and wet, and it doesn’t come together smoothly even when applied wet–I had a lot of fall out with this shade. It’s a bit lighter than MAC Filament.
  • Silver is a dark silver-shimmered gray with subtle brow undertones and a bluish sheen. It has decent color payoff when applied dry but becomes opaque, deep, and smooth when applied damp. It reminded me of theBalm Muppetational, which is a bit lighter. MAC Tundra is also similar in both color and finish.
  • Lava is a matte black with silver sparkle and teal shimmer layered on top. It’s a better version of Bobbi Brown Onyx. It’s in the same vein as shades like MAC Black Tied and Lancome The New Black (which is the best of this type). When applied dry, the sparkle is less noticeable, and it appears as more of a black-brown with a dry, almost chalky look. When applied damp, it’s much more intense, more like a black, and the sparkle comes out more. I did experience some fall out with this shade.
  • Blue Onyx is a blackened blue with an indigo blue shimmer and sheen. It’s more of a satiny finish than metallic as described. This shade was very, very sheer when applied dry, and it doesn’t look all that blue either. When I dampened the product, it came out more vibrant and the blue came to the forefront. It reminded me of MAC Blue Storm. Givenchy Lune Mordoree is also similar but a touch purpler.

If you’re a fan of MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadows, you’ll probably like Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Paints, because they’re really similar. They have the feel, look, and wear of baked eyeshadows. If you use them dry, expect sheerer color payoff, while dampening the shade will greatly intensify the pigmentation and smooth out the texture. The colors are prone to fading during wear if you use them damp/wet during application; of course, they will always dry a little more muted than when they are initially applied wet since it does not stay perpetually wet, but it fades even more.

Tinsel had a ton of fall out; it was difficult to apply from the get-go because of the amount of excess that littered my under eye area, but I had continual fall out throughout the day because it just doesn’t bind together. You’d really need a sticky base to get it to adhere to minimize the fall out. I had similar issues with Lava but to a lesser degree; I didn’t have too much fall out during application, but I did find the silver sparkles transferred to parts unknown as the day wore on.

Bobbi Brown Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette