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Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick
Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick ($42.00 for 0.40 oz.) is described as “bright pink, golden pink, and icy pink pearl pigments.” It’s a cool-toned, rosy pink with a frosted, shimmer-sheen finish. Estee Lauder Tease is surprisingly similar, though it has a single color throughout; it is marginally more pink-hued, but the finish and effect on cheeks makes it hard to tell the difference. MAC Flower Fantasy is also similar in color but has less of a frosted finish. Bobbi Brown Wild Rose is warmer on me, less pink/lilac, and more beige/brown, but because both are on the subtler side regarding color, the sheen isn’t largely different–the resulting cool/warm undertone difference will be more visible if you have really warm or really cool undertones in your skin.

Though everything seemed to swatch well initially, this Shimmer Brick is more sheen than it is color. Other Shimmer Bricks deliver both a highlighting sheen as well as some color, but this one works primarily as a highlighter on medium and deeper complexions; on fairer skin tones, I think it may work as a subtle blusher, too. The texture of the Shimmer Brick is soft and smooth, but it is very frosted–even for a Shimmer Brick–and I did notice that my pores were emphasized when I applied this on my cheeks. It seemed sparkly¬†and frosty, so the sheen was not as smooth and reflective. ¬†¬†Lilac Rose lasted eight hours well on me, and by nine hours, there was some light fading along the edges.

The Glossover


Lilac Rose


It's not my favorite Shimmer Brick; I don't think it's as versatile as some of the other variations released (both past and present). The finish isn't as kind to the skin, which may or may not be a deal-breaker for you.











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