Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Cheek Glow

Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Cheek Glow
Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Cheek Glow

Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Cheek Glow

Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Cheek Glow ($39.00 for 0.31 oz.) is described simply as a “yellow gold.” It’s exactly that: a sheer, sparkling traditional gold, so it has warm, yellow undertones. Guerlain Terracotta Sun in the City has a comparable look but is a more opaque product. Chanel Empreinte de Chanel is more orange. MAC Sun Rush is slightly more orange. Chanel Shimmering Tweed is also similar.

According to Bobbi Brown, the Shimmer Cheek Glow is a gel and powder hybrid, and it’s supposed to give a “just back from vacation glow.” I think the brand should have done a better job describing this product, particularly the texture and the overall effect of the product. It’s very, very sparkly. It’s not really shimmer–the particles are larger than that, and the way it looks against the skin is more like Bobbi Brown’s Sparkle eyeshadows. This feels a little wetter, more gel-like compared to the Sparkle eyeshadows, but I felt like they were comparable. Also, something I noticed while photographing the compact was that the product had separated from the edges, and it will slide around. I’d describe it as shrinkage.

On the skin, I’m not sold. It’s too sheer and ends up giving a sprinkling of sparkles but doesn’t evenly highlight the area. I kept focusing on my cheeks and seeing the attention being drawn to my pores. This–to me–is that disco ball effect that some worry about with shimmery, frosted, and more metallic highlighters. It gives a certain look that does appeal, but I don’t think it’s something I’d reach for regularly; it’s a glistening, almost wet-like sparkle and metallic glow. I love that look on lips, but not so much on cheeks, because I think it emphasizes imperfections on the skin. The sparkle also travels while you wear it, so you may find sparkle on your nose, chin, or even in your mouth. It wore about four and a half hours on me before it seems to have disappeared or traveled elsewhere.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Cheek Glow Gold