Benefit Poutrageous Ultra Plush Lipgloss

Benefit Poutrageous Ultra Plush Lipgloss
Benefit Poutrageous Ultra Plush Lipgloss

Benefit Poutrageous Ultra Plush Lipgloss ($16.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “bright pink coral.” It’s a brightened, orange coral with a very subtle shimmer. On lips, it adds warmth and shine, but it’s a sheerer gloss so there’s little visible color, even on my less pigmented lips. Le Metier de Beaute Orange Juiced is similar when worn, though it has more shimmer. Bobbi Brown Citrus is very similar as well.  (Even with these two, both are sheer formulas, but you can see a greater difference in the actual color of my bare lips compared to my lips with the respective gloss on.)

Again, with a gloss this sheer, I think it’s important that it be clear that it is not the “bright pink coral” you see in the tube but a “sheer bright pink coral.” It’s definitely crossing the line between sheer and clear. Even as far as adding warmth goes, it’s rather subtle. Benefit should reconsider the way it describes the coverage of their new gloss range, because I can read it as a mix of sheer/less sheer, but they also make references to “drenching lips in luscious color … [f]rom crystal clear to hot pink.” To that end, I’m expecting sheer to semi-sheer coverage but not near clear with any of the shades except Icebreaker (which is clear). (The press release was actually more vague.)

The consistency is smooth, gel-like, and glides on easily.  It has a fair amount of slip, and it’s a comfortable gloss to wear.  The “color” of this goes on evenly and you can press your lips together and never worry about it creating lines.  It also doesn’t settle into lip lines.  The formula is lightly hydrating, but it wears away within an hour and a half.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Poutrageous