Thursday, May 1st, 2008

So Roselyn tagged me to share six quirky facts about myself, and here goes!

  • I love doing jigsaw puzzles, like insanely large ones. The largest I’ve ever done was 12,000 pieces, and it was of the New York City skyline pre-9/11. I actually have it framed in three chunks. Someday I’ll have a house where I have a wall long enough that I can hang it on!
  • You know logic puzzles? The ones where you have to figure out who did what and when they did it with what vehicle or something like that. I was so excited to take the LSAT just because you got to practice logic games, LOL.
  • I used to edit ten online magazines when I was age 13 to 18 (yes, seriously, ten!). They were “zines” that I distributed via email on AOL. I think the most subscribers I ever had for one individual magazine was around 5,000.
  • I graduated with 300 units from my undergraduate institution, where the minimum amount to graduate was 180, in three years. (Too bad my GPA wasn’t particularly outstanding, above a 3, but yeah — don’t rush through college!)
  • I’m terribly allergic to rodents (including guinea pigs, which I’ve always loved) and cats, and I’m even a bit allergic to dogs (!).
  • I hate law school with a passion!

Six quirky BEAUTY-related facts…

  • I hate the way upper lash liner looks and feels on me… I swear, it makes my lids feel so heavy and droopy.
  • I’m utterly confounded by the vast amount of ingredients in products, not to mention all of the products available.
  • Beauty blogging has opened up an entire realm of brands, products, and knowledge I never knew before.
  • I am addicted to chapstick, and I prefer all my lip balm to be in stick form.
  • I’ve put vaseline on my lips everyday night since I was five.
  • I am an utter dunce when it comes to applying false eyelashes! I either will get it done SUPER quick or it’ll take me an hour to get one side done.

I could tag other bloggers, but why can’t I just keep tagging… YOU! Share six quirky facts about you 😉 Oh, and if you like a challenge, share six quirky BEAUTY-related facts about yourself, too!

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113 thoughts on “Tag, You’re it…? Six Quirky Facts!

  1. Okay. This is just freaky. Just published my own Six Unimportant Facts Tagging Me” and then found your article through TwitterVision. This game is spreading pretty fast, no?

  2. Heather

    My Facts:
    1. I think nuts ruin all desserts!
    2. I can roll my tongue upside down and into 1, 2, and 3 curls.
    3. I can twirl my pen around my thumb forward and backward.
    4. I don’t like to travel… at all.
    5. You know those pictures that you have to stare “through” to see the picture, and it’s supposed to jump out at you in 3D? Well, I can’t do those. I’ve really tried, and I just can’t.
    6. I teach 7th and 8th graders because I really love kids that age, and I loved middle school when I was in it!

    Beauty Quirks…
    1. I sleep with my makeup on almost every night, and I’ve never had any problems with it.
    2. I don’t really use lip liner very often.
    3. I’m a hoarder and love collecting things – so I often buy makeup just to have as a part of my collection, but don’t intend on wearing much.
    4. I’m a total sucker for LE stuff.
    5. I don’t set money limits when I buy make-up. And if I like two things, I always get both. :-)
    6. I always carry at least 5-10 different lip glosses and lipsticks with me…just so I can have options hehe :-)

    • Nuts ruin all desserts?! OMG, I’m terrible at thsoe 3D things, too.

      Wow, you sleep with make on nearly every night? You are craz, girl! I’m glad it doesn’t break you out! Your skin is a tough sonofagun 😉

      As a teacher, do you wear fun makeup to school or do you keep it “professional”?

      • Heather

        I wear all kinds of fun and crazy make-up to school. The kids love it – I’ve even had some boys compliment me on how I “paint my eyes” hehe. Some girls take pictures of my eyes and collect the colors: “Oh Miss, you have green today! Lemme take a picture!” It’s fun :-)

        And yes, nuts ruin ALL desserts!

  3. Peri

    Six quirky facts about me:

    1) I hate Cilantro (Corriander in the U.K). Especially when it’s piled on top of food to garnish it. Why would you do that? Why?
    2) Whenever somebody I know passes away, I dream about it happening the night before and wake up totally freaked out. It happened just four days back actually…
    3) I’m allergic to anything small enough to get up my nasal passages…dust, pollen, powdery deodourant and especially Lilies!!
    4) I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. In the car, train, planes, standing up on the underground…just give me 5 minutes and I’m gone.
    5) I can never listen to a song all the way through on my iPod. I get bored a minute in and switch, and then go back to the previous song and do the same again!

    Six beauty quirks:

    1) No matter what colour, shade or tone of foundation I use, my face looks like Casper in photographs…and I’m Indian (NC35)!! Even if I wear a darker shade with no SPF and no reflective base etc, I still come out white as a sheet!
    2) I have trillions of lipsticks & lipglosses and all the expensive ones, like Dior, YSL etc are the ones that don’t really suit me much. The cheapo ones I have however that cost me a couple of bucks are the ones I used for my graduation, engagement and will probably also wear on my wedding day!
    3) I still haven’t found the perfect styling product for my curly/wavy hair…so I just don’t wash out my conditioner and it makes my curls look great!
    4) Right now I have 4 different mascaras in my bag…none of which I have used in months! They just have to be there….
    5) I knew I had SERIOUS make up obsession issues when I was en route to see my b/f after he had a car accident (it wasn’t serious,he was just freaked out but not hurt at all) and I stopped off at MAC to buy a lipstick…I was repulsed at myself and swear I am not selfish…I really think it was retail therapy!!!

    • Hey Peri!

      You know, I hate it when they garnish food with it, too — I don’t mind the taste when it’s already mixed in or whatever, but I don’t like the texture of it when it’s all by itself. Don’t allergies suck? Grr. When spring started bloomin’, I thought I was giong to die!! I admire your sleeping abilities 😉

      Do you have a bad photographer!?! LOL. Maybe it’s not you, it’s the camera/flash they’re using!

      Oh wow, four mascaras?! Which ones are they?

      • Peri

        Hey Christine!

        The four mascaras are MAC Plushlash, L’Oreal Telescopic, Bourjois Extreme Clubbing and Sephora Curling Mascara which was a total waste of money!!!

        I do love Plushlash and also Telescopic because of the teeny tiny comb but I think I’ll be going for Diorshow on my wedding day for it’s waterproof and non-flaking qualities – what do you think??


    • Heather

      I hate cilantro too! I can fall asleep almost anywhere too! Very cool facts! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Cristine,

    My Facts:
    1:Im a deep ocean swimmer, for hours and hours.
    2:I have a flawless skin,that everyone die for(even being an eastern girl).
    3:I can twirl my self on skates since i was five.
    4:I luv luv luv travelling.It cud be any travelling.
    5:I have done bungy jumping for like 100 ft above,and i luv it.
    6:Im a complete shopoholic.

    Beauty Quirks:
    1:I luv luv false lashes like really huge ones and even feathers of birds and even peacocks.
    2:I never sleep with makeup on my pretty face.
    3:I have about 90 colours of lipsticks all in fridge.
    4:I never never in my life go out with a eye liner.
    5:I even never slept without combing my body.
    6:One day i want my eye lashes to grow like weeds(LOL)like false lashes.Ahhh my dream!


    • Oops i mean i never step outta home without eyeliner :)hehe

    • Wanda

      Hello Zainy! I was just curious what do u mean #5 “I never go to sleepp w/out combing my body”?….just wondering! :)

    • Happy weekend, Zainy!

      Is the ocean warm by you? I could never imagine swimming much here in California, the ocean is far too cold! Maybe in Hawaii 😉

      I adore looking at crazy false lashes, too! Wow, do you have a fridge just for your beauty products?! What do your living mates say about it? “Are these to eat?!”

      • zzainy

        Lol Cristine,no no not to eat.My fridge is pretty huuuge,And i have 2 shelves for my beauty products.So its enough i guess,actually it wont go sticky if i restore in fridge,and those lipsticks r years back,im holding.

        Yes ocean is quite warm by me and in Dubai too,actually i use to swim in oceans wen i was 7 quite young i know,but hobby has nothing to do with age!


    • Saira

      IN YOUR fridge? wow :)

  5. Sanayhs

    1. I’m allergic to a bunch of things, but, most peculiar of them all is a steroid called pulmicort. On its own, pulmicort has the opposite of the desired effect and makes me stop breathing. However, when combined with other things in a drug called symbicort, it helps my breathing immensely! (I’m rather asthmatic, by the way).

    2. My hair has been pretty much every colour you can think of, at least in streaks, if not full head. Exceptions: yellow or gray/silver/platinum.

    3. My room can be a total mess, but I’m absolutely fanatical about having collections (dvd, books, cds, makeup, etc) organized. Makeup is divided into categories and other things are alphabetized. I alphabetize because then I know other people can figure out the system, too, and put things back properly. 😀

    4. I can rarely find women’s sneakers to fit my feet, so I’ve been buying men’s sneakers for years. The plus? They’re a better made product and last longer!

    5. I used to be such a fiend for cheese that people would give me large blocks of cheese as presents. I’ve settled down some on that front.

    6. My room is my cave. The only other person permitted entrance other than myself is my boyfriend. I get very upset if people go in without explicit permission – I feel invaded then.

    Round two!

    1. I pretty much never curl my lashes. They’re long and I’m quite content with how they frame my eyes as is. They are also rather bad at holding any added curl. 😀

    2. Eyelash curlers remind me of torture tools.

    3. I very, very rarely use pencil eyeliners – I just don’t find I get enough precision (I’m all about the fluidline with a brush). I also almost never use anything on my waterline.

    4. I can’t deal with navy mascara. It reminds me of my mother’s spidery lashes. No thanks.

    5. For years and years I never bothered with makeup because I had only tried drugstore and found it useless – there was no real colour payoff and it just came off anyway, so why bother?

    6. My friends make fun of me for my makeup addiction, but admit that mine is healthier/takes up less space than theirs, and whenever they have a makeup/beauty question they come to me!

    • Morning, Sanayhs 😀 How do you pronounce your name, btw? You don’t even want to know how I’m pronouncing it in my head, LOL.

      I used to buy mens sneakers, too, but only because I liked the style better! I hate sneakers for the most part, though. I have some white and pink Nike Shocks, and that’s about it. I know what you mean about your room! When I had to share a dorm with another person, I was sooo creeped out when someone would sit on my bed or something. I was like umm, invaded!

      What’s your brush of choice with fluidline? And lol@the navy mascara. How funny!

      • Sanayhs

        suh-NAY-iss. :) I hear a lot of pronunciations of it, it’s always fun. My last name is pretty straight forward, but people mess that up, too. They often try to make it more French than it is. Hey, doesn’t bother me, I just sit back and giggle.

        I generally use the 208 with fluidline. Occasionally I’ll break out the 266 or the 210, but I usually stick to my 208.

        I wear sneakers to work, or occasionally some fun printed canvas vans for on the run. I have a pair with swirls and skulls and whatnot on them, and they amuse me.

        I had a roommate in my dorm room for about a month. I was delighted when she moved to a single room and no one else moved in with me. 😀

    • Charlotte

      3. My room can be a total mess, but I’m absolutely fanatical about having collections (dvd, books, cds, makeup, etc) organized. Makeup is divided into categories and other things are alphabetized. I alphabetize because then I know other people can figure out the system, too, and put things back properly. 😀

      I am the exact same way!!!

  6. 6 Facts about me:
    1. I don’t really like chocolate EXCEPT for white chocolate (strange, I know)
    2. My favorite comfort food is jalapeno flavored potato chips…I can scarf down a whole bag, yikes!
    3. I find it hard to sleep without my cat sleeping right next to me, kinda like my security blanket, and hello, I am 35!
    4. I can listen to the same song over and over and not get tired of it.
    5. I am a total “Law and Order” show junkie, and love all of their variations…
    6. I HATE clowns! They totally freak me out!

    6 Beauty Quirks:
    1. I always have the same “get ready” routine every morning, shower, cleanse face, brush teeth, do hair, do make up, get dressed. If I change it, I am off track ALL day!
    2. I always put on Carmex lip balm before I go to sleep at night…I think I am addicted!
    3. I use Milk of Magnesia as my face primer…helps with oil control.
    4. I ALWAYS curl my lashes. I have typical asian lashes, sparse and straight!
    5.I only wash my hair every other day, otherwise it will dry my hair out, plus that means every other day I can sleep in a little longer, lol
    6. I always use a lip liner, even with gloss!

    • traca

      shutup…milk of magnesia..i have a terribly oily t-zone. do you think it will help?

      • I have told everyone about it! I just use it on my T-zone, and it helps my mineral foundation powder go on soooo smooth! Plus, it helps fight oil ALL day. Just be sure to get the “unscented” version. Also, look at the ingredients and make sure to get the kind with water NOT oil. I just get the store brand and pour some in a smaller container…Oh, and don’t use too much or you will get a chalky residue, if that happens, you can just buff it off…good luck!

    • Hey Tammy! I am ALL about Law & Order: Criminal Intent 😉 I love Goren!! I used to like SVU, too. I can do the song thing, too – depends on the song, though!

      OMG, the routine, I know, right? I have to do things in a certain order otherwise I’ll totally space and forget and be upset that I missed a crucial step all day.

    • claudia m.

      Facts about you:1, 2, and 5 me too all the way!!!
      Beauty quirks:1, 2, 4 (no longer), 5, 6 too!!!I think I’m your long lost twin

  7. Raven

    1) Owner of a small cute boutique
    2) I teach tribal fusion belly dance
    3) I design and make tribal fusion attire and accesssories, including pieces of jewelery
    4) I have 4 cats and love, love, love each and every one of them
    5) I have retired from public performance
    6) I am director and manager of Troupe Raven’s Fire

    Beauty Quirks:
    1) I wear full on makeup only on the weekends and on special occasions (when I do, I get so many compliments; thank you Temptalia!).
    2) When I remember, I will leave the house with lipstick and that is not very often ;(
    3) After my shower in the morning, I apply body butter and of course face moisturizer.
    4) I use a small amount of hydrocortizone cream on the dry patches on my face.
    5) To remove my eye makeup, I use jojoba oil on cotton squares. it removes my mascara and fluidline easily.
    6) I can’t stand long hair, my hair is very thick and heavy. When it was long I had never ending headaches; I kept Tylenol in total profit. My hair is now so short, about a quarter inch long (if that). It is wash and wear / no fuss, no muss. I LOVE it!!!

    • Ohh, what kind of boutique do you own, Raven? Is it tribal fusion related? :)

      LOL, my hair is really thick and heavy, too, though I love long hair so I could never cut it short! I don’t have the guts or the heart. But I do envy your no muss no fuss hair!

  8. traca

    6 Facts about me:
    1. I am scared to death of heights. i think thats why God only made me 5’3″
    2. I have a bad habit of conquering things and losing interests. If its a challenge, I’m all for it, but once i win, I’m done….forever.
    3. I’m allergic to deoderants and soaps. I still have to use them, of course. Soaps are the worst allergy i have. Just about everything breaks me out and stings.
    4. I wish i had waited later to become a mother, I was 19.
    5. My eye twitches (sp) when i get angry.
    6. I look better with short hair, but grow long hair because ppl look at is more feminine

    6 Beauty Quirks:
    1. I have over 125 eyeshadows, and I’m still shopping.
    2. I wash my hair every other day, not typical for african american women.
    3. I’m a lip gloss addict
    4. I use bodywash during my last lather in every shower.
    5. I’ve used cocoa butter everyday for the last 12 years.
    6. The older i get the more makeup I wear…3 years ago it was just lipgloss and penciling in my brows…now im a junkie.

    • I lose interest pretty quick, too, Traca! Wow, I’m surprised you haven’t been able to find one that works for you and doesn’t cause you allergies :(

      Do you have long or short hair? I have heard some of the trials and tribulations of maintaining African American hair!

    • I am the SAME way about conquering things and then losing interest! I always say it’s the Virgo in me. It’s so bad that my hubby asks me what my challenge is THIS week! lol

  9. Tracy

    6 Facts:
    -I won the county spelling bee in 2nd & 3rd grade.
    -I’m a crossword puzzle addict!
    -I’m really good at memorizing any kind of number sequences (dont know why). Phone numbers, account numbers, CC#’s, you name it. I even memorized the VIN on my
    -Started reading at 3 years old, read Charlotte’s Web entirely by myself when I was 4 and 1/2. :)
    -I’m a really good singer, but have horrible stage fright so I’ve never sung in front of others (except family).
    -I HATE cheesecake. Everyone thinks im crazy, but it’s freakin

    6 Beauty facts:
    -I wash my face with a paste of powdered whole milk and distilled water. My skin loves it!
    -I have never purchased a MAC product, but today I have to go pick up Illegal Cargo e/s because I’ve been searching for my perfect purpley-mauve color and that is so IT!
    -Occasionally I will use V8 as a toner/mask. Yes, vegetable juice. Look at the ingredients, and all those veggies are good for your skin! (esp. tomatoes)
    -I have enough product samples to last me several months without having to buy anything. I always hit the sample jackpot.. lol
    -The bathroom is my favorite room in the house. I can sit in there for hours doing skin and hair treatments and playing with makeup. Much to my boyfriend’s discontent. lol
    -I can’t stand fake nails, hair (extensions), eyelashes.. never used them. It’s cheating! =P I appreciate natural beauty.

  10. Nell

    1. I am mortally afraid of dogs, I cross the street even at the sight of a chihuahua!

    2. My poor baby son has to fall asleep to the sound of his mom performing a medley of musical highlights and Arias from Bach oratories.

    3. I never know where right and left is (comes in handy when driving!)

    4. I am really good at ballroom dancing (competed in tournaments when I was younger).

    5. I see red when my husband questions my driving skills (see 3.).

    6. I need my phone to be fully charged at all times.

    Beauty Quirks:
    1. I can tolerate mess everywhere, but my vanity table is precision-arranged and must not be touched by anyone!!!
    2. I wear lipgloss at all times, even at night to sleep (albeit a clear one).
    3. I´m regularly sucked into buying LE items, even if I know I will never wear it.
    4. I need my hair to stay the same throughout the day, so I always wear it up.
    5. I dream about MAC, especially before new launches.
    6. I´m not very disciplined, except with make up and skincare, I´m almost obsessive-compulsive about that.

    • Hey Nell!

      OMG, really? But they are so cute! Is there any background to that fear? I’m uncomfortable around strange dogs, especially large ones, though, but now that I have a large pup, no longer!

      LOL, I hate when my boyfriend says anything about my driving, too. 😉

      I love how we can be soo anal about our makeup vanities! What’s your favorite MAC dream?

      • Nell

        I was bitten by a rabid dog when I was 5 years old. Had a phobia ever since. But I can appreciate a dogs cuteness, though that is much easier from afar 😉
        Give my regards to Mellan!

        My favorite MAC dream is being in a Pro store all alone over night, playing with everything! But it would be even better together with you, I´d learn so much!

  11. michelle

    • I dont like things that tingle on my body. Especially my lips. No tingle lip stuff. No rosemary mint shampoo. Drives me crazy.
    • My body must be 100% dry before I get dressed.
    • I can pick up things with my toes. And pinch with them- really really hard.
    • I dont remember ppl’s name.
    • I dont like too many ppl to stand to stand over me while I’m sitting. I feel trapped.
    • U try to be happy. I try to find the silver lining. I like to be around happy ppl.
    • I drink an embarrasing amount of diet coke!!
    Beauty stuff.
    • I’m 34 & only really been a makeup addict for 3 months.
    • The more eyeshadow, the less eyeliner.
    • I love my skin. And foundation.
    • I love to try new face lotion/ cream / serum etc.

    • Hey Michelle! I hate tingling on my lips, especially DuWop Lip Venom tingling!!

      LOL, how much diet coke do you drink in a day?

      I LOVE when I meet readers who are new addicts :) The beginning of the addiction is so much fun!

      • michelle

        I by a 12 pack every other day for home. That doesnt count for work. But really, prolly a six pack a day. Its kinda embarrasing. But I make myself drink I big water-32 ounce- every day.
        And I’m having so much fun with the makeup thing. Total mac addict for eyeshadow. But not for foundation and concealor. Although, I put my base on like u showed in your “dewy” tutorial- 182 brush. Love it.

        • WOW! I am impressed, lol. I don’t think I can even get that much liquid in me. Soda makes my nose feel funny so I neverr drink it.

          I’m glad you love the foundation technique I use!

    • Terry

      Just curious…

      What does this mean? I can pick up things with my toes. And pinch with them- really really hard.

      I don’t remember peoples names either!

  12. Tanya

    ok six quirky facts about me –
    – I spent the first two years of my life living on an island off the coast of Spain :)
    – As a child I spoke Danish, Spanish and English all at once and together.
    – I was once featured in a mens magazine, four full pages and I was fully dressed in all the pictures.
    – I bought my first home at age 22 (all on my own with my own savings)
    – I was a total klepto teenage shoplifter, one day slealing over 10,000$ worth of items (yes I am ashamed now).
    – I failed my drivers test 5 times before passing, I failed the written test 4 times before passing.

    6 Quirky beauty facts about me –
    – I only wash my hair once or twice weekly.
    – I hate to shower, I would much rather take a bath.
    – I use to dye my “rug” to match the “drapes”
    – I can’t pass a mirror without checking myself out.
    – I am totally clueless when it comes to applying false lashes :(
    – I use to bite my toe nails (yes totally nasty funky)

    hehehehe its really fun to read all the quirky fact about everyone on the board :)

    • Tracy

      Which island, was it the canaries? My b/f was born and raised there. :) Las Palmas. It is so gorgeous there, I went a couple years ago.

    • How did you like island life, Tanya? I’d love to see some of your model shots 😉

      Oh, I am so happy to know I am not the only one clueless about falsies!! I hate washing my hair, it’s so time consuming, lol!

      • Tanya

        It was the Island of Mallorca :) and OMG it was so beautiful…we bought a house there and would vacation over the years!! My parents still have friends who live there and the people who bought our house still live there and we have an open ended invite to stay there if we visit :) I had white blond hair at the time and all the Mommas of the locals would try to convince my mom to let their son marry me when I got old enough :) LOL

      • Peri

        My god, I hate washing my hair too! And the drying afterwards…I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!!!

  13. Tonee

    Six facts:

    1. I like making desserts – and complicated ones too. I have never made a salad in my life but can make profiteroles and Death by Chocolate trifle without looking at the recipes.

    2. I am allergic to sunlight

    3. I love playing scrabble/scrabulous – sometimes I stay up way past midnight just to play a series of games. I am that addicted.

    4. I adopt many, many stray animals and end up keeping them instead of finding them new homes

    5. I don’t stop reading a book once I start. Even if it’s 700+ pages long!

    6. I love Stargate SG-1 (especially Seasons 1-8 which featured Richard Dean Anderson, heh heh) and watch it on DVD whenever I get the chance.

    Six beauty related facts:

    1. I love black eyeliner – a LOT. I use it every day and feel rather “naked” without it!

    2. I own more shades of red lipstick than any other color and wear them almost every day.

    3. I don’t use more than three eye shadows when applying make up.

    4. I have used henna since I was a teenager. I expect I’ll have flaming orange hair when I hit my 50’s….

    5. I like using natural, organic beauty products (eg. rose water, rose hip oil, tea tree oil)

    6. I can get away with skipping mascara – which is great because it’s something I forget to do most of the time!

    • Morning, Tonee! :)

      Can you cook food, too, or are you just desserts? I’m okay with that, because you can bake me a dessert any time! How many animals do you have now?

      I’m so amazed by your ability to use three shadows or less! That sounds like a nightmare to me, lol!

      I just picked up avocado oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil! I don’t know what to do with them for the most part, but at least I managed to get them without spending a fortune!

      • Tonee

        Yes, I can cook too but only if I really have to. Desserts are my favorite :)

        I now have five cats (one died in February and I found two abandoned kittens in March) and two dogs.

        Jojoba oil is really good for removing make up and moisturizing dry skin. Tea tree oil works really well on spots and reduces the dark spots left by acne.

  14. Lara

    Yes, law school sucks. Just wait until you have to take the bar, it is even worse. Luckily there is solace in makeup!

  15. Romy

    Hi, I am pretty new to your website but I’m already addicted. Here are some facts about me:
    1) I’m currently studying for my LSAT and I HATE the logic games, though I love the logical reasoning questions. The logic games questions take me like 10 minutes for each question, and I usually get them wrong anyways.
    2) I am scared of anime (yes, Japanese animation). Something about it just freaks me out.
    3) I have a wicked sweet tooth.
    4) I collect coffee table books. Mostly they are about beauty (I have 3 more being shipped to me), but I have some on fashion, lots on art, cooking styles, and jewellery.
    5) Movies are a big passion of mine, I like all genres. I almost always have seen all the movies nominated for Oscars. One of my favourite places is a little independent theatre in my city that can get some of the weirdest and most interesting films.
    6) I get the hiccups really bad when I laugh too hard. Then the people around me laugh when I hiccup, then I laugh more, then I hiccup more…..It’s a vicious cycle

    Beauty Facts:
    1) I like strong, well groomed eyebrows on women. I think it makes me (and other women in general) look important and decisive.
    2) I use “bag balm” on my lips every morning. The tin it comes in is probably at least 30 years old. It is actually made to sooth chapped cow’s utters. Yes, cow’s utters!
    3) For years I searched for a mascara that wouldn’t give me “racoon eyes” after a few hours. I’d almost given up hope until I found Kiss Me Mascara by Blinc. It actually makes little tubes around you’re eyelashes and it will last all day and night.
    4) When I’m bored in meetings at work, I will give the other women in the room makeovers in my head. It’s in a nice way though; I’ll think “wouldn’t she look great with some blush and coloured gloss”.
    5) The best beauty decision I ever made was to start using oil-free foundation; my breakouts reduced greatly.
    6) I have worn bangs (sometimes blunt, sometimes long) for years, and get a lot of compliments on them. For years magazines have said that bangs are the new trend for the season.

    • Peri

      Oh wow I do mental makeovers too – they’re great fun!

      Which oil free foundation do you recommend?

    • Hey Romy!

      Good luck on the LSAT!! Aww, it’s too bad logic games aren’t your thing. I’m sure you’ll get it so you figure it out in a snap!

  16. Jennifer

    6 Quirky facts about me:
    1. I am a classically trained singer . I wanted to be an opera singer when I was younger, I sang leads in all the high school musicals and my church choir, but nerves got the better of me. I still adore opera.
    2. I’m a perpetual student. First I studied music, then I became an aesthetician and MA, now at 34 I’m back at school again to do my B.A.
    3. I get told I look like Reese Witherspoon on a regular basis, especially at drive-thrus!
    4. My 2 cats are like my children. I nicknamed them Prozac and Paxil b/c they are natural antidepressents. If a guy has allergies, take an antihistamine, they were here first.
    5. I’m a neat freak and obsessed with organizing things. Everything has to be symmetrical and match. Give me a labeller and I’m in my glory.
    6. I cry like a baby when an animal dies/gets hurt in a movie but not when a person does. (Oh, and I hate Ketchup!)

    Beauty-related quirks:
    1. I pick my mascara off when I’m tired.
    2. I have to use the appropriate brush for a product and use the product on the area it is intended for. I can’t use blush as eyeshadow or hand cream on my feet. I just can’t. I’m a marketing execs dream.
    3. I have mastered the art of the perfect porcelain complexion, b/c I’m always complimented on my fair skin and no one thinks I’m wearing foundation (ha ha).
    4. I match my makeup to my clothes.
    5. I am a girlie-girl and I love pink and purple. I will do an entire face of barbie-doll pink and I don’t care if I look like a piece of candy.
    6. I always have to match my lotion to my perfume.

  17. Sandy

    I had fun reading everybody’s facts. My turn:

    6 Quirky facts about me:
    1. I get heat rashes all the time when it’s hot out. It means my body and neck break out and get all itchy…it usually lasts about an hour but it’s totally annoying!
    2. I don’t even own one pair of flat shoes eventhough I’m tall (5’7″)! I think they make me look like a duck when I walk.
    3. I’m scared of all animals except for dogs and cats!
    4. I am told that I’m a sweet girl by everyone but for some reason most the men in my office are scared of me (I work in engineering).
    5. I’m addicted to anything about dance (dance shows, dance classes…)
    6. I’m the only person with a middle eastern background I know who cannot stand lamb 😐

    Beauty-related quirks:
    1. I have never worn falsies
    2. I don’t wear body lotion post shower *gasps*
    3. It usually takes me so long to do my MU that i hardly ever do my hair 😐
    4. Nobody has ever seen me without nail polish, I feel naked without it
    5. I don’t own a single lipliner
    6. I use baby powder on my hair the mornings I’m too lazy to shower…it works great!

    • Hey Sandy!

      Wow, heat rashes? That’s terrible, and talk about an annoyance!!

      Do you have light colored hair? I can’t imagine baby powder working on me as a dark brunette!

  18. Brittany

    Six Quirky Facts:
    1. I am completely obsessed with cats, there are so many cat stuffed animals on my bed that I can barely fit in it.
    2. I get hiccups all the time, and many times when I walk into my dorm room, just out of the blue.
    3. I am one of the most stubborn people when it comes to taking medicine, I refuse to take liquid because of the taste (same goes for chewables), I can’t take pills that are bigger than a pea or else I choke, and I freak out if I’m getting eyedrops, and end up getting more on my face than in my eye.
    4. I tend to make up very strange nicknames for my cats, for example, my cat named Jazz I call Ooshy, and I used to call him Weesy.
    5. I name every stuffed animal that I get. (I probably have well over 300…all cats)
    6. I always need my boyfriend’s help when I’m using my debit card, just so I know I’m pressing the right things

    Beauty Quirks:
    1. My eyelashes will not hold a curl, no matter how much I use an eyelash curler.
    2. I still haven’t found a mascara that I’m in love with.
    3. The only reason I wear foundation (if I wear it) is to cover my freckles, which my boyfriend hates cuz he thinks freckles are cute.
    4. All that makeup I have is what was my mom’s, that I got because she passed away.
    5. I fail at liquid liner, I make the upper lash line to thick or not straight, and if I try it on the lower lash line, I get it in my eye.
    6. I usually only do my makeup on Friday and Saturday (or if I have something important) because I’m too lazy other days, and like to give my eyes a rest.

    • LOL! I used to be obsessed with Disney stuffed animals 😀 I have a ton, and I really don’t have a clue about what I’m going to do with them!

      I need a big house so I can have a beauty room/all my hobby junk room.

  19. Erin

    My facts:

    1. If I had the option, I could drink Virgin Pina Coladas!!!!
    2. I am TERRIFIED of flying. I hate it with a passion, lol. That is when I do the most praying.
    3. On water, I can float on my back but not on my stomach.
    4. I can watch the Twlight Zone show all day long. I love it!!!
    5. I have keloided skin so no more piercings, no tattoos and I have to be careful that I don’t cut and burn myself. :(
    6. I hate school…….PERIOD!!!

    Beauty facts:
    1. I used to be allergic to all lip products, even Carmex. But now I can wear all MAC lip products.
    2. Sometimes I dont need lotion, my soap does the moisturizing.
    3. I used to not like to wear makeup. It was more of a fear really. But now I am such an addict that its consuming my bank account.
    4. I really LOVE eyeshadows. I love em so much!!!!! I have almost 200 shadows and I dont think I have enough, LOL.
    5. While I’m out, I look at people’s eye shapes and imagine what eyeshadow colors would look nice and where the placement would be. (Weird, I know!)
    6. I love earthy and herbal scents.

  20. Charlotte

    -I don’t know to swim, skate, or drive.
    -I am terrified of all amusement park/carnival rides.
    -I don’t like having guests. I also can’t stand anyone else being in my room.
    -I loathe and despise camping! I just don’t understand the appeal.
    -I love luxury stockings! I have over 100 pairs all in great condition in their original packaging. My mother-in-law started the obsession. She’s one classy lady. Most of my stockings have never been worn. I have a few pairs I’ve paid 50-80 Euro for; I’m saving them for VERY special occasions.
    -I haven’t spoken Spanish since I was child, yet I speak French with a rather thick (Mexican) Spanish accent. However, this accent is not present when I speak German.

    Beauty Quirks:
    -I don’t use styling tools or products ever, including blow dryers, hair spray, and hair dye. A brush is all I need (and shampoo/conditioner of course!).
    -I don’t go to salons or spas because I hate being touched by strangers. I do an awesome job on my own nails! I’ve been wearing the same polish for 10 days with no chipping 😀
    -I clean the makeup off my face in the evening, but wait until the very last minute before I go to bed to remove my eye makeup. It’s just so pretty; I hate ruining it!
    -I will pay ridiculous prices for long discontinued items I really want, yet refuse to buy MAC in Europe, because it’s too expensive.
    -I buy lots of coral makeup because I love the color, even though I kind of hate how it looks on me (eyeshadow in particular).
    -I only swap makeup if I have multiples of the same item. I am quite determined to make every shade work for me somehow!

    • Wow! Do you plan to ever learn how to swim, skate, or drive?

      I never used to use styling tools either, but I’ve since adopted the blow dryer, lol. Only because of the T3.

      • Charlotte

        I have terribly weak ankles so skating is really out of the question. I tried to learn how to swim in 5th grade but failed the most basic class (for really little kids). I know, how horribly embarrassing. I never intended to learn how to drive, but now that I’m moving to the US I’ll probably have to. My boyfriend doesn’t know how to swim or drive either. Very unusual things to have in common!

  21. Meesh

    6 quirky things about me:
    – Nursing school turned me into a health conscious germaphobe. That and I’m always on top of well-health checkups. It drives my fiance crazy, I get fussy when we eat out…and now he knows better than to just touch my face without washing his hands!
    – I don’t have a favorite color. I think I like every single color that probably exists, and THIS is why I’m having such an issue with picking a motif for my wedding.
    – I get weak for hazelnut/chocolate ANYTHING.
    – I don’t know how many pairs of jeans I own anymore, but I do know that I spend way too much on them.
    – I get grossed out by feet, probably because I work in the health care field. I try to take care of mine real well, and I don’t even like mine! The only feet I am not grossed out by are my fiance’s (the nicest, softest feet I’ve ever seen, probably why I am marrying him)…and of course, babies.
    – I always have something to read in my bag. A magazine, nursing literature, a book for leisure, or an NCLEX-RN book…I have to have something to read in case I get a free hour or two in my schedule at work or if I’m out and about.

    6 beauty-related quirks:
    – I’ve tried homemade beauty treatments (egg whites wash for brighter skin, aspirin honey masks, olive oil hair treatments) and I end up liking them, but they become way too time-consuming for me.
    – I’ve procured a large amount of “skin-whitening” products from Asia, compliments of my mom. I’ve got a light olive complexion, but the products helped make my pores smaller and they also give me little extra glow.
    – In 1995, I discovered MAC for the first time (I was 15) and from that point I told myself that one day I’d own all those eyeshadows. Well, I managed to collect way BEYOND what I initially told myself, and when I discovered the PRO line…well let’s just say my collection has always been “out of control”.
    – Other than MAC, I’m addicted to Creme de La Mer products as well. I think if you’re over 25 and you haven’t tried one of their products at least once, you should stop by a counter and ask for samples.
    – I do my own nails, too! I find my own manicuring and pedicuring therapeutic, and for me it’s a relief to know that I’m using my own tools. I love when people ask me where I got my nails done at LOL.
    – The papaya is my wonderfruit. I have to have it a couple times a week. Does wonders for my skin, and makes me feel good LOL. Supposedly there are anti-aging benefits but heck, I just love having it for breakfast!

  22. Janis

    6 Quirky Facts About Me:

    1. I’m a total videogame geek and am extremely comptetitive with it too–I beat out 20 guys in Need For Speed in a time lapse race and won a television set!! I also was an editor of a videogame magazine (that’s how obssessed I am hehe)
    2. I have a twin sister who I love so much but I feel sad coz she lives overseas!
    3. I love reading especially classical novels. I find it therapeutic to just hangout and browse in a bookstore.
    4. I have 6 tattoos.
    5. I graduated college with a degree in Philosophy.
    6. And last but not least, I just became a mother to the cutest little boy in the whole world hehe.

    6 Quirky Beauty-Related Facts:

    1. I am always lazy to do my hair–I can have the most gorgeous make-up looks but have the crappiest hair lol.
    2. I hate having massages because instead of getting relaxed, I become more tense and irritable.
    3. I don’t really like having long nails like some people do…I always like them short.
    4. I am obssessed with teeth-whitening products.
    5. I still haven’t found a good shade for contouring my face…most products look orange on me.
    6. Oh, I think I’m becoming a make-up hoarder too!!

  23. jess

    I didn’t know you were a LS student too! Hurrah!

  24. Ashley H

    6 Quirky Facts About Me:

    1. I live in Delaware, a small, boring, and crowded state. My parents live in Florida. I have no idea why i chose to live here instead!
    2. I’ve been going to community college for two years, but still have no clue what I want to do or get a degree in.
    3. I am honestly addicted to shopping, it’s therapy to me. I def. enjoy shopping much more than I ever enjoy whatever it is that I buy. Usually I won’t even like a shirt anymore after only wearing it once. It’s impossible for me to save $$!
    4. I’m a beach bum ! I love love the beach, I can stay in the ocean for hours, and lay on the beach from 9 a.m to 5. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do.
    5. I have horrible road rage. I’m a very friendly and calm person when I’m not behind the wheel, but I have NO patience for bad drivers. If you don’t use a turn signal, cut me off, drive really slow, or just drive like an a-hole than I flip out. It’s bad.
    6. I have never gone to a hair salon and been happy with my cut or color. Stylists neverrrr highlight my hair the way I describe the way I want it. I have brown hair and it alwayyys looks coppery and i tell them bright blonde ! ahh..someday, someday =[

    6 Quirky Beauty-Related Facts:

    1. It takes me about a half hour to do my makeup.
    2. It took me years to be able to master a smokey eye ! lol i always make the outer crease look goofy!
    3. I cannot grow my natural nails, I always bite them or clip them, so I’ve had fake nails for about 3 years now.
    4. I can’t leave the house without wearing at least mascara, powder and lipgloss. I havn’t in about 6 years.
    5. I have a strange habit of pulling/tugging at my eyebrow hairs! I always pull out little hairs that need to be plucked and I can’t keep my hands off of them when I’m bored. Bad,bad habit.
    6. I bring all of the makeup that I wear for the day in my purse. Even if i only touch up my lipgloss throughout the day, I bring EVERYTHING with me. It takes up so much space and I have no idea why I do it lol

    • Hey Ashley!

      LOL, do you have any family in Delaware?

      Wow, you have dedication, in six years you haven’t left totally bare?!

  25. claudia m.

    This is so much fun, I liked learning about my fellow junkies!!!!
    6 quirky facts about me:
    1. Quirky is what I get called most often, my best friend describes me as a “prissy tomboy” (it’s so hard to pick only 6 facts!!!)
    2. I read everything and anything. If a book sucks, I have to finish it anyway. Kind of related: bad grammar kills me, one of the reasons why I hate the internet.
    3. I’m not ocd, but I’m very meticulous and I have my daily routines about pretty much everything. Even my paperclips are in order by size and color. I do have add, though.
    4. I’ve been an avid photographer since I was a little girl, but refuse to do it for money.
    5. I love water, pools, lakes, laying on the beach. Waves terrify me.
    6. I’ve been married for 3 years and I still giggle and blush when my hubby calls me on the phone.

    6 beauty related facts:
    1. I’m terribly selfish w/ my make up, I don’t share or do make overs. only with my mom. It’s kind of a germy thing mostly.
    2. I have categories of make up i.e., drinking make up=smudgeproof, camping=heat/waterproof.
    3. Recently permed my lashes and no longer use my curler.
    4. Finally found a face powder I can use, Ulta’s mineral collection, and I’m ecstatic. Still looking for the perfect concealer =(
    5. I quit smoking because I don’t want wrinkles.
    6. I need my beauty sleep, so before work I pick only one thing to do, hair or make up. Guess what usually wins? =)

  26. jess

    6 quirky facts:

    1. I can’t snap my fingers. I just can’t do it.
    2. I graduated college early, despite taking time off and transferring universities.
    3. I took 6 years of Latin.
    4. I hate milk but I like dairy products.
    5. I might be the only person in the world who doesn’t like macaroni and cheese.
    6. I collect advice and beauty books from the 40s-80s. I especially like ‘how to find a man’ type books.

    6 beauty quirks:

    1. My fingernails don’t grow long at all. I used to bite them but stopped years ago. Now, they break very easily, so I just keep them trimmed short. It makes me sad because I LOVE long nails.
    2. I can’t tan outside or in a tanning bed. I’ve tried but I’m kind of stuck being a pasty white person.
    3. I’m obsessed with make up brushes and constantly buy new ones to try.
    4. I can’t wear eyeliner properly to save my life. It always makes my eyes look goofy.
    5. I have really bold, thick eyebrows and I love them. I get them waxed and I tweeze them to make them groomed, but they are far from ‘normal’.
    6. I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure because I’m really ticklish and I don’t know if I could put up with it.

    • Brittany

      I don’t like macaroni and cheese either! You aren’t the only one! My boyfriend says I must be an alien or something :(

    • Hey Jess!

      Wow, six years of Latin? Can you speak it fluently, then?

    • Rylea

      OMG! Everyone makes fun of me because I can’t stand milk, but I love ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and just about any other milk product. I used to be allergic, and milk is known to be an acquired taste. So there!

  27. Saira

    6 Quirky Facts about me

    1. I’ve taken summer school every year from 3rd grade (unlike most places, most people at my school take it because we have a lot of credits to fill)
    2. I love old movies, seriously Vivien Leigh is my hero
    3. I like Hilary Clinton, I think where she is, is where we are internationally.
    4. I read those trashy paperback romance novels in a hour
    5. I just started to learn how to rollerblade
    6. I was recently selected as one of 50,000 students of 1.5 mil to keep qualifying for the NMS

    6 Beauty Facts about me

    1. I dream about make-up brushes, especially Body Shop ones, their gorgeous
    2.I’m obsessed with curling my hair, that’s how I unwind
    3.I hate Great Lash mascara (the green and pink), it clumps and looks terrible
    4.Some of the best make-up of I’ve bought as come from post-christmas sales
    5. I love manicures, but I never get them
    6. I’ve never got my eyebrows waxed

  28. kelly

    6 Quirky Facts about me
    1. i hate sun and hot weather because i do sweat a lot
    and tan easily.
    2. i hate meat especially beef but i do love prawn
    and chicken.
    3. i can’t drive a car.
    4. i hate shopping for a shoes and clothes but i do
    love shopping on make up and beauty products.
    5. i can’t wear high heels.
    6. i can live without tv but not without my laptop + wifi.

    6 Beauty Facts about me

    1. i spend most of my monthly salary on make up.
    2. i hv very sparse eyelashes and i hv to wear
    false eyelashes because mascara is useless for me.
    3. i don’t trust drugstore make up except for lip gloss.
    4. i hate to wear anything on my lips other than lip balm.
    5. i hate wearing perfume.
    6. i never dye my hair.

  29. Jasmine

    6 Facts About Me:

    – My family are famous in another country
    – One of my favourite things to do is run on the treadmill
    – I secretely LOVE country music
    – I never buy cheap makeup…I’m too scared to do so for some reason!
    – I bite my nails & will probably do so for the rest of my life
    – I’m not picky when it comes to food at all; I would literally eat ANYTHING

    6 Beauty facts:

    – I hate shimmery bronzer with a passion
    – I own about 20 lipglosses
    – Although I love putting makeup on, I hate the way it feels on my skin
    – In my opinion, not many colours work with my green eyes
    – I don’t think nailvarnish of any colour suits me!!!
    – The only makeup brand I like is MAC

  30. Six Quirky Facts:
    – I’ve lived in the most haunted village in the UK for 18 years and not once have I seen anything remotely scary. My mum always says the most scary thing you’ll see here is me drunk haha
    – I once had lunch with Catherine Zeta Jones
    – I have no musical talent whatsoever. I did piano for five years and didn’t reach grade one. I think a triangle would push it
    – I HATE HATE HATE mushrooms! They look like slugs! If I eat something with mushrooms in it I pick them out first, but if I miss one and I start chewing it, it makes me gag! Eww! They smell vile too.
    – I’m allergic to Tea Tree Oil – it burns my skin so much!
    – No one could ever beat me at Star Wars Battlefront II or Crash Bandicoot racing. Ever!

    Six Beauty Facts:
    – I’m a hair product junkie! I work in a hairdressers so I get 25% off the products we sell (Paul Mitchell, Alterna, GHD) so I guess that makes me feel a bit better.
    – Probably the palest person ever – but only on my body :S. I burn, peel, then back to white. Great!
    – I really really don’t like lipstick or lipgloss. I see pictures of peoples collections of thousands of lipsticks or lipglosses but I’m really not into them. So I just stick to carmex usually. I feel ‘too much’ if I wear lipstick! Its just as well I don’t depot otherwise I’d be annoyed I can only get lipsticks!
    – I hate having long nails! I hate it when you get out the bath and they bend against your skin or towel. I like false nails, but then they grow out and look grubby and horrible.
    – I have the worst undereye bags, and nothing at all hides them :(
    – A few days before payday, I have a look around MAC’s website, decide what I want, then go to get it when payday comes!

    • Brittany

      Crash Bandicoot racing is an awesome game :) I’m pretty good at it myself, i love to play as Pura (the tiger) 😀

      • haha, I love it so much! I haven’t played on it for ages though. I just used to play as Crash mostly. Aww I wanna go play on it now!

    • Hey Caroline!

      How interesting that you live in a haunted village and have not witnessed anything!

      What’s your favorite hair brand?

  31. Candice

    – I like things that are classified as “redneck” like Nascar and country music, but I’m actually the high class type of girl.

    – I’ve tried everything to stop biting my nails but when they grow they are very thin and they bend and tear easily, so I feel like it’s useless to try to stop.

    – The only foods I don’t like are raisons and peas. I’m not a big fan of bacon either. My favorite food is hamburgers.

    – I believe in my heart I was born to be a race car driver, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

    – I’ve never been happy with my hair. When I get it done, they never cut it the way I wanted it, even if I came in with a picture. And when I get it dyed it never turns out. For example, I wanted my hair black with blue and purple streaks, and it turned out purple/black with dark blonde streaks (?). One time I wanted to get my hair dyed blonde, and I ended up with yellow hair that was orangey in spots and a blistered scalp, I actually bawled in the salon because it hurt so badly. When I get it cut they always cut it way too short, or it ends up looking the same as it did when I walked in.

    – I look awful in pictures. Before I leave the house, I look in the mirror, and I think ‘I look okay, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself’. And then when we go out, and someone takes a picture of me, I look awful in it! It totally kills my self esteem. I think ‘wow I don’t really look like that do I?’ It makes me want to cry everytime, and it ruins my night.

    Beauty Facts:

    – Whenever I line my bottom lash line, I can never get it to look right, but it doesn’t look right without it, either.

    – I usually focus on my makeup more than my hair. I will straighten it at the most.

    – I have a tons of freckles on my arms, and a few faded ones on my face. I hate them but my bf loves them. I also have one freckle on both the palms of my hands, in the same spot. I don’t get them anywhere else. I can’t find a foundation that will cover them entirely.

    – I don’t like shimmer on my face, besides my eyes and lips.

    – I’ve never needed to use lotion

    – I always buy eyeshadows over anything else. Even though I need foundation, brushes, or lipstick/gloss (I only have one of each), I’ll buy shadows instead.

  32. danielle

    six simple facts:
    -1. i hate nuts!
    -2. when i wash dishes i have to put the dishes in a unique order so the rack won’t look messy. i know-weird!
    -3. i straighten my hair every night so i don’t really need to do it in the mornings. i just run it through my hair.
    -4. i have to put everything away before i do something else and when i have to go out i clean first so that when i get home i don’t need to do it and i can relax when i get home.
    -5. i hate when the bathroom is a mess.
    -6. if i see something out of place i have to put it in right place.

    six beauty facts:
    -1. i’m a perfectionist when it comes to my makeup.
    -2. if i don’t get my eyeliner to go right i have to do it over.
    -3. i can’t really wear blue eye shadows because they don’t really match on me.
    -4. i have to have an extra eyeliner pencil in my bag along with a lipgloss and lipstick.
    -5. when i do other people’s makeup i always ask them if they like it so far and if they don’t i take it off and re-do it.
    -6. did i mention i’m a perfectionist? =)

  33. Bettina

    Ok I just stumbled on this and kinda doing these so…

    6 Random quirks about me

    1. I did choir for 6 years and musical theater for 2. I was classically trained and then branched into theater.
    2. Am slightly lactose intolerant but I still want to stick cheese in just about anything.
    3. I hate sitting still so I became very athletic in my years and I did gymnastics when I was little, ice skated, did track and x-country in HS and now do martial arts rather than go to the gym.
    4. I love 80’s rock music
    5. I’m a huge baby when it comes to getting shots and pretty much go back to being 5 years old when I have to get one for any reason.
    6. I collect rubber duckies

    6 Beauty Quirks

    1. I was once putting on make up in my car (not while I was driving) and I accidently made stamped my sun visor with the mascara bottle and you can still see a funny little black circle there. ( ok not quite a quirk just funny I guess)
    2. believe it or not I bought my first Urban Decay shadow ever today from Sephora. :)
    3. I absolutley love green eyeshadow but I never wear it to work because then I get sick of customers going oh how cute you matched your apron today…..uuum no..what kind of a nerd do they think I am LOL (If I have never mentioned I work for Starbucks that’s the deal with this one)
    4. I hate fake eyelashes, they make my eyes feel super heavy and sometimes itchy.
    5. I can do the right eye on myself and other people way easier than the left.
    6. I hate when my make up isn’t perfect and I don’t have time to fix it. I will seriously be bugged by it all day.

    • Hey Bettina!

      Collecting rubber duckies! How many do you have? Which is your favorite?

      Congrats on your first UD shadow!! Which one did you get?

    • Paige

      I love 80’s rock too, really anything 80’s, the clothes and evem the hair! And I love 80’s and 90’s tv shows!

  34. Bettina

    Hey Christine

    I own about 29 rubber duckies I haven’t been collecting them my entire life though I have no idea when I started deciding I should collect them. My favorite one is a black devil duck with a skull and crossbones on the chest part and a white eye patch and he is known as Chuck the Pirate duck LOL (no I did not name him that btw) My other favorite duck isn’t a rubber one, it’s a soft stuffed one that is supposed to kinda look like an angry duck and it quacks when you squeeze it. I got that as a present from a friend when I was upset about something because for some reason the way it quacks makes me bust up laughing. The UD eyeshadow is Graffiti. It’s like a bright green that either can be like an acid green or close to a bright teal almost depending on how it’s done.

  35. Amber

    HEHEH I just stumbled upon this and even though it’s a year late, these were really fun to read and made me remember all my weird quirks:
    -I paint my nails every two days. When two days is up, I remove the old polish and apply a new color. IT TAKES FOREVER!
    -During winter, I use (on average) 5-6 facial products every day. During summer I use 2.
    -I cannot use pencil eyeliners because I can’t draw a straight line
    -In a minor earthquake a couple years ago, my makeup collection in its drawers fell off my desk (not a great place to keep makeup i know) and every single pressed powder product cracked
    -I’ve never finished a product (besides a mascara) before deciding that it was expired and had to be tossed.

    -When I’m shopping in stores with marble floors, I don’t like to step on the cracks between the tiles. A childhood habit, I guess.
    -When I buy salads at a store, I go to a special deli where they chop your salad for you afterwards. I have to pay for the extra seven miles of gas and the five dollar chop charge. All for a salad with smaller pieces of lettuce.
    -I have a lot of boxes and containers around my house, but 70% of them have no contents
    -When I was younger I wanted to be a dolphin trainer really badly. For some reason, I thought that dolphins knew sign language (I wasn’t very bright, I guess. NO FINGERS. JUST FLIPPERS. hahah) so I learned it. Little did I know…….
    -One time someone stole a bar of wrapped up Lush soap from my bathroom and I didn’t know which guest it was. Now, I don’t let guests use the bathroom.

  36. Bettina

    Nice quirks everyone, fun stuff to read. In theory dolphins do know sign language as they learn to read the signs trainers use to make them do tricks but obviously no they can’t sign back to you but animals do have noises and gestures they use to communicate back to us instead. The dolphins and whales will come back to the trainers because they like to be petted or scratched in reward for doing what they did right or they may make a happy squeeling noise or something. Sorry didn’t mean to get so into that explanation….was doing bio homework with book in front of me as I read that LOL

  37. Paige

    I JUST found this post, I don’t remember how, because I was actually looking for self tanners. But, whatever!
    1. I am as pale as can be.
    2. I’m a sucker for anything limited edition.
    3. I have to be a little cold to fall asleep (no warm and cozy! even though i loved that collection!)
    4. I’ve always been really good at drawing houses; instead of doodling pics of people I draw floorplans.

    5. I’ve taken a college class b4. (I’m in 8th grade!)
    6. I’m 5’9 and have actually professinally modeled.
    1. I have to be wearing lipgloss at all time (my favs are the Cremesheenglasses)
    2. I HATE changing my skincare routine, idk why.
    3. I love masks, even homemade ones like the aspirin mask.
    4. I can’t stand unscented things (stupid dove unscented soap!)
    5. I bought the travel size of an axe deoderant because i like the smell, even I’d never use in on myself!
    6. I love scented candles (my favs are the ralph lauren spa and resort candles, remind me of our beachhouse it da south!)