Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Favorite online beauty retailer?
  • Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)?
  • Least favorite beauty retailer?

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109 thoughts on “Survey Says… September 29th, 2010

  1. Courtney

    Online beauty: I really like Archetype’s eye pigments, even though their customer service can be total crap. Also, Starring…! Fragrances for organic perfumes, hair conditioners, and lotions.

    Store Beauty: MAC. They make good stuff nuff said.

    Least Favorite: Drug stores! Sure you can get some good deals, but you can’t try anything on which can lead to frustration, wasted products, and returns.

  2. Amber

    Favorite online beauty retailer – that’s a tie! Between Sephora and Nordstrom.
    Favorite in-store beauty retailer – Nordstrom
    Least fave in-store beauty retailer – Sephora. Everytime I go in there, they are out of stock of what I want and the SA’s are pushy.

  3. Leah

    1. Sephora and MAC
    2. Nordstroms!!!!
    3. Ulta!!! Worst customer service ever!

  4. Favorite online beauty retailer? I like Sephora and MAC because it’s really easy to get free shipping, you only have to spend about $50.

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? I love going to Nordstrom they have all of my favorite beauty retailers and the ladies there (with the exception of the MAC counter) are so nice.

    Least favorite beauty retailer? I would say MAC when it comes to a physical location. It seems like every person who works at the counter tends to be rude. It’s like they think they are MAC cosmetics. My least favorite online is Saks, they have a lot of brands but very little color variation in each.

    • Catherine

      To have free shipping in Canada with Sephora you have to spend 120$CA! Yes, Canada is sooo far away…i always find that they boost their prices here. Mac have a little difference between CA and US prices. sephora can have as much as 12$ difference. Ridiculous

      • HovercatMittens

        I’ve noticed that also. For my Book of Shadows 2 when I switched the prices to Canadian in my cart it was something like $75. Not coooool Sephora! Our buck isn’t even that far off to warrant the price hike. It’s the same in store. And last year around christmas time, any deal they facebooked about was US only.

        • JJ

          Hey ladies, a MUA told me that the high price differences between Canada and US are mostly due to restrictions imposed by the government. I don’t think we can blame sephora for it, but perhaps the brands are also responsible. Prices in Asia-Pacific are also very high.

          • Eve

            Companies always blame the government for this, but I doubt import costs are the sole reason for it. The main reason is that Canadians are used to the high prices, so we don’t complain.

            Even companies that manufacture their products in Canada and ship to the US charge more up here.

    • Mires

      You are so right, the people at MAC tend to be very rude!! from what I am reading many other people think the same.

  5. Sara

    Favorite online beauty retailer? SEPHORA
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? SEPHORA and Ulta
    Least favorite beauty retailer? hmm I guess Drugstores that never get new d/s collections in on time 😛

  6. Crystal

    Favorite beauty online retailer: Sephora
    Favorite beauty retailer to go to: Sephora
    Least favorite beauty retailer: Urban Decay

  7. Mais

    fave online: sephora…so much to seee and buy so little money :(
    fave physical: mac and the bay…organized and magical…sephoras in toronto are crowded and miserable and their testers are either missing or filthy
    least fave: too faced, benefit and stila – all at sephora….all look good but don’t quite live up to it

  8. Jennifer S.

    Fav. online:Sephora
    Fav. Brick and Mortar:MAC
    Least Fav. “:The Body Shop

  9. Kalex

    Online – Sephora

    Physical – Dillards

    Least Fave –

  10. Annette

    Favorite online beauty retailer: Sephora
    Favorite beauty retailer: Probably Sephora because they have the best selection, but I also like my local Macy’s the SA’s there are really nice.
    Least favorite beauty retailer: Ulta. The one near me always has a lot of items out of stock and has really bad service.

  11. Maria

    I don’t really order products online unless it’s a product I know I want so I don’t really have a favortie.
    Then I either love the Mac store I live 5 minutes from or the downtown Seattle nordstrom because their the flagship nordstrom so it’s amazing.
    Least favorite would have to be Sephora & Ulta I just don’t like their customer service and whenever I seem to go into stores their always messy and I don’t feel safe buying my makeup from a messy store and I can’t stand their SA because most of the time I know way more about makeup then they do.

    • Kalex

      Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you know more than the SA? Recently I stopped at a Clinique counter to ask if they knew when exactly they were gettting the Strawberry Fudge palette in. None of the girls there knew what I was talking about. And how long ago did Christine tell us about that? That’s just the most recent example too – it happens all the time.

      • Denise

        This happens to me all the time.I asked at the Dillard’s Chanel counter about the Soho collection a few weeks ago and the SA’s looked at me like I was speaking another language. I guess very few read beauty blogs or magazines about upcoming collections.

  12. Jen

    Online: MAC – great customer service, speedy delivery, and always a code for free shipping.

    Store: Nordstrom and MAC – You can return anything there if you’re not pleased with the products and they are so happy to give away samples. I love the customer service in both stores. Some people say MAC SA’s can be rude but I don’t often find that the truth. The ones around where I live have always been helpful.

    Least favorite: URBAN DECAY! – Soooo pushy! I was pushed into buying a baked bronzer which was so shimmery and orange for my skin tone. When I returned it, the SA told me that I was missing out on a great product. I told her, “Yeah when I want to look like a oompa loompa for Halloween, I’ll come back for that bronzer.” She stopped talking. I also hate that when you pass buy the counter at Macy’s, they always try to get you to sit down with them by judging your look. For example: “Hey I’ll fill in your brows, you’ll love it.” Or, “Have you tried our cream to powder foundation, it’ll cover all your skin problems.” They suck!

    • Catherine

      I know that kind of SA can be a pain in the *** but hey don’t forget, they are working, they have sales to reach and if they do not acheive it, they are screamed at. I know, I worked in a department store for a makeup company, you have to be pushy!

  13. Elisabeth

    * Favorite online beauty retailer:
    * Favorite beauty retailer: sephora
    * Least favorite beauty retailer? ulta. they never sent me any of the ‘bonus’ coupons and i spent over $500 there. the clerks said i never signed up for the club, and i had to show them my card to prove i had. also, urban decay makeup is great, but their own website is always sold out of their products. i supposedly won one of their contests, but they never sent the prize or contacted me.

  14. Favorite online beauty retailer? MAC (free shipping)
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Sephora swatches
    Least favorite beauty retailer? The Bay … vibe just sucks to be there

  15. jennifer

    Online Sephora
    Instore Hands down NORDSTROM, the best SA on the floor and they are all really good
    Least Favorite Macys (I think the SA are not as good as all the rest)

    • nicci

      Totally agree w/Macys…I used to like going to their cosemetic department but now I don’t even bother. I have either encountered rude or pushy SAs. The last time I went I was just looking and help would have been nice…2 SAs looked at me twice but did nothing and acted like they didn’t even see me. I left. I’ve never encountered that at Nordstrom or elsewhere.

  16. Ani_BEE

    Favorite beauty online retailer: Sephora, MAC, Sassy Minerals.
    There are free shipping option for Canaidain but Sephora you have to spend $120 which kill with duty chargers, MAC is at $65 it is pretty much 3 to 4 products anyway.

    Favorite beauty retailer to go to: Sephora and MAC because I can test with out buying.

    Least favorite beauty retailer: a number of MMU companys that make browsing products in their online store hard. Drugstores for lack of new product testers especially nail polishes. grrr

    MAC PRO store in Toronto, nothing is more frustrating due to some of their sells clerks.
    Worst was when I asked for a pro product by name and they sold me something else claiming it was the same but was totally wrong. I could not return it and felt stupid for being talked into it and there was no tester for it at the store either. I wanted MAC Full Coverage Foundation – White and she sold me a translucent white powder instead, I think the name was Shiver but I can’t check it on the pro site and I back to mac it 2 years ago.

    • samantha

      I totally agree, if only duty charges weren’t so much. I also notice a huge difference in the price when converted to CAD.

      When you order MAC products do you have to pay duty on them as well?

  17. Trish

    Fave Online –>
    Fave ‘brick & mortar’ –> Sephora
    LEAST FAVE retailer –> ULTA!

  18. Anne

    online: – they offer SO many free samples!

    in-store: Lord & Taylor – they sometimes have freebies as well, along with a 10% off promotion once every couple months

    least favorite: Saks – they take themselves too seriously and it’s the one place I’ve actually had to ask for service even though I had been standing by a makeup section for a while, eager to buy a product. I also was pressured into signing up for some nonsense beauty “event” of theirs (didn’t show up, of course 😉

  19. Naomi



  20. Mickee

    Online Beauty: Sephora, less chaotic than the stores.

    Store Beauty: MAC, I spend hours there and most of the MUA are helpful and nice.

    Least Favorite: Ulta, always out of stock and the ladies there won’t even look/help you find a product.

  21. Yumi

    1. Online: I don’t usually buy online, but when I do I only order from MAC and Sephora…and MAC wins that one. It’s not fair that Americans get free shipping with $50 and Canadians have to spend $120 -_-
    2. In-store: MAC and Sephora, being in Canada the only other retailers are the Bay, Holt Renfrew and Murale but I don’t really go to those unless the first two don’t have something. I prefer MAC most of the time and only go to Sephora for a few things.
    3. Least favorite: probably drugstore because the products tend to suck, and Holt because the girls there tend to be so stuck up, don’t even get me started!!!

  22. Stephanie

    Favorite online beauty retailer? I don’t enjoy buying cosmetics online but I do enjoys

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Nordstrom, MAC & MAC Pro

    Least favorite beauty retailer? Sephora – the cleanliness level in a lot of there stores leaves a lot to be desired.

  23. Audri

    My favorite online retailer is probably Fyrinnae. Their shadows are amazing and so unique. (And for bargain’s, it would have to be All Cosmetics Wholesale, lol.)

    As for physical store, I prefer MAC or drugstores – MAC for obvious reasons, great service and great products(mostly) and for drugstores, I can always find a good deal on products I really am in love with there.

    My least favorite store would have to be Ulta. The customer service, as some have said, is a bit lax. Sally Beauty Supply, too, but only the one in my town, as the SA’s are always so rude.

  24. Mires


    Nordstrom-Excellent customer service

    MAC Counter @Macy’s Lakewood CA-not enough/knowledgeable staff, too crowded; can’t test products most of the time because the samples are usually glued to the display board! awful service….

  25. Favorite online beauty retailer – Sephora
    Favorite in-store beauty retailer – Neiman Marcus
    Least fave in-store beauty retailer – Ulta!

  26. 1. I have to go with Sephora on this one.
    2.Sephora- I feel like i’m in heaven when I shop there and the customer service is alway great
    3. Ulta- I have been there many times and I have never been impressed.

  27. Ruth

    Store: It’s 50/50, Murale & The Bay beauty boutique
    Least fave:Zellers

  28. Online beauty: They have great online deals.
    Store Beauty: Sephora- I’m there every weekend. lol
    Least Favorite: drugstores. I rarely buy anything from there.

  29. kimmy

    * Favorite online beauty retailer?
    NAIL POLISH: (free shipping over $55 and coupons always for $10 off $75)
    MAKEUP: (for stuff that sells out in other places and great beauty GWP’s!) (free shipping, great selection, & beauty rewards)

    RUNNER UPS: (free shipping, awesome rewards, and great free/cheap stuff on fridays) & (incredible eyeshadows for cheap!)

    * Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)?
    sephora, although i never buy anything instore because i prefer online because of codes, etc. but it’s perfect for swatches & perfume sampling.

    * Least favorite beauty retailer? – they basically rip peple off with their overpriced shipping and their price gouging of LEcosmetics. it’s bad when ebay has cosmetics cheaper lol.

  30. tremorviolet

    Favorite online beauty retailer? Sephora

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? MAC & Sephora

    Least favorite beauty retailer? Department stores in general, I hate having to fight my way through a bunch of pushy sales people pushing perfume, yet when you get to the counter you need, invariably there aren’t any sales associates around to help you.

  31. maryelle

    Favorite online beauty retailer? CHANEL! i ordered khaki vert, and it was delivered ASAP. i was surprised that it was delivered so fast.
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? definitely a tie between MAC and sephora. i say it depends on the sales associates and how they treat you.
    Least favorite beauty retailer? i think, as a consensus, we can all agree that ULTA sucks. lol they hardly restock items, so i’m sure there are a lot of products that have been on the shelf for MONTHS. (i have an ULTA that’s 10mins away, so i noticed that most products were not replaced or restocked until weeks, probably months later) they’re mostly rude and unfamiliar with the products in the store.

  32. Sarah

    Online: Cherry Culture
    Store: Sephora
    Least Favorite: Lord & Taylor Dior Counter

  33. online: neiman marcus/sephora great brand selection and free shipping
    store: sephora—so many brands to play with
    least: none really—you give me makeup to play with and I’m happy…lol

  34. Ebony

    * Favorite online beauty retailer?

    * Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Tie: Sephora at Hollywood & Vine and Wilshire Beauty on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles

    * Least favorite beauty retailer? Bare Escentuals stores. The ones
    I’ve been to don’t seem to know how to work with brown skin tones of any hue. Had the wrong blush recommended, badly matched foundation – the works. Actually had a better experience being matched for their Bare Minerals product at a Sephora location. Go figure.

  35. JC

    1. Sephora
    2. MAC/Sephora
    3. Coastalscents – S&H is like $30 for Hawaii even if I only have one item in my cart

  36. Dawn

    Favourite online: MAC,, All have very speedy service and great products. The latter 2 are great for discontinued products and even send freebies with larger orders

    Favourite physical store: Would be MAC if we had one. As we don’t, it’s Boots (good offers plus their loyalty card) and the Urban Decay counter at House Of Fraser

    Least favourite: The Benefit counter at House Of Fraser – they always try to get you to sit down and have them demonstrate something (and tell you how great it looks when you can clearly see it doesn’t), and they pounce on you if you so much as glance at their counter

  37. Lors

    Fave online:
    Fave retail store: Nordstrom & Sephora
    Least fave: MAC stores. SAs are so rude, ignore you, just too busy for you etc. in the 3 stores I’ve been to. Never going back.

    • nicci

      I kind of had the same experience at MAC. I found one SA that was helpful but before her I ran into one that seemed helpful but apparently I was taking too long to decide on a lipstick color. She was getting really impatient and a couple times she walked away to help other people. Wow, isn’t that her job?!!

    • I agree with MAC counters. It’s like they barely pay attention to you. I think because I’m in my early 20’s they don’t take me seriously or don’t think I have enough money for the products. If they knew how much I spent on makeup annually, they would be glad to help me.

      • Jazz

        I had one tell me that a) fabulous felines had LE packaging …. um no it doesnt b) that there wasnt a brown lipglass in the collection – that there would only be a gold one … nope boo got them both- Schemer and fancy cat .

  38. Rocio

    1.Mac and Sephora online
    2.Sephora and Mac (some Mac ladies at the Mac counters aren’t very nice sometimes).
    3.I second the opinion about Ulta. Worst customer service in general. Associates fully lack knowledge about their own beauty products.

  39. Paula

    Favorite online beauty retailer – Cherry Culture: lots of affordable brands
    Favorite beauty retailer -Sephora: there’s always SOMETHING to check out
    Least favorite beauty retailer – None! I was going to say drugstores at first because you can’t test things out. But even then, I still love drugstores!

  40. nicci

    1. Chanel – quick delivery!
    2. Nordstrom
    3. Ulta – went once and never again! Felt so disorganized and cluttered.

  41. mkdallas

    Favorite online: Sephora (easy returns, free shipping, selection)
    Favorite store: Ulta! I’m surprised by all the negative comments on here about Ulta. The one near me must be an exception, because they’re clean, good about returns (if you have the receipt) and good coupons are everywhere. Plus, their frequent buyer rewards program is really great-very generous. I most appreciate that I can swatch things without pushy salespeople bugging me.
    Least favorite store: MAC! My local MAC store is always super-crowded, the SAs are crazy busy, you can’t just grab your own lipstick & get in line and they try to push trendy colors on me that just wouldn’t work for my age and skin tone.

  42. Online-mac because of the descriptions and free shipping codes
    In store – mac and sephora
    Least favorite – ulta because their deals are weird, bogoho but can mix nail polish brands? And I feel like I know more than the sa. Also, victorias secret because the sa’s are always so pushy! They won’t leave you alone.

    • Alexis J.

      I totally agree about Victoria’s Secret! I was in there once and a sales associate followed me around and sprayed me with some perfume that was AWFUL!

  43. Shari

    Online beauty? Macy’s/Nordstroms/Sephora
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)MAC Stores/Macy’s/Nordstroms
    Least favorite beauty retailer? ULTA

  44. Online-I love Sephora, Fyrinnae
    In store, I love Sephora, and MAC
    Least It NEVER loads right, always crashes my computer, the color shades NEVER come close….. Customer service told me it must do that because I’m running out of date graphics, but I KNOW I’ve recently updated flash, quicktime, etc. In Store, pretty much ANYWHERE in a mall. I HATE malls with a ferocious passion. I have to go, clinging to the mans arm and glaring at everyone within ten feet, and hyperventilating when people are within five feet of me. I am REALLY not a crowd person, and sterile surroundings always put me on edge.

  45. Andie

    Online: and

    Store: Nordstrom. Fantastic customer service, I wish there was one in my state

    Least fav: I have a love hate relationship with Sephora. The SAs can be pushy, and the testers are usually gross. I do love the return policy though.

  46. Jazz

    Online : Sephora … Mac
    Store : Sephora
    Least Favorite : Ulta – I went in one recently and got followed around the store due to the color of my skin.At sephora , I am never followed around the store .

  47. bethm

    Online Beauty retailer for me these days is MAC; favorite physical source is any Chanel counter or else Sephora-least favorite place is Walmart.

  48. CeeBee

    * Favorite online beauty retailer?
    Strawberrynet – OK, they don’t have everything, certainly not the latest releases but they do offer free shipping, even to NZ. Hardly anyone else even ships to NZ, and if they do they want $30US postage. No thanks.

    * Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Farmers (NZ Dept. store) and Life Pharmacy for their Dior.

    * Least favorite beauty retailer? Eh, Smith & Caughey’s in Auckland. I go there to get MAC (only counter within driving distance and still 2 hours away) and Alyssa at the MAC counter is an absolute gem! So helpful and completely adorable – she even does phone orders for me. The ladies on the Guerlain & Bobbi Brown counters however are snooty beyond belief and last time I was there the Estee Lauder lady treated me like crap (probably because I was wearing purple trackpants, hah!) and then got shirty with me when she waved the pink GMP lippie at me and said it was Pink Parfait, I looked at it and said “No, that looks like Candy.” and she checked the tube label and then stomped off looking mad. Yes, lady, it appears I do know what I’m talking about…

  49. Britte

    Favorite online beauty retailer: Probably SEPHORA, because they have MUCH bigger selection online than they do in their little area in JC Penney’s (which, unfortunately, is the only SEPHORA within an hour of me D:)

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!): Probably Dilliard’s/Macy’s because, once again, of the selection.

    Least favorite beauty retailer: Probably CVS. Don’t get me wrong, they have some great drugstore products, it’s just that in my area they stick their little sickers (with the address of the store) on EVERYTHING. And they’re not even regular stickers, they’re the kind that chip so it’s really difficult to remove them! UGH! Annoys me to death!

  50. Julie

    Online: Sephora because it is the easiest way for to access products that I cannot find in stores here in Canada. However, when I purchase I try to do bigger orders so I can qualify for free shipping. Why is shipping always so expensive from the U.S. to Canada =_=. We’re so close…

    Store: The Bay (because it has the only Chanel counter for the whole city!), they receive stock of new collections extremely early which I LOVE. Chanel Holiday is coming in this Friday, yay!! My other favorite is in Toronto – Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street. This store is the s***…forgive me lol. I’ve never had a bad experience there.

    Least: Sephora…don’t even get me started. There are always so many SAs hawking over you it’s ridiculous, I don’t feel welcome at all. Also, many a times there are students who work there – and no offense – but some of them know nothing about the products when I ask for help.

    • Linnea

      Agree with the Bay! As I don’t live in Toronto, I haven’t experienced the Holt Renfrew.

      And TOTALLY agree with the shipping thing.. like seriously? It doesn’t really make sense..

      • LOL! I know right? WTF SEPHORA! There are pros and cons with both the online and physical stores >: ). I live in a fairly nearby city so I don’t mind traveling the distance =D. Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

    • nicci

      oh wow, you’re lucky re the holiday collection from Chanel! The place I get my Chanel items seems rather slow 😐

  51. Schelli

    online: Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus (they have brands I cant get here in Jacksonville)

    Physical: Dillards or Belks (great mu artists for Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Laura Mercier). Also really like my local MAC stores

    Least: Sephora Store- they often dont have the full lines available, often stuff is mixed up, hard to find what you want, dirty and SA’s often have no clue.

  52. Linnea

    Favorite online beauty retailer? I’ve had a recent order from Zuneta.. Really awesome customer service and great products, but otherwise, MAC has been pretty fantastic. (I live in Canada so a lot of places don’t ship here :) )
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? MAC is nice and all.. but I always feel like the salespeople are looking down at me. Its really strange, as other places I’ve had such good experiences like Sephora.
    Least favorite beauty retailer? I would just have to say MAC.. just because of the general snottiness of the sales people. They either don’t want to help you because your not good enough, or they pity you and go WAY overboard.. like yes, I know what the lipcreme’s are.. Tyvm!

    And looking at all the comments.. maybe my “drugstore” is a little different then you guys.. at Shoppers(Canada), there’s usually always testers and the sales people are super helpful even if you’re not buying the expensive stuff.. plus you can return things :S :S (maybe you guys are talking about a Walmart-like place.. which again, we usually have testers and if you can get a SA, they’re fine with helping you..

  53. b.

    Favorite online: sephora

    Favorite brick and mortar: sephora

    Least favorite: ulta. I worked at one for about a year, and it was really bad. we never got any training on the products, we’d have new products sitting in the back because the managers had no idea when they were supposed to go out, so half of the stuff was out late. A few of us tried to help the customers as much as possible, but it was hard when most of our coworkers and all of our managers weren’t very helpful or knowledgable about the products. I understand everyone’s ulta dislike!

    • Jessica

      Agreed about Ulta. I work at one now and most of the time I have to do the homeowrk myself on new products and fragrance notes and whatnot :( They always tell me to “go help in pro hair” and “go help with nail products” but honestly, they threw me in with zero training and I didnt know anything about shampoos and styling cremes. I’m happy to say I know more than I did a year ago but still, I understand people’s frustrations :(

  54. AnGeLwInGz

    Favorite online:
    Favorite store: Nordstrom for high end, Ulta for everything else (my home away from home)
    Least favorite store: Sephora. It’s so filthy!

    • AnGeLwInGz

      Gee, it seems that a lot of people here hate Ulta. The one in Princeton, NJ must be a diamond in the rough. The store is white glove spotless, the SA’s are really polite and helpful, there’s always a coupon or something on sale, and for the most part they have everything I’m looking for in stock. They also have a wide selection of options to choose from with your rewards points.

  55. Malaika

    Online Beauty: Sephora (there’s such a wide variety of brands to browse)

    Store Beauty : Sephora (same reason as above), MAC occasionally, when the sales reps are nice …LOL

    Least Favorite : Drug stores because you cant really test the stuff

  56. Erika

    ELF or Allcosmeticswholesale

  57. Sami

    Favorite Online-Sephora! They have everything…’cept for MAC.
    In Store-MAC, I don’t get rude customer service there and they don’t treat me like a baby.
    Least Favorite Beauty Retailer-DRUGSTORES. You can find amazing swatches there but I never know what the color ACTUALLY looks like.

  58. Melody

    Online Beauty:, because they sell NYX, Wet n Wild, and Milani which are brands I can’t buy where I live in stores. =)

    my favourite beauty store is of course Sephora, because it’s like a beauty carnival in there all the time XD…

    and my least favourite beauty stores is Yves Rocher and The Body Shop; Yves Rocher because the products are just not that amazing and the customer service was really bad when I went, and The Body Shop because I just think their makeup stuff is all too shimmery for me.

  59. Rosanna

    Favorite online beauty retailer? N/A – I don’t shop online.

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? HOLT RENFREW – all high to luxury brand makeup but that’s why I love it. The people are nice too.

    Least favorite beauty retailer? Drugstores

  60. The miaomi

    online: – good discounts on high end cosmetics

    store: cosmetic mkt – a discount retailer that sells brands like Stila, Clinique, Lancome…sometimes even MAC and BB and Chanel…for at leat 50% off retial price. They also have chocolates and purfumes! NY only though…

    store i hate: I have NEVER had any luck in any MAC counters. the ones in Macys dont knoe their products and rude. the ones in SOHO are also very stuck up and not very helpful. the ones in Bloomingdales never pay any attention to you when you need help. I was once angry to the point I thought I should actually call the customer services. I guess they think they are all artists or something but that kind of attitude is def unacceptable.

  61. Christina

    Online: Sephora; there’s a plethora of stuff online!
    Favorite beauty retailer: Ulta. They always have things in stock. And also, the employees are always really nice.
    Least favorite: Sephora, because the employees tend ignore me 98% of the time. Oh, and our Sephora also sucks because it is SO tiny and there’s barely anything :(

  62. Favorite online beauty retailer? MAC
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? The Bay and Holt Renfrew. If they could keep up with the seasons, I would say Murale, but they tend to sit on too much from last season that I could buy online for half the price
    Least favorite beauty retailer? Drugstores. I hate not having testers to swatch

  63. Michelle

    Favorite online beauty retailer? – Sephora. I love that you can get samples with each order and the Beauty Insider freebies are great!
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? – Ulta – I love that they carry many brands, high end & drugstore.
    Least favorite beauty retailer? – Sephora (Northbridge Mall location) – every time I go in there they follow me around like I’m going to steal something. I don’t even go to that one anymore.

  64. Sarah

    1. Sephora, hands-down
    2. Sephora and MAC. There’s a MAC counter at a Dillards in the smaller city where I am employed and everyone there is amazingly nice. I thought it would only be my local counter that would have such great employees, but when I drive 3 hours to the nearest Sephora (and the floor below has a MAC Pro store yay!!) the MAC Pro associates were amazing also. :)
    3. Drug stores for lack of being able to try anything and any of the center kiosks in malls. I had a lady at a kiosk harass me upon seeing my Sephora bag. She asked me how much I had spent at Sephora, and no matter how I tried to tell her I didn’t wish to disclose that information with her and just tell me about her product, she wouldn’t stop and actually grabbed my Sephora bag and dug for my receipt to see how much I had spent!!!. I had to yank my bag back and yell at her. I don’t care if she was selling bottled youth, that is NO way to treat potential customers.

  65. margo


  66. amelia

    Favorite online beauty retailer? the sephora website. it has everything, plus reviews.
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? i like KIT cosmetics and Mecca cosmetica in Australia, and in singapore the biggest sephora, because it has a MAC attached!
    Least favorite beauty retailer? the drugstores here are really appalling. the testers are horribble, the range is bad and it takes at least a year for new releases to come out following the US

  67. Steph

    Online: I don’t order cosmetics online.

    Store: Murale!! It just opened in Ottawa, and it’s wonderful there! It is so CLEAN, and the sales associates are like specialists. I went in complaining about my oily skin & they man recommend Cover FX (I just tried the powder) and it is my HG powder. & MAC. The girls at my store are lovely, and I can swatch things and browse without being hassled too much. And on a day the store isn’t packed, service is great.

    Least favourite: Sephora. I used to love Sephora, but the samples are disgusting and the staff leaves a lot to be desired (most of them). I was browsing skincare one time, and someone asks me if I need any help. The associate (she must have been seasonal, it was xmas time) had no makeup on and horrible acne. Sorry, but I don’t want any recommendations from someone at a beauty store who can’t put themselves together.

  68. Victoria

    Online — FYRINNAE!! 😀
    Brick and Mortar – MAC
    Least Favorite – Sephora… the SAs are always so unhelpful and have horrible makeup. :(

  69. Natalie

    Least Favorite Retailer: Kiss and Makeup NY
    I ordered NARS products and they sent me used items!

  70. Wendy

    Favorite online beauty retailer? Estee Lauder
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Bon Ton’s Cosmetics Dept.
    Least favorite beauty retailer? Cherry Culture.

  71. Lauryn

    Favorite online beauty retailer?

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? MAC Freestanding in both Wayne, NJ and MAC Pro in NYC

    Least favorite beauty retailer? ULTA!! And I’ll tell you why. I have an ULTA right near me. They were the ONLY ones carrying Sue Devitt Primer. They suddenly, they stopped! So i had to order it online. Fine. I’m sent the wrong one. I go to Ulta to return it. THEY WOULDN”T TAKE IT WITHOUT ALL THE ORDER/SHIP/CONFIRM emails. Are you kidding me? I did have with me the original “order” email. But i had to go home and HOPE i had the 99 other ones they sent me. JEEZ! Went back armed with the emails and then they hassled me about which credit card i used and refused to look up ANYTHING for me. The store itself NEVER has anything in stock or its broken, open, etc. I refuse to go there anymore.

  72. fav online – MAC & Ulta
    fav in-store – The CCO (Cosmetic Company Store)
    least fav – Shephora, drug Stores and Wal-mart

  73. Elizabeth

    Favorite online beauty retailer? MAC (my local MACY’s doesn’t carry it).

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Ulta

    Least favorite beauty retailer? Drugstores, just because the prices are sky high for products that aren’t really that good for the price, and you can’t ever test the products on the back of your hand to see if they’d work.

  74. Yaritza

    Online Beauty: No particular favorite
    Store Beauty: MAC
    Least Favorite: Sephora I could write a essay on why it is my least favorite. First of all the ones I have gone too are unsanitary. Every time I look I see customers applying mascara to their eyelashes without using the disposable wands. The makeup artists do not know their own merchandise. For example one employee did not know that the Urban Decay Naked palette was permanent and started to fight with me when I informed her. Another issue is they take forever to restock. I have been waiting over four months for them to bring NARS Galapagos eyeshadow. If that is not enough for me to dislike it all the makeup artists that work in my area are just plain rude.

  75. Favorite Online: Sephora
    Favorite Store: The Local MAC Counter in Macy’s
    Least Favorite: The Cos Bar in Walea, it’s a privately owned makeup boutique here on Maui. The sales girls are rude, arrogant, snotty and they’re picky about letting you swatch the testers!

  76. cynthia

    1.) hats off SEPHORA tied with MAC! theres always free shipping options, samples, and good deals with fast shipping!
    2.) I love MAC’s customer service, they make me smile.
    3.) 3rd party beauty websites like ugh worse site ever.

  77. Miss Silver

    2. Any department stores and pharmacies… 😛
    3. Hm… a badly stocked department store and pharmacy.

  78. Jolie

    Favorite online beauty retailer? Sephora. I always look for coupon codes and specials and end up getting a lot of extras with my orders that way.

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)? Ulta. At my local Ulta the SA’s tend to leave me alone when I’m shopping and don’t get overly pushy.

    Least favorite beauty retailer? MAC. Most of the SA’s seem to have this “I’m so much cooler than you” attidude and are more pushy than helpful. I used to do most of my MAC shopping online, but after all the super-fast sell outs on the Villians collection I can’t say I’m happy with MAC at all.

  79. Maria

    Favorite online beauty retailer?
    – Sephora. I love their Beauty Insider program.

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)?
    – Sephora. I don’t feel forced to make a decision on my purchase and I’m not constantly asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?” like I am in MAC. It becomes too harassing; it’s OK to prevent losses, but please, stop being on top of your potential customers.

    Least favorite beauty retailer?
    – Victoria’s Secret. I am a fan of most of their cosmetics, but it’s the store where the associates harass me the most. I’m almost always pushed and shoved by customers and the lines are ridiculously long.

  80. kay kay

    Favorite online beauty retail- Don’t really order online
    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!- CVS, Ulta, Sephora
    Least favorite beauty retailer?- Rite Aid

  81. Amanda Sosa

    Favorite online beauty retailer?
    Nordstrom or MAC online.

    Favorite beauty retailer (physical locations!)?
    MAC and Sephora

    Least favorite beauty retailer?

  82. Janet

    Favorite online store: they started releasing new products all the time and have the best customer service and fast shipping.

    Favorite in-store: MAC, the girls are always so knowledgable, favorite place to go to get my makeup done for events (b-days usually)

    Least favorite: I’ve never had a good experience at Ulta (just like every other girl who replied to this post). They are always out of stock and the girls who work there are rude and know nothing.

  83. Tina

    Favorite Online: Rescue Beauty Lounge-they have the prettiest nail polishes. I can’t find them in stores and I never go to nail salons.

    Favorite beauty retailer: Nordstrom (they have MAC, Chanel, Laura Mercier, etc.) all in one place. Also like Sephora.

    Least Favorite: Drugstores/Target-the products are always opened and used.