Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Weirdest product you’ve bought: [answer]
Last product you needed: [answer]
Product you want, but can’t have: [answer]

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40 thoughts on “Survey Says… October 5th, 2008

  1. Teresa

    Weirdest product: toss up between the Monistat anti-chafing cream (NOT yeast infection cream) as a face primer (kinda like Smashbox photofinish) and eyebrow gel. I use it…but I don’t know if it makes a difference.

    Last product I NEEDED: New mascara. I want to try that tubing mascara by blinc, but I just don’t want to shell out the money for it….I think I ended up just getting LashBlast.

    Product I want but can’t have: I really want China Glaze’s “Recycle” but I can’t find it anywhere. Any advice?

  2. Alma

    Weirdest product you

  3. Tekoa

    Weirdest product you

  4. MissDeeCanada

    Weirdest product you

  5. Julie V

    Weirdest product you

    • Teresa

      Hey! About the products you want, I’m think that reflects teal (maybe transparent teal…I’m not sure) is a pro item which you can order over the phone from them. Also, I think you should definitely see if you can find a Cosmetics Company Outlet near you. In my local one, I have seen ALL of the McQueen paint pots and several discontinued pigments. Good luck!

    • Whitney

      I need to let my frostlite dry out a little – It’s awkward because it’s so creamy….

    • Frostlite makes me sad since it isn’t waterline safe :(

  6. heather

    Weirdest item: .99 cent black liquid liner … just don’t try it :)

    Last item: The last time I went to MAC I got refills on my studio fix powder, refined golden bronzer, and fling eye brow pencil

    Product I want but can’t have: MUFE HF foundation and powder. I need to finish up my Estee Lauder and MAC foundations first.

  7. Minty746

    Weirdest product you

  8. Kandice

    Weirdest product you

  9. Macaddict

    – Weirdest product you’ve bought:

  10. Carrie

    Weirdest: Ojon conditioner. OK ok, I know it’s a very popular product, but it is WEIRD because it smells like cigarette butts floating in old coffee, or something. weird!

    Needed: Moisturizer…cold weather has arrived here! I got Logona’s Free moisture cream.

    Can’t have: hmm…maybe Nars Zulu nail polish? Or the purple Fafi paint pot.

  11. jess

    Weirdest: Umm….can’t think of anything weird. Maybe my bright Ben Nye yellow and orange eyeshadows, because I don’t usually wear really bold eye looks.

    Needed: Nail polish remover, if that counts. i was all out and needed to redo my toes.

    Can’t have: Almost everything lately – gotta be better about not spending so much.

  12. Jenna

    Weirdest product you

  13. j.a.

    1. Chartruese Gloss from MAC. I love Chartruese, but it’s something in my kit that never gets used and applies thicker than I expected or like. I’ll find use for it one day though.

    A close second is MAC’s Eyeglass in Tarmac, released long before I became interested in the brand. I do get use out of this when I want to do a greasy, smoky black eye- the epitome of the once beloved heroin chic.

    2. Where to begin…

    New foundation, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a decent eye shader brush…

    I did pick up some empty spray bottles, so I’m at least doing something. That and some essential neutral and matte eyeshadows.

    3. YSL Pur Black gloss. I can’t justify spending that amount of money on something I’ll rarely use.

    • Whitney

      YSL uses lead in their lip products – I was told by a birdie who works for the company…. cause I mentioned that I wanted it after seeing it here,,,,,

      • Lead in lipsticks isn’t really an issue, IMO! It seems mostly propelled by instilling fear. Not to say you can’t make a lead-free lipstick, but the amount of lead found in lipsticks is so trace that you will encounter more in your day to day life.

    • You let me know if you have a use for Chartreuse gloss 😉

  14. weirdest product: maybelline primer which its not exactly weird per say but it did nothing it says.. haha

    last product: eyeliner… I have like 10 but yet I want more! haha

    product I want: damn this going to be a long list. MAC 187, MAC Pigments, MAC Minerlize Blush, NARS Super Orgasm.

  15. Whitney

    Weirdest product you

  16. sej

    Weirdest product you