Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • What’s your favorite daily moisturizer?
  • What’s your favorite daily cleanser?
  • What’s your favorite daily toner?

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43 thoughts on “Survey Says… October 28th, 2009

  1. Favourite daily moisturizer – Mark For Goodness Face SPF 50 or Philosophy Hope in a Jar (I discovered Mark a few months ago and it works fabulously, and it’s cheaper than Philosophy so I’ve been going with Mark right now!)

    Favourite daily cleanser – Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
    Leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without feeling harsh or dry; plus it’s really good value! I’ve had mine for more than a year now, and I still have quite a lot left.

    Favourite daily toner – Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol Free toner
    Because I need something without alcohol as it’s too drying on my skin. This stuff works perfectly.

  2. Kristina

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer?
    It depends on how my skin is behaving. I rotate between a few favourites; Philosophy Hope in a jar, Dior Hydraction, Peter Thomas Roth VIZ 1000 or environmental defense gel

    What’s your favorite daily cleanser?
    Avene or Biotherm Micellar lotion, Bobbi Brown face wash in tube, Philosophy Purity

    What’s your favorite daily toner?
    NARS balancing

  3. Missy

    Favorite daily moisturizer- Olay’s Beauty Fluid

    Favorite daily cleanser- Olay’s illuminating cream cleanser & Cetaphil daily gel cleanser

    Favorite daily toner- Clinique clarifying lotion 2(purple bottle)

  4. KrisBliss

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisturizer in Light.

    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Dermalogica Anti-Bacterial Wash or Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser.

    What’s your favorite daily toner? Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner.

    **As you can see I LOVE Dermalogica!!

  5. Eunice

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple
    What’s your favorite daily toner? Clinique #2

  6. Anja

    I’ve been using nothing but Arcona products on my face for the last few months and my skin is looking better than ever. I use their Toner Tea Cleansing Bar and the Magic White Ice moisturizer daily, but I don’t usually use a toner.

  7. Eb

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Moisturizer
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser
    What’s your favorite daily toner? I’m still finishing up my Body Shop Tea Tre Oil toner

  8. amy

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 15

    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? St Ives Apricot Deep Cleaning Cleanser, but I am using their olive cleanser right now.

    What’s your favorite daily toner? Bioderma Sensibio 3 in 1. It is an OK cleanser and eye makeup remover, but I like it as a toner because it hydrates my skin well and helps my moisturizer absorb better.

  9. Akia

    Funny, I just had a discussion about this with my sister :-)

    Moisturizer-Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture, combination skin… I’ve been using this for about 6 years

    Cleanser- Plain ole Cetaphil… perfect for my sensitive skin

    Toner- Plain ole generic witch hazel! show me something better and i’ll call you a liar!! LOL

  10. I must say i clicked on this to see what everyone else is using lol…

    Moisturizer: Revaleskin night cream, jojoba oil…somehow i can’t find a day cream that doesn’t break me out…and i always need to rotate they end up breaking me out eventually…jojoba oil before moisturizer seems to be working well tho

    Cleanser: Revaleskin facial cleanser, neutrogena age-reverse, simple cleansing lotion

    Toner: don’t really use, but i have a simple one

  11. Jennifer

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Clinique Moisture Surge
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Still in search…..
    What’s your favorite daily toner? Still in search, all the ones that I have tried have irritated and inflamed my skin. :( Any rec.s for sensitive skin?

    • happybadfish

      Try Paula’s Choice (avail online), so great for sensitive skin!

    • carla

      you should try the LUSH eau roma water. i have the most sensitive skin and it works amazinggg on me. i hated toners because they made my skin so dry but this one made me a believer. plus it comes in a spray bottle so its really easy to use

  12. reesa

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Philosophy Hope in Jar
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Philosophy Purity Made Simple or Microdelivery Wash
    What’s your favorite daily toner? none

  13. Nicci

    Moisturizer – Natura Bisse Oxygen Cream
    Cleanser? Natura Bisse Cleasing Gel w/AHA
    Toner? N/A

  14. RPatchell

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Haven’t found it yet… Well, I guess I have, I just haven’t found it here in the US (LaRoche Posay Hidraphase UV legere lotion spf 30). Here in the US I’ve tried Philosophy HIJ w/ spf and hated it; tried Peter Thomas Roth but it was just okay; tried Clinique’s Dramatically blablabla lotion and didn’t really like it.
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Clinique Mild liquid cleanser
    What’s your favorite daily toner? Clinique #2

  15. Nadine

    Favorite daily moisturizer- Philosophy Hope in a Jar – I’ve never tired anything like it! I just ran out and have to buy some more, and for 2 oz its like $50CAD! I dunno … I got it in a kit before and it didn’t seem so expensive! I gotta remember it’ll last a long time! 😀

    Favorite daily cleanser- Philosophy Purity – loves it!

    Favorite daily toner- I’ve never really been in to toners.

  16. aramis

    1. i dont use one lol (but i been eyeing one from mac or avon)
    2.clearskin 3 in 1 something lol
    3. witchhazel but i use it once every other day

  17. Mary007

    Favorite daily moisturizer- Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (winter) and Aveeno Positevely Radiant Daily Moisturizer

    Favorite daily cleanser- Dove Beauty Bar

    Favorite daily toner- Shiseido (small sample)

  18. Heather

    Favorite moisturizer-Mary Kay Timewise combination/oily Moisturizer.
    Favoirte cleanser-Mary Kay Timewise Cleanser
    Favorite toner-Don’t use one

  19. Zana

    Favorite Daily Moisturizer – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
    Favorite Daily Cleanser – Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula
    Favorite Daily Toner – Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3

    Yep, I’m a Clinique 3-step girl!

  20. What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Still jojoba oil + olive squalane. Haven’t found a commercial formulation I like better.
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Soapalaya Soaps Chamomile Calm, though I really should use the cleaning grains every day.
    What’s your favorite daily toner?Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up Tonic (SO and I are on our … 5th bottle of the stuff?)

  21. CeeBee

    * What’s your favorite daily moisturizer?
    Olay – either Total Effects or Regenerist Micro Scuplting cream.

    * What’s your favorite daily cleanser?
    Seba-Med Face and Body Wash with a facial brush every morning and Dior Magique Rinse Off Cleansing Foam for night time or removing makeup.

    What’s your favorite daily toner?
    I don’t use toner, I haven’t found one that doesn’t dry my skin out horribly.

  22. Victoria

    Favorite Daily Moisturizer – Burts Bee’s Radiance Day Cream
    Favorite Daily Cleanser – Lancome Huile Douceur (deep cleansing oil) followed by Lancome Crème Radiance or Mousse Radiance (both cleansers for combo. skin)
    Favorite Daily Toner – Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant

    And I’m a skin care junkie, I’ve tried like everything, and have finally found my perfect trio!

  23. Vanessa

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Olay Complete
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Cetaphil
    What’s your favorite daily toner? Just started to use a CVS brand one

  24. DonnaN

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? It’s winter, so it’s OLE HENRIKSEN’s Skin Insulator SPF 15
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? OLE HENRIKSEN’s On The Go Cleanser
    What’s your favorite daily toner? CLINQUE #2 (since I was 13 years old)

  25. KatoAto

    Moisturizer: Olay Definity
    Cleanser: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean
    Toner: Thayers Witch Hazel Toner, Peach

  26. happybadfish

    All my favorites are by Paula’s Choice. I have very dry skin and these products don’t just grease my skin up and cause breakouts. I love them, have been using them for about 1 year now.
    Cleanser: Skin Recovery Cleanser
    Moisturizer: Resist barrier repair moisturizer
    Toner:Moisture boost hydrating toner

  27. laura

    1- embryolisse
    2- biore
    3- none. oops

  28. scarlettholly

    moisteriser: kiehls ultra facial lotion spf 15 or philosophy hij. Also just tried kiehls rare earth pore minimiser which I loved for a few days then left my skin dry so might use it when I’m breaking out.

    cleanser: kiehls ultra facial cleanser or philosophy purity followed by dermalogica daily micro exfoliant.

    toner: none, but tempted to try kiehls acai range…

  29. kimmar

    Moisturiser: Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream
    Cleanser: Avalon Organics Vitamin C Hydrating Cleansing Milk
    Toner: don’t use one, too drying.

  30. Moisturiser: Cosmedicine Primary Care SPF20 (daytime) and MAC Lightful Deep Moisturizer (at night)
    Cleanser: Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse (daytime) and Chanel Mousse Exfoliante (night)
    Toner: MAC Lightful Active Softening Lotion, not drying!!

  31. NaNa

    Moisturizer: C.O. Bigelow Extra Light Face Lotion
    Cleanser: Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Scrub + Mary Kay Velocity Cleanser (simultaneously) in the morning, and either Lush Dark Angels or MAC VAE at night.
    Toner: C.O. Bigelow Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic

    …But I’ll probably be changing the stuff I’m using right now since winter’s on its way. Even an oily skinned girl like myself needs a little extra moisture!

  32. shiri

    Favorite Daily Moisturizer – Clinique Moisture Surge
    Favorite Daily Cleanser – Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
    Favorite Daily Toner – MUFE cool lotion (non-alcohol)


  33. Karen

    biotherm aquasource nonstop

    mac cleansing oil/ + biotherm biosource green bottle

    biotherm biosource mineral toning water

  34. Giannina

    Cleanser: Paula’s Choice One Step Face Cleanser
    Toner: Clinique Clarifying Lotion #4
    Moisturizer: La Roche Posay Tolerianne Protective Facial Cream

  35. ShebaV

    Am I the only one? Proactiv, Proactiv, and Proactiv. The only thing that keeps me clear. Olay Regenerist Night at bedtime.

  36. queenmarie

    What’s your favorite daily moisturizer? Dr. Denese day cream–the one tinted with melanin. Looks thick, but doesn’t apply that way. Good for oily skin.
    What’s your favorite daily cleanser? Obagi gentle cleanser in the morn, Philosophy microdelivery peel face wash with my BELOVED Clarisonic every night.
    What’s your favorite daily toner? Don’t use a toner–the clarisonic gets my face SO clean I don’t need one. I used to have at least one or two breakouts always, but since Clarisonic found me thanks to my generous sis, I have NO breakouts. Ive been using it for almost a year now and have clear skin. You couldn’t pry that thing away from me, maybe when I’m dead. LOL

  37. shangrila

    Everything Pevonia Botanicals for me!

    Combination Cleanser
    Combination Toner
    Combination Care Cream :)
    (ps- their clay mask is AWESOME!!!!)

  38. Moisturizer: Aveeno Postively Radiant w/ SPF 15
    At night, I use Laneige Water Pack Plus and wake up with baby soft skin.

    Cleanser: Ole Henrikson African Red Tea Cleanser
    I have really dry skin and this just feels so soft and soothing on my skin! It’s a real treat to wash my face with it. (:

    Toner: Nars Hydrating lotion

  39. Favorite daily moisturizer: This always changes. i feel like I rarely get the same one more than once. something I keep coming back to is Origins a Perfect World which is an antioxidant moisturizer. I only use it as night because it has no SPF. However, this time around I’m trying Clinique’s Total Turnaround and i really like it.

    Cleanser: Right now I’m using Lush’s Coalface which is a bar cleanser. I really like the exfoliating properties and would buy this again. It doesn’t do much for removing makeup though so I also like the creamy Origins Perfect World cleanser.

    Toner: I don’t use toner everyday and maybe I should. I just use Clinique’s 2, usually included in their gift which purchase. I rarely buy toner but when I do I stick with this.

    I want to know what eye creams people are using!

  40. Enna

    Cetaphyl Day cleanser
    Cetaphyl Spf Moiturizer or Olay beauty Fluid
    Clinique Toner for oily skin

  41. emily

    Avon – solution tinted moisturizer – daily moisturizer
    Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap Mild – daily cleanser
    Bioderma Sensibio/Clinique Clarifing lotin 2 – daily toner