Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Favorite orange eyeshadow?
  • Favorite black nail polish?
  • Favorite vampy lip color?

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51 thoughts on “Survey Says… October 26th, 2011

  1. Meagan

    My very favorite orange eyeshadow was a limited edition, MAC Firespot, from the Moonbathe collection. Love it very much and very easy to tone down or brighten up other looks! Gorgeous.

  2. Daphne Pan

    My favorite survey so far! :)

    Favorite orange eyeshadow?
    Smashbox eyeshadow single in Torch (a golden orange sherbert)

    Favorite black nail polish?
    Essie nail polish in Licorice (a jelly, glossy black)

    Favorite vampy lip color?

    Urban Decay’s lipstick in Requiem!!!!! 😀

  3. Gina

    Favorite orange eyeshadow: Right now, Shiro Cosmetic’s Zelda… which is more of a peach, really. But I’m picking up NARS Mediteranee palette soon, so that might change!

    Favorite black nail polish: Zoya Raven

    Favorite vampy lip color: Lancome L’absolu Rouge in Perfect Fig, topped with MAC lipglass in Chai =] Not super vampy, but it’s a start!

  4. jenni

    orange shadow- wet n wild copper
    black polish- eyeko cosmic polish (holo glitter in it :)
    vampy lippy- dior rouge dior in fantastic plum

  5. Favorite orange eyeshadow?
    Sugarpill Flamepoint
    Favorite black nail polish?
    Favorite vampy lip color?
    MAC Cunning

  6. Joanne

    Fav Orange shadow: MAC Saffron
    Fav Black polish: Don’t have one (since I’ve never worn it – don’t judge me:-))
    Fav Vampy lip color: MAC Prince Noir

  7. Courtney

    Orange eyeshadow: Yuck. The closest thing is Morgaine glitter from Aromaleigh. That’s a blend of orange, green, and brown glitter. Looks quite pretty on the eyes.

    Black nail polish: Lippman Bad Romance. Black with purple glitter and hexagons!

    Vampy lip color: MAC Night Violet with Funtabulous dazzleglass over it.

  8. emi s.

    I don’t wear orange eyeshadow.

    I have two favorite black nail polishes – American Apparel Hassid, and Wet n Wild black (the $1 one). Both are opaque in one coat. The AA one is semi-matte and dries faster.

    As for a vampy lipcolor, I love the sleek pout paints – I mix the bright red and the blue for the perfect dark red.

  9. Tiffany

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? Don’t have one.
    Favorite black nail polish? Zoya’s Raven
    Favorite vampy lip color? NARS Fire Down Below

  10. Favorite orange eyeshadow? Shiseido Fire Opal (not sure it’s available any more, though)
    Favorite black nail polish? I keep looking for one, but the formulas keep disappointing me…
    Favorite vampy lip color? Mac Tribalist, Chanel Ballet Russe (not super-vampy, but still dark), Tom Ford Black Orchid

  11. Lisa

    Favorite orange eyeshadow: Mischevious Marissa from theBalm! (add about a thousand more !!! just to be obnoxious =])

    Favorite Black Nail Polish
    -Not my thing =/

    Favorite vamp lip:
    Well, it’s more of a plum but Clinque A different Grape!

  12. ilaria

    orange eyeshadow: milani sun goddess. a “divine” metallic orange.

    black nail polish: OPI my private jet. not properly black but very dark.

    vampy lipstick: MAC captive + MAC burgundy lip pencil.

  13. Lee

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? MAC Evening Aura for a soft light orange.

    Favorite black nail polish? Don’t really have one, Wet N’Wild is good for cheap, one time wear.

    Favorite vampy lip color? The dark purple mattene that was part of the MAC Style Black collection.

  14. Fave orange shadow: Still looking…maybe I’ll get some ideas from you guys?

    Fave black polish: Sinful Black on Black

    Fave vampy lip color: Revlon Black Cherry

  15. Marian

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? I don’t like any orange eyeshadow.
    Favorite black nail polish? Essie Licorice…although I’m not too fond of black nail polish either.
    Favorite vampy lip color? Chanel Vamp…but again…not really my thing

  16. Favorite orange eyeshadow? I only have one, and that’s Orange Chrome e/s from NYX and it’s great! Excellent color payoff and nicely sparkly.
    Favorite black nail polish? Sinful Colors Black on Black! Budget friendly, opaque in one coat and doesn’t stain my acrylic nails.
    Favorite vampy lip color? MAC Dark Deed! So glad I grabbed it from the Venomous Villains collection :)

  17. Rosie

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? MAC – Orange MAC – Melon

    Favorite black nail polish? Malini – Black Magic, though on my black nails don’t look so great :( but I think some women rock the sh** out of them 😉

    Favorite vampy lip color? I rarely wear dark lips. The darkest I go is MAC Plum Danddy.

  18. Jaymie

    Orange eyeshadow- the most orange I will wear but hardly ever do is MAC’s Melon pigment. Orange just doesn’t look good on me.

    Black eyeshadow- right now it OPI Midnight in Moscow

    vampy lipstick- Either MAC Unknown Pleasures or MAC Plum Bright

  19. Kristabelle

    Orange shadow- Sugarpill Flamepoint. Nothing compares.
    Black nailpolish- Sinful Colors is my fave- opaque, long-wearing, super cheap!
    Vampy lip color- closest thing I wear is LC Glamour 101. Since I’m ghost white with almost-black hair, anything plummy is too much on me.

  20. Dana

    Favorite orange eyeshadow: Orange is too warm for my coloring. The closest I own is Mac Woodwinked which shows as orange on my skintone.

    Favorite black nail polish: Mac Nocturnelle. I may have to give Essie Licorice a try though. I also love Mac Baby Goth Girl and Seriously Hip. And Sephora OPI 212

    Favorite vampy lip color: Does Clinique Black Honey balm count? I don’t wear a dark lip.

  21. Favorite orange eyeshadow?
    I only own two orange eyeshadows so I can’t really say if I can have a fav since I haven’t tried enough. But Pearl 407 by Inglot is definitely gorrrrrrgeous!

    Favorite black nail polish?
    I only own one black polish: Revlon in Lunar. I can’t find Essie Licorice in any of the drugstores, even when I am in NYC! =(

    Favorite vampy lip color?

  22. Orange eyeshadow: Tangerine by Beauty From The Earth
    Black nail polish: Black by ELF is actually quite good!
    Vampy lip color: Make Up For Ever #49!

  23. Amanda

    Orange eyeshadow: Not quite orange, but I’d have to go with MAC Amber Lights… looks great on the inner corner with my blue eyes!

    Black nailpolish: Really love American Apparel’s Hassid! It is SO black, even with just one coat. Also love OPI My Private Jet, though that isn’t completely black.

    Vampy Lip Color: Not one for vampy lip colors, but a good dark berry can look amazing!

  24. Keen Janine

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? MAC Saffron e/s
    Favorite black nail polish? I guess OPI’s Black Shatter
    Favorite vampy lip color? Both MAC A Different Groove lipglass from the Give Me Liberty Of London collection and NARS Bougainville. Also MAC Dark Deed lipstick is hot too.

  25. Valerie

    Mac saffron
    Crackle or revlon facets of fuchsia
    Vampy lipstick…. Not my thing….Kat Von d ftw is as deep as I can get…

  26. Favorite orange eyeshadow? MAC Texture
    Favorite black nail polish? Essie Licorice
    Favorite vampy lip color? Dior #811 Smoky

  27. Kat

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? Probably Mischevious Marissa from The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette. So pretty in the summer with a nice tan and a bit of shimmery bronzer in the crease.

    Favorite black nail polish? I don’t own one! I prefer colours that are almost black with just a hint of colour.

    Favorite vampy lip color? Once again, don’t own one…when I get these braces off though, you can bet I’ll be getting one!

  28. Lucy S

    Fave black nail varnish?
    OPI Lady In Black

    Fave vampy lip colour?
    Chanel Rouge Noir

  29. Laura

    Orange Eyeshadow: It’s not really orange, but has orange shimmers: MAC’s “Amber Lights”

    Black Nailpolish: Sephora by OPI’s “What’s a Tire Jack?”

    Vampy Lip Color: Nars’ “Trans Siberian’

  30. darn it, i don’t have any : ( but i’ll read everyone elses responses!

  31. Stephanie

    Favourite orange eye shadow is MAC Saffron.
    Favourite black nail polish is Wet n Wild Black Creme.
    Favourite vampy lip colour is Lancome Plum Show.

  32. Teresa

    I am ALL ABOUT ORANGE EYESHADOW! My favorite right now is Inglot AMC 51.
    Favorite black nail polish: Nfu Oh GS-14
    Favorite vampy lip color: MAC Cyber

  33. wendyh

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? dolce & gabbana – burnt orange from Vulcano quad
    Favorite black nail polish? chanel black pearl but it is actually a green.
    Favorite vampy lip color? Tom Ford black orchid (old one)

  34. Joan

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? MAC Rule

    Favorite black nail polish? MAC Nocturnelle

    Favorite vampy lip color? MAC Prince Noir

  35. Lola

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? Sugarpill Flamepoint!
    Favorite black nail polish? Black with red glitter (NYX Dorthy, Eyeko Vampira Polish…)
    Favorite vampy lip color? I adore black lipstick/lip gloss! And also deeper tones of purple

  36. Becca

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? only have one: the NYX shangri la trio. i love burnt oranges <3
    Favorite black nail polish? I don't think I have any…
    Favorite vampy lip color? I like deep reds?? haha i don't wear them!!

  37. Mary

    Favorite orange eyeshadow? None! Don’t wear orange shadow
    Favorite black nail polish? OPI Black Onyx
    Favorite vampy lip color? Mac Sheen Supreme good to be bad

  38. alison

    Fave orange e/s: MAC Rule (or possibly Off the Page, but I spilled some rubbing alcohol on it when I was depotting and it’s not the same anymore :( )

    Fave black nailpolih: The only one I have right now is MAC Military (which is more of a grey/silver semi-matte lovely), but I JUST ordered Zoya Raven. I’ve heard good things! Might pick up Essie Licorice after seeing so many reps on here too. :)

    Fave vampy lip color: MAC Dark Side! Though I said in the post about vampy lips that I somehow cracked mine and need to buy a new one, because it is NOT stable in the tube anymore unless I use a brush, and I’m way too lazy/rushed to do that.

  39. Quinctia

    * Favorite orange eyeshadow? – Orange isn’t really my thing, but I did wear an orange eye look with a halloweeny shirt the other day, and I found the oranges in my Coastal Scents Shimmer 88 palette performed well.

    * Favorite black nail polish? Revlon Black with Envy–which is a very dark gunmetal with a hint of green, but the darkest polish I have

    * Favorite vampy lip color? Don’t really have one, I’m not a big fan of lip color much darker than my natural (though rather pigmented) lip color.

  40. sharviss

    Favourite Orange Eye Shadow – MAC Paradisco
    Favourite Black Nail Polish – GOSH Black Passion
    Favourite Vampy Lipstick – I don’t really do dark lipstick so the closest I can get is NARS Red Square.

  41. Amrita

    On my MC 40/Matchmaster 5.0 skin tone:
    Favorite orange eyeshadow: I only own one thus far, but love it nonetheless, which is MAC’s Papara-she 😀
    Favorite black nail polish: Haven’t come across one I love yet.
    Favorite vampy lip color: Smoked Purple which I just picked up yesterday!

  42. No particular favorites….. But some of the orange eyeshadows that I like include Inglot 407 Pearl, the burnt orange in Shiseido luminizing satin eye color trio in Fire, Tequila Sunrise from Sleek Makeup Curacao palette.

    I have only one black nail polish, from Prorance, a Korean brand.

    Vampy lipstick? MAC Dubonnet? Perhaps? I have Prince Noir but yet to try it.

  43. Favorite orange eyeshadow?

    It’s not truly orange, but I love MAC Saffron.

    Favorite black nail polish?
    For sparkly black I love NARS Night Breed and for smooth I like Zoya Raven.

    Favorite vampy lip color?
    I don’t have any vampy liptick! I’ve tried so many darker lipsticks and they all look bad on me. :( I’m still looking for the right shade.

  44. Favorite orange eyeshadow?
    I dont really have any orange eyeshadow. BE Beautiful Autumn is as orange as I get.

    Favorite black nail polish?
    I like the black cream polish from Wet n’ Wild.

    Favorite vampy lip color?
    MAC Night Violet mattene with MAC Quick Tease lipglass over top.

  45. Kate

    Orange eyeshadow: Doesn’t work for me, to be honest.
    Black nail polish: Boosh by Illamasqua
    Vampy lip: Right now I’m loving MAC’s Posh Paradise Mattene in Potent Fig. I love the look of Illamasqua’s Kontrol lipstick, though…I keep meaning to pick one up.

  46. The closest I get to orange eyeshadow is UD Free Love. I don’t do black nail polish. And my favorite vampy lipstick is MAC Rebel

  47. Lunohodik

    orange eyeshadow- its not really orange but on my skin looks like one esp on paint pot base-mac samoa silk

    nail polish, not too black again, but anyway-chanel 18 rouge noir, although I absolutely hate chanel nail brushes(I use brush from different polish, just can not manage chanel one-its too jelly-ish for my taste)

    vampy lippie-armani 604, esp worn when applied with brush+liner (use it in winter on more pale skin)

  48. Lark

    Don’t own an orange e/s. Will use Orgasm blush on eyes, to pop up neutrals, but that’s as close as I come.

    Don’t own black nail polish- but Nars Night Breed polish is tempting me hard.

    Favorite Vampy lipstick? I stay away from Vampy/ Gothy because I’m super fair with natural almost coal black hair with big silver streaks at the temples. Give me a calla lilly and I’m The Bride of Frankenstien. Make up disaster looming!
    But, I love Glimmerglass from Style Black. And it doesn’t make me Goth Queen, oddly. So I guess that’s it. Old Punk Woman.