Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Last beauty tip you heard: [answer]
What HGs are you still looking for: [answer]
Makeup remover that didn’t work: [answer]

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12 thoughts on “Survey Says… October 18th, 2008

  1. Marlena

    Last beauty tip you heard: when applying eyeliner, instead of tugging the hell out of the outer corner of your eye, simply press on the inner corner of your lid.
    What HGs are you still looking for: something to battle all my acne
    Makeup remover that didn

  2. MissDeeCanada

    Last beauty tip: applying glue to your upper lash line and then applying the false lashes to it!

    What HGs still looking for: to help eye lines

    Makeup Remover that didnt work: MAC wipes, I had used them a few years ago, I bought them and they were SO coarse and werent as wet as I had rememberd! Perhaps I just had a bad batch?

    • Macaddict

      -Last beauty tip you heard: yours MissDeeCanada! Thanx! :-) I’ll try it.
      -What HGs still looking for: the best mascara ever that does it all (volume/length/curve/dramatic color/non-flaking/not unbelievably hard to remove). Ah!
      -Makeup remover that didn’t work: Lancome. Don’t like it at all! Too greasy and goes in eyes and make vision blurry!

    • What do you use to apply the glue first?

  3. j.a.

    1. When doing a more natural look, put on eyeliner BEFORE putting on eyeshadow to add depth without being too harsh.

    2. Foundation. ’nuff said.

    3. Never really had an issue with this when using the MU removers I’ve used. The worst has been while using baby wipes and hand lotion to try and remove and/or correct something.

  4. DJ

    1. when using under eye concealer, don’t get the product over the lowest point of the under-eye circle, because it ruins the illusion you are trying to create. I have noticed a difference since learning this.

    2. hmmmm. I am pretty close to having my HGs or at least being mostly happy with what I have. I guess I still always look for lipsticks/blush that don’t clash with my blue toned lips and warm skin (ugh).

    ah–a haircut & colour, that is what I am looking for!

    3. too many to list…most recently La Roche Posay remover. It is drying and doesn’t get everything off. Liked travelling with the little tubes, though.

  5. Jen

    Last beauty tip you heard: To spray Fix+ to makeup brushes for Creme Blushes and for mineralize eyeshadows, it works great!
    What HGs are you still looking for: I have been searching for Mac’s Banshee eyeshadow for like a yr. now!
    Makeup remover that didn

    • K

      A tip for you with the Almay Eye MU Remover Pads; turn the bottle upside down and store it that way so the pads at the top will always be moist!

  6. Minty746

    Last beauty tip you heard
    Apply mascara to half-closed eyes for more tension when you pull the wand through. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

    What HGs are you still looking for
    Foundation and nude lipstick.

    Makeup remover that didn

  7. sandy

    Last beauty tip you heard: NEVER squeeze your zits, it WILL cause your pores to look bigger. It’s painful and un-pretty.

    What HGs are you still looking for: Mascara ranging from high-end to drugstore – again, I think unless I get a lash extension, then would I get that false eyelash look.

    Makeup remover that didn

  8. Last beauty tip you heard: Mm I’m not sure!
    What H Gs are you still looking for: Foundation!
    Makeup remover that didn

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