Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite plum lip color?
  • Favorite plum blush?
  • Favorite plum eyeshadow?

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39 thoughts on “Survey Says… November 6th, 2013

  1. Your skin tone/coloring: I thought I was cool toned for years, but apparently, it seems yellow toned foundations suit me for so I’m going with warm just with crazy eczema since I do have that.
    Favorite plum lip color? I don’t have one!
    Favorite plum blush? Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Plum Mousse Cake
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Don’t have one!
    Rikki Recently Posted: MAKEUP COLLECTION: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow (Swatches & Mini Review).

  2. Adele

    Your skin tone/coloring: Extremely pale with warm undertones.
    Favorite plum lip color? I take a tiny dab of Mac Cyber lipstick and blend it out with my finger.
    Favorite plum blush? Tarte Amazonian Clay in Blushing Bride
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Never really ventured into plum eyeshadow, but now I’m interested!

  3. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral but pink-leaning undertones
    Favorite plum lip color? Korres Lip butter in Plum!
    Favorite plum blush? Tarte Blushing Bride (powder)
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? MAC Star Violet, maybe. I don’t really have a favorite plum eyeshadow.
    Audrey Recently Posted: College Makeup Collection/Setup

  4. LMM

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, neutral leaning warm undertones.

    Favorite plum lip color? UD Apocalypse

    Favorite plum blush? BeneFit Dallas

    Favorite plum eyeshadow? UD Bordello

  5. Isabelle

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair
    Favorite plum lip color?: Maybelline (CS) Plum Shine
    Favorite plum blush?: MAC Mocha
    Favorite plum eyeshadow?: MAC Shale or MAC Plum Reduction

  6. Sarah

    Coloring: light neutral
    Plum lip color: Maybelline Plum Perfect, or Deepest Cherry with Midnight Plum layered over it
    Plum blush: one from Prescriptives years ago…Plum Rose? Lovely, sheer pinky-plum.
    Plum eyeshadow: I avoid…tend to look like I got punched in the eye; I need more blue-based around my eyes, not red-based.

  7. Your skin tone/coloring: NC15
    Favorite plum lip color? MAC Craving (for a natural day), Revlon Black Cherry (for those days when I want a really dark lip)
    Favorite plum blush? MAC Breezy, NARS Sin
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Satin Taupe (which isn’t exactly plum, but it does have some purple undertones)

  8. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20-NC25. I used to be NC35-NC40, actually, and I have no idea how I suddenly shifted to a much lighter shade in a span of 1-2 months (I don’t use any whitening products whatsoever). What confuses me the most is how I don’t look unnaturally dark when I use NC35-NC40, and how I don’t look unnaturally white either when I use NC20-NC25. Go figure.. 😐

    Favorite plum lip color?
    • MAC Rebel + NARS Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (they’re almost the same color actually, except with different finishes)
    • MAC Heaux (surprisingly, this does not resemble Rebel at all when it’s on my lips, as opposed to when they’re on Christine’s)
    • NARS Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
    • MAC Flat Out Fabulous

    Favorite plum blush?
    • NARS Sin or Tarte Blushing Bride (I find these two very similar)
    • Tarte Flushed
    • MAC Love Thing

    Favorite plum eyeshadow?
    I don’t really wear eyeshadow regularly because I always lack sleep and I sometimes tend to scratch my eyes as an involuntary habit. :(

    …as you can see, the lines between plum and berry are quite blurred to me. I even thought of adding MAC RiRi Boy for lipstick and NARS Mata Hari, for blush,, actually, but they might seem more purple-lavender-pink than purple-plum to others… 😆
    Erika Recently Posted: FOTD Flashback: MAC RiRi Boy and NARS Mata Hari (26/08/2013)

  9. Katie

    Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral/Beige
    Favorite plum lip color? NARS Train Bleu
    Favorite plum blush? I don’t particularly like plum blush, it makes me look like my cheeks are bruised!
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? None, I really hate purple eyeshadow!

  10. ■Your skin tone/coloring: C3/NC20
    ■Favorite plum lip color? Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Red Plum.
    ■Favorite plum blush? Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Audacious Plum.
    ■Favorite plum eyeshadow? Dying to find one and hoping I get suggestions here!

  11. KIKO

    Skin tone: Mocha. Neutral cool, yellow undertones.
    Fav plum lip color: Wet and Wild-Sugar Plum Fairy (MAC Rebel Dupe)
    Fav plum blush: Don’t have one yet
    Fav plum eyeshadow: Don’t have one yet

  12. Your skin tone/coloring: NC30
    Favorite plum lip color? I don’t wear a plum lip color a lot but ill go with Clinique Black Honey
    Favorite plum blush? Clinique Plum Poppy or Tarte’s Blushing Bride
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Chanel Fatal

  13. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with yellow undertones NC15
    Favorite plum lip color? My favorite berry is Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted is a stunning berry red
    Favorite plum blush? elf Blush in Berry Merry is my obsessing! It’s a stunning plum blush!
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Inglot Pearl 423

  14. Your skin tone/coloring: NW45
    Favorite plum lip color? Revlon Va va Violet
    Favorite plum blush? Sleek Flushed
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? pomegranate punk from maybelline

  15. Your skin tone/coloring: medium arm

    Favorite plum lip color? I don’t like or own plum lipstick.

    Favorite plum blush? I don’t like or own plum blush. (Sensing a theme here :-P)

    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Deep Plum from the new Smashbox Wonder Vision Eye Set. Yep, I DO like plum eyeshadow :-)

  16. Skin tone/coloring- MUFE Invisible Foundation in 117 Marble. (fair with yellow undertones)

    I’m on the hunt for a perfect plum lipstick right now, so I’m looking over everyone’s recommendations!
    I haven’t found a plum blush that works for me yet. They usually end up looking ashy on me.
    It’s been a while since I bought it, but I always loved Clinique’s eyeshadow duo in Beach Plum. I might have to go pick a new one up now that I remember how pretty it was!

  17. ceciliea

    Your skin tone/coloring: nc15/nw10 so fair
    Favorite plum lip color?: rebel (my all time favorite lipcolor!) or nightmoth/currant lipliner under any red lipstick (all mac products)
    Favorite plum blush? sleek blush by 3 in sugar (muscovado, the middle shade)
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? star violet from mac

  18. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Favorite plum lip color? MAC Rebel lipglass
    Favorite plum blush? La Femme Blush on Rouge in Grape
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? I don’t really have a fave. I like neutral eye makeup, so on the rare occasion I wear colorful makeup I just reach for any shade in my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette.

  19. Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NW10, Sephora 2Y01

    Favorite plum lip color? MAC Capricious

    Favorite plum blush? NARS Sin

    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Bobbi Brown Fawn (d/c). It’s not exactly “plum”, but it does have some plummy undertones.

  20. Skin tone – NC 15 Mac
    Favourite plum lip colour – Mac Rebel
    Favourite plum blush – Illamasqua Morale
    Favourite plum eyeshadow – Mac Handwritten, or, Shadowy Lady

    Love plum colours

  21. Your skin tone/coloring: Light/medium beige with yellow and olive undertones (NC25-NC30).

    Favorite plum lip color? CdP R1 Black Baccara, Guerlain Gigolo

    Favorite plum blush? I only own one, NARS Sin. Plum blushes tend to turn ruddy on my skin.

    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Addiction Arabian Ruby

  22. Skin Tone: MUFE #177, NC 50
    Favorite plum lip color: Tom Ford Black Orchid, drugstore Milani Black Cherry.
    Favorite plum blush: Nars Sangria is as close as I get to plum.
    Favorite plum eyeshadow: Laura Mercier’s Plum caviar stick is divine. For added oomph, I layer it with Mac’s Plum Dresssing or Fig1.

  23. Amy

    Skintone: Fair/light–neutral/warm undertone + freckles
    Lippie: MAC Plumful & Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum
    Blush: ???
    Eyeshadow: Star Violet

  24. becca

    Your skin tone/coloring: nw/nc 10, very pale neutral
    Favorite plum lip color? mac new york apple ( this looks plum-red on me)
    Favorite plum blush? plum blushes make me look bruised, I haven’t found a good one
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? giorgio armani eyes to kill in lust red (mix of red, violet, black)

  25. xamyx

    Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark-featured.

    Lips: Kat von D Homegirl, among others. I don’t do “true” plums, but stay closer to the burgundy & wine ranges, which don’t pull warmer on me.

    Blush: NARS Oasis; again, I have to be very careful with this one, or it pulls ruddy.

    Eyeshadow: NARS Ondine; for some reason, I can do plum eye products. I also like browns with plum tones.

  26. AngieButterfly

    I’m light to light-medium (depends on the brand) with golden undertones.

    Mac’s lipstick in Plumful is perfect for me. I love that it’s buildable.

    TheBalm’s blush in Cabana Boy is stunning. I wear it all the time.

    Not sure on eyeshadow. I don’t wear plums that often on the eyes.

  27. Your skin tone/coloring: Light/medium with yellow undertones (NARS Fiji, Illamasqua LLF 140)
    Favorite plum lip color? Mac Plumful! Kind of a cheat since it appears more pink on me. But it’s lovely. Brick-o-la actually turns out pretty plummy on me actually. I think it’s because my lips are fairly pink-toned naturally.
    Favorite plum blush? Do I have to choose one?! Hm. NARS Sin.
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Elysees from the Sigma Paris Palette!

  28. Kellie

    ◾Your skin tone/coloring: Brown with yellow undertones
    ◾Favorite plum lip color? Nyx Round Lipstick in Medusa (looking for a lip liner to replace it, though)
    ◾Favorite plum blush? Illamasqua’s Thrust (looks crazy in pan, turns plum-like on skin)
    ◾Favorite plum eyeshadow? I’m still looking!

  29. Emmm

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with pink/cool undertones
    Favorite plum lip color? Either Kat Von D in Homegirl or Clinique Black Honey
    Favorite plum blush? Nars Sin
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? UD Freakshow, MAC Fig.1, Nocturnelle – Are those plums or purples? I am getting confused lol

  30. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool-toned
    Favorite plum lip color? MAC Plumful (I think I have 4 tubes of it!)
    Favorite plum blush? MAC Plum Foolery or Conjure Up
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Hmmm – if the purple side of Nars Habanera counts as “plum” then that would be my choice. Failing that, it’d be either UD Psychedelic Sister or Bordello.

  31. kastehelmi

    Your skin tone/coloring: Around NC42/ L’Oreal Honey Beige
    Favorite plum lip color?: So many! Plum Rose by Bobbi Brown, Bobbi Brown Desert Plum, MAC Rebel, MAC Private Party, Maybelline Midnight Plum (more wine/aubergine…)
    Favorite plum blush?: Don’t wear blush very much, but most of my blushes are coral or rose. I would love to try NARS Sin though.
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? I don’t have one, but Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Long-Wear Cream Shadow has been on my radar for awhile now….

  32. Emme

    Your skin tone/coloring: light medium, warm undertone leaning olive
    Favorite plum lip color? Probably MAC Mehr, it’s not hugely plumy, but I have dived into the actual dark plum shades for lips yes. Getting there :-)
    Favorite plum blush? Tarte blushing bride or Illamasqua Beg <–not sure if that's an actual plum, maybe more like a redish brown ??
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? the bottom left shadow from the Smashbox The Masquerade Eye Palette

  33. Skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium with redness so i tend to go for more yellow-toned foundation.
    Favorite plum lip color? Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom.
    Favorite plum blush? Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Blushing Bride
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Urban Decay Bust which is a little more mauve like.

  34. Kit

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium light, cool undertone.
    Favorite plum lip color? Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
    Favorite plum blush? Korres Quince Lip Butter
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Don’t have one.

  35. Your skin tone/coloring: fair
    Favorite plum lip color? MAC Rebel
    Favorite plum blush? MAC Breath of Plum or Restores Dazzle
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? Nothing in particular, UD Fishnet is a nice purple

  36. Your skin tone/coloring: Medium with warm undertones
    Favorite plum lip color? MAC’s Rebel
    Favorite plum blush? The closest thing I have to plum blush is NARS’ Goulue!
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? so many! Everything in the Laura Mercier artist palette, Sketch, Star Violet, Satin Taupe, Blackberry, I could go on and on!

  37. Astrogherkin

    For me, “plum” denotes a blue-purple colour which doesn’t flatter my warm skin tone at all, so I suppose I don’t wear plum shades. But I do wear more warm purples like maroons and burgundies, as well as deep reds – the warm red-purples can also be called plum I suppose, since that’s the colour of many varieties of the fruit.

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC40-42
    Favorite plum lip color? – Rimmel 09 is my favourite colour at the moment for winter; it is a rich deep blue-toned pink-red. It reminds me of the intense blood-like colour of winter berries. I also like Catrice’s Play the Plum.
    Favorite plum blush? – purplish blushes don’t tend to look good on my warm skin, but I still like NARS’s Sin and Sleek’s Pomegranate
    Favorite plum eyeshadow? – I don’t tend to wear that much eyeshadow, especially not intense colours, only neutrals.